Monday, April 25, 2011

Why we´re heading for War

... and so depression

We´re living in a time filled with the stuff of nightmares. Not only because of debt-mountains, not only because of derivatives or because of impending hyperinflation. And it is not really because of an increase in protectionism or the increase in horrific policies by our benevolent leaders.

No, the worst thing out there has been the lazy complacency of voters. The Sheople of this world have failed. Remember; you voted for it, you did not stand up and said “enough is enough”, you’re the one at fault because you let it happen. This laidback attitude and apathy is about to change – sadly it will not be for the better.

You see when people have nothing left to lose, they lose it. And when they lose it they are not thinking, they are not rational and as a consequence they will listen to hysterical solutions brought forth by hysterical tiny men with collectivism and conquest on their agenda.

Historically speaking and psychologically interesting we know where this is heading; towards nationalism, upheaval and then comes totalitarianism. Our smug suits above have no remedy except imposing more and more of controls, more and more laws, and more and more of the very same that brought us to this situation in the first place.

From their perspective they have no choice. They cannot, from their viewpoint, abolish themselves. They cannot rely on people making their own choices, and they cannot stop rolling out the surveillance society and stop bailing out banks. If they did, they would lose their seats, their income and their power. So from our masters’ perspective only ‘hope’ remains. Hope that a couple of fantastic inventions pop up to bring prosperity to all, hope that some divine intervention will come to the rescue.

I firmly believe that most up in the higher hierarchy are fully aware of where this is heading. They know they cannot borrow, print and spend anymore. They know they cannot fix all or even a small portion of this mess. They also know that all of this is about to explode - exploding into the Greatest Depression. WHEN that happens they are all in trouble. True, people will turn their attention towards Jews, Muslims, and gypsies and “the rich”, as they always do in a search for someone to blame, but leaders ruling us will not be spared. I see plenty of lampposts with dangling carcasses wearing suits in the near future, and I do believe our masters do to.

This is why they are rushing to buy supercomputers that can monitor and control the people. This is why they are forcing through law after law that reduces our civil liberties. This is why they are imposing naked scanners. This is why blogs and alternative news sites are under constant attacks. This is why hackers, political activists and WikiLeaks are regarded as public enemies. They want to keep order, control and, most importantly; they want to keep grasping for that power fix.

To me this isn’t a master plan set into play by the Illuminati or the Bilderberg group to usher in world governance. This isn’t an Alien conspiracy. I simply don´t believe there’s any sort of malevolent conspiracy behind it all. However the end results and the consequences are pretty much exactly the same as conspiracists have argued for decades. And with worldwide panic, violent rallies everywhere, sky-high permanent unemployment and hyperinflation countries will sooner or later end up in war.

Just think about it for a moment. What have they always done before, looking at history, when all else have failed? When there’s no out, what have leaders of men always turned to as their last (and sometimes ‘first’) option?


War is a great way of banding people together against a common enemy. War opens up an option for the unemployed to enlist and have something to do. War shifts the focus from economic and political turmoil towards the enemy. War forces even hardy opponents of those in power to buckle up, bit down and make an effort to save the country. War also brings out our basic and ancient inherent behavior of looking after our own clan. Even when the ones leading are apparent madmen with policies we detest, most will fight with and alongside those leaders to save families, save our way of life, our country and to protect our own group, our clan. And if war goes well it comes with made-up gains such as loathed riches streaming in, more lands to settle, and prestige.

Make no mistake, this is the option left. This is where we´re heading.

Take the European Union as example. Inside the EU we have a political class forcing their will and visions upon an unwilling populace while unelected bureaucrats are hell-bent on following 5 or 7 years plans while increasing their own influence and collect as much money they can.

Stability, peace and prosperity are among the most common words used to defend the EU-project. Although those thoughts may have held a certain weight directly after WW II, they are today reduced to useless punch lines thrown at anyone questioning what trickles down from above.

If you wish to put an end to the idiotic agricultural subsidies the European Union throws around; then you´re against prosperity. If you complain over the intrigues and behind-the-scene dealings of the EU parliament you of course want Hitler to make a comeback. If you´re against the euro you want to destabilize Europe. It’s the opposite-game whereas a view or opinion means the complete opposite of what is actually said. All designed to protect the sphere of power.

In many member countries things were reaching a boiling point even before the euro-zone started to crumble. Popular referendums are either ignored or not brought forth at all (remember how they bullied Ireland). Political scandals with EU parliamentarians getting caught in a web of lies are today so common they’re hardly news anymore. Refugee and immigration issues are headline news in pretty much every member state and have already given birth to several very shady political movements across Europe. Permanent unemployment with numbers around 15-20% and empty treasuries are starting to be the norm in several countries while other countries seemingly have come out of the recession. The enormous differences in culture, language, religion and production have come into play.

There were many of us that saw this coming a long way. We warned about asymmetric chocks, we warned about the huge differences between countries within the EU, we warned about the euro-project and said that this, from above decree, cannot last and will crash with horrific consequences. No one listened. Of course not. Here you had several new political bodies with countless of opportunities for bureaucrats, lobbyists and other soul-sucking entities. Why would they stop to consider any alternative when all these riches, all this power and all of these opportunities exist for anyone with political savvy?

And people in general were already fucked by their domestic elected frauds, and so only complained a wee bit when another entity of politics, far away in another country, emerged.

As mentioned above; this is all about to change.

The bail-out of Greece was the beginning of the end of the Euro. Ireland, Portugal and whoever comes next are only a continuation of that first bail-out. Once they started to go down this road they, in effect, gave the euro-project its death-blow. It may take 1 year or 10 years, but the end will come. This because once they bailed out one country they cannot say no to another. How would that look? So Spain, Italy, Belgium and many others stand in line for their piece of the cake. And those already bailed out, will they actually change their ways and never need additional help? Please, if you believe that you might as well put a gun to your head now.

There’s no way out now except - according to those that rule us - to let the European Central Bank (ECB) continue to buy 60-70-80% and sometimes close to 100% of the indebted countries treasury bonds. The only way ECB can do this is to print more money which leads to inflation which in turn leads to higher prices which leads to more unemployed and so much more problems (in exactly the same way as the FED is destroying the U.S.).

Although the fat lady is about to sing they will cling to this project for as long as they can. It will take many years before the EU and Euro projects are totally abandoned, and so they will increase our troublesome situation.

The Greatest Depression is just around the corner - we´re talking months now - but the European Union and its advocates will try, for as long as they can, to withstand breaking up. They do this because the European Union is the wettest dream ever produced by politicians. Within EU walls they can feast on an endless buffet of goods and services while wielding almost unlimited power. They will never give that up.

But when the next oil-crisis strikes, or when the derivatives scam crashes, or when the debt-mountains no longer can withstand reality, or when another war breaks out, or when a propped up market crashes, or when the dollar collapses, or when any of the other deck of cards blows over and the shit really hits that famous fan and so the GREATEST DEPRESSION picks up speed again, then, if not sooner, countries will start to leave the Euro-project and very possibly leave the EU. When that happens all that protectionism, all that nationalism and all that aversion to all things that has to do with EU and similar from on up high imposed madness will boil over into complete catastrophes. In essence the existence of the European Union has created the very situation it is said to guard against.

This is when our benevolent leaders will either step down and face the music or look for that final out and you don´t need to be a fortune-teller to predict which way they´ll go…

The aftermath, if we´re thinking a tad positive and ignore nuclear- and world wars, is that the European Union will break up in smaller entities. I see a Nordic Union, possibly together with the Baltic States and Germany. The Iberia peninsula may unite into one entity; Great Britain may be revived, and so forth. Such development will probably not be a heavenly solution either but at least it will be a much better situation than that of today.

However, I am not really an optimist in this regard. The end of the European Union and the end of the United States alongside many other world changing events may very well also hold the key to end life as we know it. In worst case scenario a couple of freshly hatched dictators will start throwing nukes around, and if so we can say goodbye to half of the world’s population.

In any case we´re living in history right now. Our time will give birth to unprecedented world changing events. The invention of fire, the Agricultural revolution, the fall of Rome, and the Black Death and the quest for the new world were minor events in comparison, so my advice to you all is to enjoy it as much as you can. There´s an amusement built into this entire mess and once you find that hilariousness you can enjoy it as much as I do.

Finally I would like to give you all some advice. I’m fully aware that few of you agree with me, even those out there with a similar political view seeing the same as I do don´t agree with me comes to the scope, length and severity of our situation. But even if you see me as another crazy drugged-up tin-foil hat, there are some minor things you can do.

Having candles, batteries, cans and dried food packages at home is prudent. A black-out or a natural disaster can happen regardless of my ramblings and so having basic aids at home is a good thing. And at least consider your way out, just in case I’m right. Spend a couple of minutes contemplating what you would do if war breaks out. Will you run to the hills? Band together with your neighborhood? Is there a food and water source nearby that can be used? Will you enlist? Only consider your option, that’s something you can do no matter what you think of the future.

Me, I am enjoying the decline. Most of you fucks out there deserve whatever you get, and if I can enjoy the mayhem with vodka and popcorn I am happy. Hopefully some of you will join me. I always have my door open and an extra glass ready. Please stop by, we can watch the news and laugh together.