Monday, February 22, 2010

The boring climate question

I’m actually starting to find this manmade global warming hoax a bit boring. Earlier I almost felt like I was alone. Sure there were libertarians; a couple of real scientists and some people that actually surpassed their shoe-size in IQ, but the environment for telling the truth were highly toxic. Anyone saying or arguing against the tricksters was immediately considered to be a fridge element.

So now when so many are jumping onboard and we every day can read and hear about “deniers”, it’s not as much fun anymore. I like being the outsider looking in at the sheople, but a year or two more of this development and I will find myself belonging to the mainstream majority. Huah…

Although I do still have two hilarious things I can amuse myself with.

Firstly I was against this hysteria from the start. I’ve argued against the ozone-layer madness that was supposed to have killed us all by now, and I even remember how the elitists claimed that we were heading for a new ice-age.

The scary scenarios comes and goes, but my voice have always been there as a reasonable rational one saying what’s what. So, yet again, I can say; “I TOLD YOU SO!”

And secondly all of these scams have cost tens of billions and lead to tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths, and we are still throwing billions around and still murdering poor people because one single car is much worse than starving people. And this is funny shit!

We could have lowered taxes or, in a more leftie way of looking at it, hired more nurses and helped the poor with direct aid, but instead we continue to literarily thrown away and burn money for no reason whatsoever.

Besides, it isn’t over.

Our enemies will continue to milk this scam for as long as they can and the restriction will stay in place no matter what. And the imposed taxes will also stay, because we cannot lower the power of government, no sir.

And sooner or later they will twist the hoax into something new. Maybe they suddenly will find yet another horrible consequence of driving cars, or maybe we need to consider the chiiiiildreeen in some not yet disclosed way.

Most likely, however, they will move on to the next con. Maybe they will go back to the ice-age thing; maybe it will be cosmic rays that will destroy us all. Who knows, but you can be sure the next scare is just around the corner.

Another thing we can be sure of is that you, the sheople out there, you will buy the next one as well, as you always do. Idiots.


  1. We could get the bets started early... My money would be on, at some point in the near future, acidification of the oceans. It doesn't have the same kind of legs as the climate hoax, but enough suckers will believe it to get the Elites' hopes up.

    The bloggers have already put a large dent in the climate change scam. So I expect some of the higher profile blogs to vanish shortly.

  2. That certain bloggers will disappear; get caught with kiddy-porn ‘someone’ else has put there or that government suddenly decides that you need a license to write stuff online goes without saying. This we can say with absolute certainty.

    Comes to what scam they will pull out of the hat next is hard to know. All we can say now is that it will have to do with us needing to save the chiiiildreeeen, the poor and/or the elderly. Maybe it will be back to the rain-forest argument again? Or a new ice-age? They seem to go back to old favorites now and again so that is plausible.