Friday, August 24, 2012

Butt cleavage filled with spare money

The lying continues. Go figure. 

For example almost every article I can find referring to GDP numbers tell us only a fraction of the real story. Nowhere is it pointed out that deficit spending has, in most countries, been at 5-10% levels for years and consequently REAL GDP has been going down - even if official numbers say differently.

This is not a theory or pointless mumbling; it’s a fact, and very, very simple to understand. Its basic math. Easy pluses and minuses. Don´t need to know differential-equations, you don´t need to solve Fermat's theorem and you don´t need to go search for macroscopic quantum phenomena’s.

Let´s say the government is borrowing/printing at a certain % of GDP (in effect contributing to GDP – see further down) and keep increasing this every year at a rate of 2% while GDP is growing with 1%. And then think; what would happen to GDP if such a country suddenly withdrew that extra spending % of GDP they are running?

Uhuh!? hard? Impossible math to solve?

If you cannot solve such basic arithmetic, you should go back to the 4th grade because those preteens know the answer – or should know.

So when they talk about GDP only this simple little exercise should tell you that they are LYING!

Of course the lying when it comes to GDP is much bigger and much more sinister then this, but if you now know above, perhaps you can also understand the following.

I have talked about this before, and I will many times more. The reason for this could be that I want you to know the facts, but actually I find it comical that pundits and the general public alike seem to have taken this swindle to heart.

You need to know that:



Have a look at GDP and feel the rage build up;

GDP = private consumption + gross investment + government spending + (exports − imports), or,
GDP = C + I + G + (X − M)

Let´s see if you understand math at the same level as 13y olds.

What the equation tell us, among other things, is that if Government spend more, GDP goes up. However, government needs to take money in order to spend money. This means that every time government does something (at its core) it’s a zero-sum game. A politician can consequently never promise to give you something without first taking something from you, but no matter what; it has no effect on GDP – none!

There is however one exception from this mathematical fact; borrowing.

 A government has the ability to borrow on the future. In the simplest of terms they take money from your future, from your kids and your grandkids and put it to use today. They take that money from future obligations such as Medicare, your pension funds, your savings and our potential future productivity. This way they can bring GDP numbers up and hand over “free stuff” to you in present time. Of course in the long run this means lower GDP, but let´s not dwell...

In addition to direct borrowing from the future (or: STEALING!) they can also borrow money from other countries or larger financial institutes (big banks). Banks and other countries see no problem in lending out cash to a government since they always have you, the people, as collateral. A government can mortgage you, your labor and the country´s natural resources in order to get loans.

And now you need to know something about those loans; they are not meant to be paid back!

In fact, they can´t be paid back.

Oh?      What? 

Yes, that’s right; you see the amount of money in the system is less than the loans taken and the interest rates on those loans.

Or, to put it in the simplest of mathematical terms;

Interest + debt  > Money supply 
Got that?

If you are not looking for a grassy knoll at this very moment, you still don´t understand the implications of this.

The entire global financial system is built on, around and with debt. We are soaking in debt, swimming in it, eating it, watching it, debt, debt and more debts. And it’s all perpetrated, packed and sold as having value by banksters and their partners in crime; politicians.

The very same remedy they want to use to curve our dilemma is what caused it. Credits were way too cheap and way too easy to get, interest rates were too low, we had printed too much money, we had regulated too much, and the laws are not there to protect the common good or the people – the laws are there to help and support those morally corrupt.

And since GDP is a scam and the loans are never meant to be and can never be paid back, it means that the entire system and everything they are telling you is a lie.

Look at the so called “austerity measures” they keep talking about. Have you ever looked at those? Do you know what they really are? Have you thought about where that money comes from, where it goes and why it goes there?

Let´s follow the money...

Greece is a nice example. Here we have a country that cheated itself into the Eurozone and they did so by hiring banksters to help them hide their debts and their real numbers. In stepped Evil Inc. (Goldman Sachs) and other entities and through derivatives, CDO´s and other fraudulent deals swept hundreds of billions under the rug.

Then, as a member of the Eurozone, Greeks and the Greek state borrowed lots of cash because it was so cheap. They went from a country barely able to loan on the market to a country able to loan very cheap and with the backing of other, pretty solvent, countries.

Then, when that house of cards came down, the Greeks were forced to empty pension funds and sell out their country’s assets while increasing taxes in order to get more loans to pay of the old loans.

Such actions are called “austerity measures” i.e. has nothing to do with cutting down the size of government as claimed by socialists, instead it has all to do with emptying whatever wealth there is and hand it over the lenders so the country in question can get more loans from the very same loan givers.

Sounds confusing? Sound weird? Strange? Stupid? All of the above? Oh, but wait for it…

Those extra loans and the so called “austerity measures” goes to the very same banks that helped the Greeks hide the debts in the first place so they could get into the Eurozone so to be able to borrow more money from the same banks - and now when they are insolvent they need to hand over their last pockets of wealth in order to get more loans to pay of the loans they took because they were able to hide the first loans.

And remember; the loans are not meant to and can never be fully repaid!

Why do politicians do this? Well, firstly to satisfy you of course. To bribe you to vote for them. The future be damned! But secondly to keep GDP numbers up. The very same numbers that are a scam to begin with!

And why do they need to keep GDP up? It is so they can take more loans on the market as cheap as possible!!!

Do you see it now!!?!?

Do you understand!!?!!?

If you are not buying guns after reading this, you need to read it again because then you haven´t understood anything I just told you.

You are fooled, robbed, cheated on, and they are lying to you - openly, and all the time.

They´ve stolen everything from you and they´ve sold you and your labor as a commodity without your consent.

Not only are you a slave to the state and a slave to politicians and their banking buddies, there is no way out of it.

Socialists do not want to change this system, they even want to borrow, print and spend more money!! Conservatives don´t want to change this system, they want to hand over ever more power to the banks!!

No hope, no change, no heroes, no money, nothing.

Only debt.

I find this hilarious and gave up on you idiots a long time ago, but perhaps I can awake another one or two and get you to realize what has happen to you and why World War III soon will occur. At least I may have a few more people to drink and laugh together with.

Good luck you fools.