Monday, February 22, 2010

Poll ended

When will the US economy collapse so not even journalists can lie about it anymore?

first Q of 2010 26                 (16%)

Turn of 2010/2011 79           (48%)

Summer of 2011 72               (44%)

It would seem that most people agree with the experts and say that US of A can withstand reality for another year or so. I wouldn’t be so sure myself, but it seem likely that they can hold out for while yet so maybe the voters in this case are right.

We’ll see soon…

In the meanwhile I created a new poll to see what country you idiots out there think will collapse next in Europe.

It should be UK, but the trickery that goes on there may keep them above water for a while. Spain is kept alive because of the huge black labor market and because their economy isn’t totally thrashed yet. Italy has been in trouble for so long now that it seems they will never falter. Portugal is in deep trouble and maybe I would put my money on them.

What do you think?

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