Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So bored

I’m just sitting around waiting for the next couple of crashes. The thing that everyone should be concerned about is the very fact that we haven’t seen any more of those yet; the best thing that could happen is that things crashed now, not later. In other words, the longer we prolong the pain, the worse it’s going to get.

In the meanwhile I’m contemplating job offers. Have two of them at the moment, one in south of England, which is a good job, but UK seems like the worst place to be when the real mayhem starts, so I wonder I wonder. The other one is in Eastern Europe, probably going to take that one, if nothing else pops up.
Now, time for some porn.

Taking a dump on Jesus

Again a small little victory for democracy when the Parliamentary Ombudsmen have decided that is fully within Swedish law to have posters that depicts a punker pooping on the head of Jesus while hanging on the cross.

So far so good, but looking at a poll taken at one Swedish paper apparently 30% don’t agree with this decision. In other words, if one takes that poll seriously, 30% of the Swedish populace is against free speech and democracy. I would have thought a higher number, looking at how stupid people are, but thirty percent is bad enough.
What’s wrong with you people?

Q n R

Apparently the highest authority within the Swedish justice system has decided to let a man go by the name of “Q”. How progressive and nice of them, don’t you think? All is accordance to Swedish law that for some unknown reason has a segment about what we can name ourselves.

Why does any court, authority or government have anything to do our names?

According to the press the most troublesome comes to passports and the IRS (of course) contacts.

This is just another example of totalitarian thinking, and why the hell do we keep our courts occupied with this BS?

Let people name themselves whatever, their body, their life, their choice. But naha, that’s not how our enemies work, if we can decide what our names should be, maybe we can decide what to eat or smoke next? Huhu, horrid thought...

Another "Q"

A famous actor is dead

The very famous actor and singer behind such hits as "The Rainbow Connection" and “it’s not easy being green” was found dead last night.

According to local authorities Swine Flu was the cause of death.

The local police already have several solid leads and it all points to someone very close to the former star. Someone had written “Kermie” in the soil next to the body and police suspect the killer had regrets while writing that message.

Apparently someone also had injected the star with supposed anti-viral, something that had little or no effect. According to the medical doctor first at the scene that injection may even have escalated the agonizing death that is said to have taken hours.

Stolen police photo

Not the suspect, but still...