Friday, August 21, 2009

Israel threatens Sweden

Again I need to question the sensibility and intellect of the Israeli idiots. First of all, when you are surrounded by a couple of hundred of millions Arabs and Muslims whom, to a large degree, wants to eliminate your nation, do you really pick a fight with a country thousand miles away over a news article? Secondly, doesn’t Sweden have enough skin-heads and other leftie ass-holes who hate Israel already - which make it unnecessary to create new ones? Because this is what those moronic Jews are doing. As mentioned, in a stupid part of the world, Israel is the least stupid part and I would argue that an overwhelming majority of Swedes support the Jewish people, even when they bomb schools. This situation, however, is a perfect example of how to turn friends and a generally positive opinion into so so enemies and a generally negative opinion.

How can the supporters of Israel’s existence argue their case when all their opponents need to do is throw out how the Jewish mafia wants to limit free speech?

A couple of newspapers and statements now suggest that the Israeli state department might take to the diplomatic offensive and condemn Sweden even further and/or even might block Swedish dignitaries to visit their country. Oh, and maybe they will cut of all supplies of oranges?

Israel should go and fight some terrorists instead, that they do a pretty good job at, diplomacy not so much.

And I still want to see an independent investigation into this matter so we either can tell the Jewish government to piss off and pick up their own mess or we can start stoning that stupid journalist. I would prefer the later since that paper and those journalists are leftie morons with their own agenda (the whole thing is probably a lie), but as long as Israel keep picking fights they cannot win against people that actually believe in free speech, they deserve every ‘fuck you’ they get.