Monday, February 22, 2010

The silence of the sheep’s

Big Maaaa is watching you....

One thing most people don’t understand is how politics and our democratic way of governing work. It is essential that deluded citizens start to recognize the signs, understand the foundation and why a law, no matter how benevolent it may seem at first, always leads to more laws and always leads to unintended consequences.

The lack of awareness in this case is the main reason why the political elite can continue to screw us and it is also one of the major reasons why our economies are going down the crapper.

It almost always starts out innocent. Often enough someone(s) needs to be saved and most of the time it is the Chiiiiiildreeeen who are in trouble.

Take alcohol as one example.

Throughout history countless of regimes have tried to ban, outlaw, tax, regulate and curse the making, selling and drinking of alcohol. Kings have tried it, Pharaohs have tried it, and even during Stalin’s communist terror-regime they tried it. Pretty much every country in the world has tried it, many of them several times over. It has never worked. Never.

One might assume that when a totalitarian state with close to absolute control like the Soviet Union, with an sociopath leader that could kill you for looking at him the wrong way, outlaws something with the threat of Gulag-camps, it could maybe work. It didn’t, in fact Russians drank like never before. Within a couple of years they canceled the law and started government owned distilleries instead…

US of A tried during the prohibition period during which Americans drank more than they’ve ever done before or since.

Both of these examples came with unintended consequences. In Russia people stopped working because getting vodka became harder and took more time. Hundreds of people also were recorded deceased from drinking anything remotely resembling alcohol. In the US It gave birth to the modern mafia, bootleggers became national heroes and the flatulent lifestyle created much more of the social problems the ban was supposed to stop.

People want to drink, why is this so hard to grasp? And we know it can be dangerous, we know it kills brain cells. We’ve known this since the dawn of time.

And what do our bellowed leaders do when these sorts of foolish attempts fail? They instead take action to tax alcohol, supposedly to make it more expensive so we’ll not drink so much. And what do we do? We smuggled it, make it ourselves or take other drugs instead. On which the legislator reacts with harsher punishment for smuggling and by throwing honest people in jail for making moonshine. And so it goes on in a never ending circle of madness.

Why do we let them do this over and over again?

Because of two things.

Firstly the massive bombardment of righteous propaganda. Family rights groups are out campaigning, absolutists accuse any drinker of devilish ways, and child-advocates argue that our Chiiiiiildreeen are far more likely to be abused or manhandled in an alcohol environment. And then it is all fueled by government wanting that extra income and that extra power that comes with regulations.

And secondly we are too complacent. So what if they raise taxes with 0.1%? Does that really matter? Maybe it is okay if they tax vodka more than wine, isn’t vodka more dangerous? And to only allow certain stores to sell alcohol may be a good idea, buying beer at the supermarket will expose the Chiiiiildreeen too early, don’t you think?

But it is here my main point comes in. If they do this once, only once, there’s no stopping them thereafter. After 0.1% comes another 0.1%, and then another. First it was vodka that was dangerous, and then it was cider because cider will attract Chiiiildreeen…

And the possibilities for any legislator are endless. The only hinder is the imagination of the powers that be.

Another example that is popular right now is internet. For many years only the occasional scary story popped up. Often it was some hacker that stole money or run amok within some government system. Sure they were after it from the start, at least comes to porn, but they hadn’t fully understood what this technology could be used for. They didn’t know how big the information-age would become and perhaps even more important, they didn’t know that you could run a business online – taxation possibilities!

But all of a sudden, coincidently coinciding with the emerging of blogs, alternative news and lots of new ways of communicating, they started to really react. Terrorists were common online, of course, and also file-sharers. Terrorists had an uncanny ability to send email to each other, presumably over yahoo or hotmail, and our leaders couldn’t let this slide. File-shares were twice as evil because they shared information they shouldn’t have and facts people shouldn’t know about at the same time as they stole billions upon billions from campaign contributors and future employers of politicians.

However, yet again, it was the Chiiiildreeeen that needed to be saved. Apparently pedophiles, which hardly existed before, came out of the woodwork to bounce upon any poor adolescent stupid enough to sit in front of a screen. Youngster could get drugs; buy alcohol (see above) or make bombs with the information existing online. Oh, so horrible!

With this as background they could impose the first set of laws directed at and specifically adjusted for internet. For whatever reason the already existing legislation, that already covered everything, wasn’t enough. Apparently terrorism, pedophilia and buying illegal substances were legal before they conjured up all these new laws come to internet.

But they soon realized this wasn’t enough. They needed access to all communication, how else could they really monitor all that goes on? So they took another step, and then another. Suddenly everything we do online passes through government supercomputers, new restrictions are imposed almost on a daily basis, and certain sites are being banned. But even this wasn’t enough. Sending thugs to people homes, knocking down their doors and steal all electronic equipment in sight was next. And it is still not enough. We still need to save the Chiiiildreeen, stop terrorists and lock up youngsters that download music.

When do you think it is enough? Do you really think they will stop now or soon? Not a chance.

Next they will go after bloggers and alternative media, which was a part of the plan from the very start. We will see licenses to keep “quality” high, university degree will become necessary to have your own portal, more sites will be banned and planted “evidence” will soon bust people here and there, just to make a totalitarian point.

The consequences of this is, at least in some areas, will be less activity online, fewer internet companies will start and normal law-abiding citizens will once again fill up our jails. We will also see alternatives pop up faster than the legislator can form new laws and as fascism grows, so does the resentment of generations to come.

This is how it works. This is how our democratic system always goes too far, always becomes the opposite of what was intended.

Anything you can think of has gone down the same road.

Do you remember how VAT-taxes were supposed to be temporary at a couple of percentage? How one bank bail-out was only the exception, not the rule? Remember how rent-control was supposed to help the poor but instead lead to less construction and higher rent and so hurts the poor?

And the constant “wars” they fight. Our leaders have declared war on drugs, poverty, inflation, unemployment, deficits and countless other enemies, most of which they themselves are the cause of. Not to mention real wars were they murder Muslims or, sometimes, each other.

Let’s take the war on drugs as example.

Government got it into their heads that drugs are bad for you hence outlawed them. Just as is the case of alcohol it sparked black markets, gave birth to mafias and today drug markets feed most of the terrorist organizations government also have declared war on. Without anti-drug laws most criminal organizations would go bankrupt within days. But instead government send militaries and police out to combat the very people government actually have conjured into existence. In the process the people government says they are out to protect, gets caught in the cross-fire and thousands dies each year because of bad drugs.

Even of you don’t agree fully with my conclusions, you at least need to acknowledge the fact that technology change, new information are revealed and that countries, people and cultures change over time. This also means that laws need to be adjusted, changed or get add-ons. The later is normally the case. They almost never delete a law, they only add to it, make exceptions for it or write another law that surpasses the old one. This is yet another reason why we have so many laws and why not even the most well-read lawyer can know more than a fraction of what’s what.

When you understand this development you’ll be better equipped to handle any propaganda thrown at you, but you’ll also be less inclined to believe anything the elitists tells you. But most importantly, when you fully understand this ongoing and never halting process you will know why our countries are heading for a fall, both financially and politically. Totalitarianism and economic collapse is coming our way, and this is one of the main reasons why.

We can always find reasons for banning, outlawing or taxing things in our surrounding. Did you know that the most dangerous thing in our entire existence is our own homes? It is true. A majority of all rapes, pedo-acts, violent behavior and accidents happens at home. How many don’t die from bunching down stairs? Falling down in the shower? And electrical outlets... oh my…

The truth is that anything and anyone can at any moment kill or hurt us; this is simply a big part of being alive. Deal with it, get over it and if you have any problems cooping, buy some sweet illegal drugs and flutter away for a while.

Poll ended

When will the US economy collapse so not even journalists can lie about it anymore?

first Q of 2010 26                 (16%)

Turn of 2010/2011 79           (48%)

Summer of 2011 72               (44%)

It would seem that most people agree with the experts and say that US of A can withstand reality for another year or so. I wouldn’t be so sure myself, but it seem likely that they can hold out for while yet so maybe the voters in this case are right.

We’ll see soon…

In the meanwhile I created a new poll to see what country you idiots out there think will collapse next in Europe.

It should be UK, but the trickery that goes on there may keep them above water for a while. Spain is kept alive because of the huge black labor market and because their economy isn’t totally thrashed yet. Italy has been in trouble for so long now that it seems they will never falter. Portugal is in deep trouble and maybe I would put my money on them.

What do you think?

The boring climate question

I’m actually starting to find this manmade global warming hoax a bit boring. Earlier I almost felt like I was alone. Sure there were libertarians; a couple of real scientists and some people that actually surpassed their shoe-size in IQ, but the environment for telling the truth were highly toxic. Anyone saying or arguing against the tricksters was immediately considered to be a fridge element.

So now when so many are jumping onboard and we every day can read and hear about “deniers”, it’s not as much fun anymore. I like being the outsider looking in at the sheople, but a year or two more of this development and I will find myself belonging to the mainstream majority. Huah…

Although I do still have two hilarious things I can amuse myself with.

Firstly I was against this hysteria from the start. I’ve argued against the ozone-layer madness that was supposed to have killed us all by now, and I even remember how the elitists claimed that we were heading for a new ice-age.

The scary scenarios comes and goes, but my voice have always been there as a reasonable rational one saying what’s what. So, yet again, I can say; “I TOLD YOU SO!”

And secondly all of these scams have cost tens of billions and lead to tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths, and we are still throwing billions around and still murdering poor people because one single car is much worse than starving people. And this is funny shit!

We could have lowered taxes or, in a more leftie way of looking at it, hired more nurses and helped the poor with direct aid, but instead we continue to literarily thrown away and burn money for no reason whatsoever.

Besides, it isn’t over.

Our enemies will continue to milk this scam for as long as they can and the restriction will stay in place no matter what. And the imposed taxes will also stay, because we cannot lower the power of government, no sir.

And sooner or later they will twist the hoax into something new. Maybe they suddenly will find yet another horrible consequence of driving cars, or maybe we need to consider the chiiiiildreeen in some not yet disclosed way.

Most likely, however, they will move on to the next con. Maybe they will go back to the ice-age thing; maybe it will be cosmic rays that will destroy us all. Who knows, but you can be sure the next scare is just around the corner.

Another thing we can be sure of is that you, the sheople out there, you will buy the next one as well, as you always do. Idiots.