Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You gotto love ’em for it

The Swedish Democrats, the populist political party that is newly elected into the Sweden Riksdag (parliament), apparently stormed out of Church today during the re-opening of the Riksdag.

It seems that the bishop conducting the service talked about everyone’s equal worth (like a Church would know anything about the subject) and how important it is to treat people the same. The bishop probably didn’t mention all the millions murdered by Christians because they happened to be different, but in any case the Swedish Democrats (SD) didn’t really like what they were hearing, so they bailed on the ceremony.

SD Party leader Jimmie Åkesson was even so upset that he couldn’t talk with media, something he never pass up the opportunity to do otherwise. Among other things the Bishop apparently mentioned anti-SD demonstrations in her speech so I guess the bishop were a bit too obvious in her attempts to sound like one of the righteous elitists.

I wasn’t there myself, haven’t listened to it, and I really couldn’t care less.

What I do find interesting however is that SD actually walked out on a political we-are-all-as-one-against-you-the-people meeting. Normally when something like this happens those in power know better than to let their emotions take over. They act in accordance to the golden rule of vote-maximation. They will smile to the cameras and say something nice about the speech and trying to make it sound like they are now ready to go to work.

But not SD.

And I like it.

They go into to church in traditional Swedish costumes and they left because they felt offended. Of course the elitists, journalists and our normal bunch of puppet masters will spin this, make it sound very, very horrible. How could they leave church? And they are the party that loves Swedish traditions and the Swedish church. And wasn’t it unprofessional?

Of course the entire gang of misfits that make out the soul-sucking elite of Sweden is cheering on this turn of events thinking that the Swedish Democrats have made their first big mistake.


This will be liked by many. It’s refreshing. It’s not the politically correct thing to do. They will gain supporters for this, not lose some of them.

No matter what I feel about these SD crazies or their xenophobic madness I also need to say: Bravo! Good for you. More politicians and more people in general should stand up for themselves and their political view.