Thursday, December 24, 2009

And then the depression kicked in

In US history few, if any, day’s came with the same blackness and sadness as yesterday x-mas Eve. As usual when bad news is to be brought forward by the elitist mobsters they do so just before a public holiday or weekend because that means several days of quiet, the market have time to adjust to the thought of bad news and the general public, that spend any leisure time watching useless soaps and drinking themselves silly, have the attention span of a single-celled organism and so remain oblivious of anything less than a Asteroid destroying the planet.

I thought ObamaCare was bad enough, then I heard that ACORN (the Marxist lobby organization that helps pedophiles smuggle preteens and is rotten to the core) will get state-founding to cover any expenses their criminal activities need.

But then came the Crème de la Crème when the U.S. Treasury Department announced that they will remove the caps on aid to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for the next three years. For those of you who don’t understand what this means it means that these two horrible government institutions can now basically stack up losses to whatever heights they prefer. And they are already insolvent several times over.

And just to rub a stale mustard-covered ham into an open wound we also learn that the government has approved a multimillion-dollar compensation packages for top executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The top 12 executives at the two firms are in line to receive up to $42 million in 2009 alone. How about that? Two of the worst kept institutions in history that also share the blame for the financial dilemma the US (and the world) is in, can give their figureheads millions of tax money while ordinary citizens are losing their jobs, homes and future.

Congrats and merry x-mas to all you Americans out there. You have great years ahead of you.


Just to make things more interesting, I’ve started a poll to ask for your opinion in regards to when the US plummet down into that funny abyss of despair we all love so much.

Here are the likely dates:

After the first Q of 2010 –
my prediction all along that this would be the end date. This is based on the fact that commercial real-estate is about to crash soon and will probably reach climax around that time. It is also very probable that the first quarter numbers will be bearer of slightly disastrous news, and I’m also convinced that another terrorist attack is eminent. And, the US Treasury are having problems with bond-sales, already, and the rest of the world will soon start to escalate their dollar-sales, so 3-4-5 months into the future seems to be the end of the line.

Turn of the year 2010/2011 – I’ve seen some economists saying that when the x-mas sales of 2010 ticks in and the year of 2010 have passed with growing debts and more horrible decisions things are bound to collapse. I do agree with this sentiment, even though I still hang on to what I’ve been saying for many years above.

Summer of 2011 – It seems that many of those with brains, the ones that predicted our current crisis and have got everything right so far, appear to aim at the summer of 2011 as the end. They seem to think that the government can paper over the worst crashes for that long with the printing-press and aid from abroad. This may very well be true, the US should move into foreclosure today, but as with any country they do have the limitless pockets of the tax payers and borrowing to conjure money from, and this is the biggest economy of the world, so they should be able to keep up appearances 1.5-2 years into the future. However, this is contingent on that nothing out of the ordinary happens. The USD is doomed and the massive debt the Obamination and his cronies are stacking up cannot be paid back, so Gutenberg’s invention should run very hot the coming years. Also, as mentioned, terrorist attacks, another war and other wild-cards can be played at any moment so I would be surprised if the American economy lasts this long, although you cannot rule it out either.

What all of us “doomsayers” seem to agree upon, however, is that 2012 will be a disastrous year and then decades of economic calamities awaits. Most also agree that we’re already in a depression, it’s just halted, temporarily. The schemes to keep that fraudulent GDP up, the massive printing of money all over the world and the lying numbers the press tries to sell to us have been working their magic. The Keynesian plot has postponed the real mayhem for the time being, increasing the problems and worsened the depression in the process. And then I (we) don’t talk about the US alone; the world is going down the tube in unison.

I suggest you start to prepare. As mentioned before, short-wave radios, oil, dried-up food packages, cans, guns and amo, and many other useful items should be on your x-mas list as well as be the first priority of any future purchases.

The worst timing of all time award goes to…

On Monday, the fascist Majority Leader Harry Reid in the American Senate decided that he would make it virtually impossible for the American people to overcome the horrible ObamaCare madness. Harry Reid (D-NV) wrote an amendment to ObamaCare Section 3403 that states “it shall not be in order in the Senate or the House of Representatives to consider any bill, resolution, amendment, or conference report that would repeal or otherwise change this subsection.”

This means that it gets very hard, almost impossible to abolish this hellish thing in the future.

So yet another nail in the coffin of freedom, and this got approved on x-mas. The already highly socialistic US healthcare is now going into a communist idiocy.

Congrats America, you’re now going into the future with massive debts, humongous problems, and a growing fascism with hardly any freedom left, and now this.

If you Americans want to keep anything resembling a republic, it's time for 'Off with their heads' now. Soon it will be too late...

Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law is basically stated as: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." Often it’s used in a sarcastic manor to shrug off some bad news or in a way to prepare for what’s to come. What most of you out there don’t know is that Murphy’s Law is a factual, it exists as a constant and this it does in relation to government. Since politicians always lie and government always look to itself the likelihood of bad occurrences are given high probability.

Politicians make a bad judgment hence violence or other hilarious stuff ensues. In steps politicians with the remedy to fix the problem they created and the circle starts all over again. A department that was supposed to cure some problem in society fails, and so the department either gets more money or gets to be dissolved into a new department with the same mission-statement.

Recent events in regards to a certain movie star with the same name may trigger some associations, and the analogy isn’t that far off. A young beautiful and talented actress that seems to have reached an untimely death because of lack of groceries and too many remedies is equivalent to what’s going on in the world. We dope up our minds with processed food, pharmaceuticals, and a very indoctrinating media. We play the part of obedient followers, taking orders from elevated directors and whatever happens the wheel keep going around. We vote, we complain, we vote again, but nothing really changes. I promise you all if we could fly in people from ancient times to our time they would say the problems and the solutions are about the same as back then. People never learn, and so Murphy's Law stays as the constant.

One group, however, have learned their lesson. The lying politicians have figured out that the old ways don’t work; they need to comply and work with Murphy's Law, not try to fix it. Hide the facts, cover up the truth. Historically speaking when things turns south, politicians have resorted to wars, higher taxation, increased inflation, price-stop on commodities and other schemes that have been pretty easy to see through hence people have been doing uprisings and overthrown their oppressors. Modern day officials have the same answers, but they sell it in packages that are much more easily bought by the sheople of the general public.

There are many examples of this. If a government need extra money to build a road, bail-out banksters or grease voters, they cannot outright say they take the money from the same people they are set out to help. Instead they raise VAT, impose road-taxation or they increase inflation. Inflation don’t have the same meaning as it used to, thanks to spin-doctors and constant bombardments of lies, inflation means higher taxation as well as lower purchasing power something the elitists don’t want you to know about.

Another example of the newly packaged absolutism is manmade global warming. Here is a con that suits all totalitarian ideas. Everyone likes and wants to save the environment, and who doesn’t love cuddly bears? It’s hard to find anything else that has people so united. And so when a bunch of paid for scientists, several fraudulent governmental bodies, pundits and big business come together to sell this deception very few react with the egg-throwing-at-politicians-and-burning-down-the-parliament as they should. And the lies, oh my, so big and so many. Manmade global warming isn’t only the biggest hoax of all time; it is also very easy to see through. Polar Bears are actually growing in numbers, but, of course, instead we’re told they cannot swim (they are great swimmers), they eat each other because of lack of food (which they always have done), they need our support (these things actually actively hunt and kill humans), and I’ve ever read that Polar Bear are having a hard time finding Penguins to eat…

Manmade global warming is perfect in oh so many ways; they can use it to increase taxation and if anyone complains over higher taxes such a person hate animals. They can use it to regulate our lives, control what cars we use, how we do our laundry, what things to buy and so on. And anyone arguing against this is deemed evil. Pretty much everything, any little part of their agenda can be sold with the environment-argument. Often enough any such statement coincide with the “won’t someone think of the children”-argument, just to reinforce how righteous the global elitists are and how horrible any deniers are.

And when the lies get exposed by real scientists or bloggers, the powers that be react with banishment, internet control in cooperation with the name-calling. If you’re a scientist and denier you’ll not only be denied founding for your research, you’ll also become a lackey to the oil-industry, a hater of Polar Bears and the enemy of children. Such extreme pressure is put on the science community as well as on anyone else who oppose this malicious agenda.

Many of the so called deniers have been happy over the break-down of the Fraudenhagen-talks recently. But me, I see that as yet another step towards global governance because they know that the only way their scam of manmade global warming will truly work is if it becomes not only a global problem but also get a global solution. So any break-down creates outcries all over to reach a consensus, they need to act, not think, not listen to reason, no, to act is the important thing. We’re all dying - how can they not act!? Polar Bears are dying, our planet is doomed! How can they not act!?

Again, Murphy's Law comes into effect. One step back towards rationality is in reality two steps towards totalitarianism. Any action taken will have bad consequences or even have the opposite effect to what was intended. Already we’ve seen how they close down a steal-factory in one country, which they get billions from environment-friendly-founds for doing, then they move the plant to another country in the third world that is exempted from any environment-agreement. We’ve also seen how malicious pranksters and robbers like Goldman Sachs have invested billions of dollars in release-rights and are now pushing to impose the scheme so they can make trillions in profit. From your pocket to the already rich and powerful. This is the very essence of the carbon-trading fraud and the manmade global warming hoax.

And they all do it, they all try to sell this because no matter if they are truly evil totalitarians, liberals, socialists or whatnot, they can use this scam to impose whatever get’s them going. And the funny thing is that even if they get found out and the general public finally catches on, they can still stand their ground and use the money for something else. So once this plot has been implemented, we’ll never get rid of it. Because even if they don’t need the money to save bears or stop ice-sheets from falling, they still need the money to save the poor or help the elderly. And so whatever happens Murphy's Law comes into effect.

Yet another scam they have going is the different “wars” they are fighting. We have the war against drugs, which creates lots of more problems than any drug ever could. We have the war against poverty, which means they give billions to dictators so they can buy guns and create more poverty. We have the war against terrorism, which is only a way to impose internet-restrictions and keep the sheople occupied with Muslims instead of real issues. And then we have the real wars wherein they murder families, force millions into becoming refugees and consequently create even more enemies so they have someone to fight in the future. Murphy's Law cannot be circumvented, not when it comes to government.