Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Searching for that elusive sexy feminist

Has anybody ever seen a beautiful and sexy feminist? I have actually spent almost an hour on Internet searching and cannot find one. Living in Scotland I immediately come to think about the Loch Ness monster. It seems to be about the same chance of getting a piece of Nellie like finding a beautiful and sexy feminist. But then again, you might want to keep to that monster after all, probably less likely to bit your head of (any of them...) and far more likely to be a good company.

I do have some close calls and a couple that have “changed views”. It’s politically correct to be feminist so idiots everywhere flocks around this epithet and some of those flip floppers might be conceived as having a doable figure so with a paper bag… And there might be a lot of these elusive beings roaming the streets without telling us about their strange ways. There should be one or two out there, the idiots are plenty, but still, I wonder. Does anyone have some proof that such a creature actually exist?

But I mean, there are millions of them. There are some sexy guys that are feminist, but I don’t swing that way and even if I did, they are just after those unsightly “girls” that are easy picking for a man in the feminist henhouse. So please let me know if you see one.

Leprecons and Unicorns exits!

First of all you need to know; there is not one single proof of manmade global warming, not one. There is no scientific fact supporting this notion anywhere and every time someone claims to have it they get disproven. You never hear about this, why is that… But politicians, UN, Greenpeace, the Catholic Church and your local supermarket and thousands of other organizations say it’s real and that we need to do this or that or else we are all going to die horrible deaths, birds will die, Koala Bears will die, we will starve, we will see a new Ice age and/or get more desserts, cancer will increase, feces will be thrown everywhere, chaos, destruction, mayhem, death, kill, murder, Hitler will raise again, shoe sizes will increase with 70%, riots on the streets, epidemics everywhere, ahhh, the humanity! And you, the idiotic people believe in this crap like our ancestors believed in Trolls and that the Earth was flat.

We have had several ice ages, we have had several periods that have been warmer than today. The level of Carbondioxid in the atmosphere has both been lower and much higher than today. The ice sheets in Antarctica have both been thicker and smaller then today; it has actually been completely without ice. Global warming is a natural phenomenon! All you idiots are doing is letting politicians increase taxes that don’t need to be increased and you are letting them tell you what kinds of lamps, cars and footballs to buy. This is what you should be afraid of, a bigger and more demanding government. But you believe it don’t you? You piece of single celled organism you.

I propose that governments everywhere impose taxes to protect Leprecons. And that we stop building roads and factories because that might disturb those Unicorns. If we are going to live by one fairytale we can live by another.

-I am more believable than Al Gore-

The fluffy pink drug?

Apparently a new ”killer drug” spreads in Sweden. How many has it killed? As many as have died by the hands of governments? Religions? Traffic? Alcohol? Tobacco? Obesity? Does it hurt as many people as the number that fall down from roof tops every year? Nope, nope and nope. As usual they are just trying to make us react. Media wants to sell papers and politicians need to frighten us sometimes so we think we still need them. If there is a new killer drug on the market every two months or so, we might actually believe that the government is needed to protect us from those drug addicts and mafia people. On top of this we have people being called in as “experts” because they work at customs or are concerned parents. Yeah, stupidity all over.

Buy a Gun Day

15th of April is the date for this remarkable day in America. The goal is to get out the word and encourage not-yet-owners to at least become better informed and owners to make an effort to recruit those who may be standing on the fence or to move from the opposition to the ranks of the uncertain. This is a great initiative, especially now with a socialist and madman at the white house.

Imagine a world were pretty much everyone is armed and then picture two robbers coming into a crowded post office to rob it. They wouldn’t even consider it. Or think about a school with armed teachers and a principal with a machine-gun. Would as many children get killed every year in mad shootings if this was the case? But most importantly of all, a weapon (or fifty) in every man’s house would make politicians contemplate their next law a bit longer. It should be written into the UN charter and every humanistic organization should advocate the absolute right to buy, own, carry and protect your life and property with a gun.

In most countries ownership of guns is outlawed because the governments and their support troops don’t want an armed militia that might oppose them. This is one of the most common ways to control, rule and rob the people blind. The most common one is of cause religion and consequently most religious groups and priest will be on the government’s side on this issue.

Every time someone tells you or rather orders you to not carry a gun, they are telling you that you cannot defend yourself, that you have no right to stand up for yourself and telling that you cannot own property because that’s up to someone else to decide. This is completely outrageous and it is time that people of this world wake up and get themselves armed. At least you are going to need it the coming years when the world’s economy collapses and government’s everywhere will try to enforce their power.

Mark the 15th in your calendar and even if you cannot buy a gun “legally” you can at least support this action by your blog, by joining the Facebook group or in some other way.