Friday, February 12, 2010

The big Beelzebufo rain

Another piece of the puzzle was given to us today.

The International Monetary Fund says that Central banks may want to target 4% inflation, rather than the 2% target that most central banks now try to achieve.

Real inflation-rate is already at that level, or higher.

The problems here are twofold.

Firstly the money being spitted out has gone to financial institute and government, which means that most of that cash haven’t really reached out in communities yet. It takes time, generally speaking up to about two year before it kicks in, which means we will start seeing the first signs pretty soon. Some countries are already there, and it can only get worse.

And secondly; some of the mafia banks, like Evil Incorporated, Goldman Sachs, has gone out buying assets, other banks or invested the money. But most of that money has gone back to central banks at interest…

This is a funny little trick isn’t it?

Banks get hundreds of billions basically for free (you, the tax payer pick up the tab), but instead of lending it out to the public or spend it, as the intent is; they put it back to central banks where they can collect interest which also the tax payer pays for.

A fable? A cartoon villain that has come to life? Noooo, only another day at work for the tricksters.

There’s some additional things you need to know about this, and these are some of the reasons why I can say with ABSOLUT CERTAINTLY that things are about to come crashing down around us.

In some countries, the US and UK in particular, the banks use money (we don’t really know what money…) to buy houses from themselves through shell companies or other banks they themselves own. This is one reason why prices haven’t been going down as they should. Another reason is that banks don’t admit foreclosures and defaults onto their books. There are many examples of people living in houses they haven’t paid for in months, even years. The banks haven’t evicted because that means the banks need to show it, pick up the losses.

Another thing is that that money that has been put to use have mainly been fueling stock markets. I’ve seen people calculating on overvalue around 40-50%. If this is true, much of the “green shoots” comes to stock markets is air. They will not crash on their own, not as long as so many idiots believe in media. But they will crash when some trigger makes them.

We are getting so royally screwed.

And now IMF comes out with this decree.

There are only two reasons thinkable for IMF’s newly thought-up Weimar-tactics. One is that they know that inflation numbers counted in prices soon will go up, so they want to, in a planned ahead chess move calm all you sheople out there down. Not to panic when that inflation takes off, it’s all part of the plan - no worries; IMF said this was a good idea.

The second potential reason is the premeditated notion of inflating things even more hence prove all conspiracists right, there’s a conspiracy to crash the world economy. This is the end game.

IMF could of course also consist of complete morons without any real financial degree and be better suited to play with clay and crayons, but if that’s the case someone else is pulling the strings and then we’re back to the conspiracy thought.
Well, whatever the reason and whatever you idiots out there think, it is closing in. The greatest depression ever seen has been here all along. The recession never ended, they never “saved us”.

And when it hits, please remember who the enemies are and remember who said it would happen and why.

Words fail me…

This is beyond belief, the Gorgon have surely sunken as low as you can get. I’ve turned over rocks and found creatures I would rather make love with then to look at the face of this man.

I could rant on with lots and lots of cursing, blacked-over sentences and references to the most despicable people ever lived, but I let THE DIARY OF A GEEK IN OXFORDSHIRE do it (with very nice words actually…) instead.

Let’s make it easier to get away with murder

If you've ever dreamed of solving crimes, protecting the innocent and ensuring public safety? Ever wanted to protect and serve the public? Do you feel the need to help people and support them in their hour of need?

Well, if that’s the case then you could educate yourself and learn how to share information online. Become a hacker, send movies to your friends, download music and watch TV-show before anyone else sees them. All this serves the public, helps democracy along and makes freedom of speech a priority. To share files and information is the path to righteousness and a better society wherein the powers that be cannot do whatever they like.

If you however feel the urge to do the bidding of those with power, want to be able to beat up innocent citizens, and if you have the need to lock up people for victimless ‘crimes’, well then you can become a police officer.

The police in Sweden have a new career choice to offer any power-hungry individual, that of being a part of the taskforce consistent of nine people set to chase people sharing information online. Probably a high level of reverence internally for that job, don’t you think? The taskforce will probably consist of some new recruit not dying from cardiopathy caused by too many doughnuts and a couple of detectives that has pissed of higher ranking officers.

Regardless, as a police officer they are entrusted with enormous power . . . no other government official has the breadth of authority as does a police officer. This is important to remember whenever the police break down your door, they have the unspoken right to do whatever they like with you. Not according to the law of course, but rather by court cases and through what decrees given from up on high. Have you ever heard of a police officer getting convicted from a report filled from an ordinary citizen? I haven’t.

I actually like the police. Of all the things our government throws money at I believe our justice system and those set to withhold said system are the most important. I can even concede that we should have more police officers. I’ve also known several police officers throughout the years and they’ve all been nice, professional and mostly good people. There are rotten eggs within the police, of course, but few occupations have so great people working within.

With this said, there’s one big problem with the police; they do their job.

I know it sounds kind of contradictory, but it isn’t. The police are there to withhold the law, to catch criminals and make our streets safer. The problem with this is that we have politicians and arbitrary laws that decides who’s a criminal and who’s not.

Victimless crimes like drug-use, moonshine making and driving without a seat-belt have been decided to be illegal hence police arrest, manhandle and lock up ordinary harmless citizens perpetrating such ‘crimes’. They have to, it’s their job. Doing their jobs just like the guards at Treblinka or the officers watching the Gulag camps.

I know I know, I Godwin’ed myself, but it is nevertheless a valid point.

Sharing information and downloading some music isn’t a crime, not in a free society built upon fairness, democracy and liberty. But this new taskforce will hunt such people down, break into their homes, steal their property and send them to jail. Some of these so called criminals will probably go away for a longer time than any rapist.

Ever wondered why certain crimes are punished worse than others?

All normal citizens will say that a rapist, a murderer, a child molester and similar offenders should be locked away for life, get the death penalty or even be tortured in the same manner as their victims. If you ask the same citizens what they think of ‘criminals’ that has shared movies, embezzled a couple of thousands or hidden away money from the taxation agency, they would say those are minor crimes. But that’s not how the powers see it.

Why? Because such ‘crimes’ threatens the elitist agenda. If free information is available to all, then people can learn stuff on their own, expose government plans or spread news about scandals no-one is supposed to know about. If you own a gun you can protect yourself, not only from real criminals (that’s the government’s job...) but also from the actual authorities. So gun-laws are very important. And hiding away your income? Oh my, how horrible. That money belongs to the state. How else can they found their lavish parties and pay for private jets?

There’s a huge discrepancy between the common mans opinion of the law, the elitists point of view and the actual justice system.

In a society wherein the people got to decide 9 cops would never be assigned to hunt down peaceful citizens sharing movies and information. Instead those police officers would be out catching murderers, terrorists and rapists. To those in power it is more important to make it easier to get away with murder then to have people sharing free information.

It’s a matter of priority, and until you people out there gets why the elitist agenda decides to take 9 police officers away from chasing real criminals and have them search for information sharers, we will continue to be screwed by the powers that be. Sadly the police are a part of this, that’s their job…