Sunday, January 6, 2013

Soon the killing will start

This is one of my famous predictions and this one will sadly also come true, and it will come true not long from now.

There is already a war going on – a war for your mind, a war for your obedience and a war fought to disfranchise you as much as possible. This war is fought mainly in the trenches of mass media and through a pretend animosity between those that rule us.

Make no mistake, no matter how much difference you think there is between 1% up or down in taxation, those who rule us are in absolute agreement come to several key areas. One of those areas where ALL people in power, regardless of the source of that power, are in total agreement and will stand shoulder to shoulder like comrades in arms is when it comes down to it, is the issue of self-defense and guns.

Those in power do not want you to be armed. They do not want you to be able to protect yourself. They do not want you to be able to fight back.

Regardless of what you think of the right to defend yourself against rapists, muggers and murderers, above is the key reason as to why government wants to disarm you and why you, me, and everyone, should always refuse.

Do you really think that government officials would care if you gunned down a serial rapist? Not per se, no, of course not, why would they? However, gunning down a “normal” rapist also means that you can, potentially, gun down a government hired rapist. Same with a mugging or a house invasion. If you are able to shoot two intruders wanting to steal from you and perhaps kill you it would be fine, except that those two intruders may be from your taxation agency or why not from the police.

And most importantly of all; if a lot of people are armed (and “dangerous”) they might band together so that government officials cannot do whatever they want. In the prolonged version such a band of armed citizens may even try to topple the government.

THIS is what they fear.

They don´t care about your life or your kids safety, it has nothing to do with disarming the mafia or protection of society, it all comes down to our safety or theirs.

Reading things like this automatically put you off – I know this. It is not easy to read, it’s not close to heart, it feels wrong, and the consequence of this way of reasoning is even worse; will I someday perhaps need to fight and kill my own countrymen to protect liberty and democracy?

The answer is of course; YES.

And THAT we do not want to think about.

And THAT, in turn, is preciously what most governments count on.

Do you really think it is a coincidence that genocide carried out in countries like Turkey, Russia, China, Germany, Cambodia, Guatemala, Uganda, Ethiopia have all preceded by a total disarmament of the people getting slaughtered? Do you really think it is a coincidence that the British Empire banned guns in India after their colonization?

Do you really think Obama cares about U.S. citizens safety from guns when he, and his family, is constantly surrounded by entire military brigades armed to the teeth? Do you really think that Obama care about protecting children when he is selling thousands of assault rifles to the Mexican drug cartels? Do you really, as a potentially unarmed citizen, feel safe from Obama who is butchering kids and families at the very second you read this? Obama has started 2 wars (so far), continued the wars the hairless chimp before him started and is sending drones everywhere, and he wants drones to be flying in the thousands over American cities. Make you feel like you can trust him eh?

If you think all of this and many more hypocritical and weird “coincidences” are just that; coincidences, well… then you are a complete and utter idiot.

Sadly even those of you out there that may agree with me almost fully will still side with the government if something like Ruby Ridge happens.

I don´t really understand why, perhaps it has something to do with television shows and media constantly arguing that government is there to protect us and that it is always patriotic and correct to stand behind the troops and help the police. Or perhaps most of you simply don´t mind a few dead people? As long as they are far away from you, why would you care? Right? Who cares about those millions starving in Africa or the millions murdered by the U.S. war machine. They are colored, probably Muslim, and I don´t know them, so why would I care when I can play a game outside of reality, and have a few beers, and order home delivery.

Disfranchised citizens constantly bombarded with propaganda caring more about the latest celebrity nip-slip then people getting slaughtered by the tens of thousands across the world – yea, I can see why such a person would not care if a supposed “gun tooting, bible thumping, redneck” and his family get killed by a government out of control.

THIS, again, is preciously what they count on.

And THAT is why soon, very, very soon, we will hear about “right-wing extremists” (i.e. people who believe in the law) in America being gunned down in mass by the ATF, FBI or by whatever else agency out in force. There will be “survivalists” and “rednecks” hunted down for hording “illegal weapons”. There will be more shooting sprees and; Every. SINGLE. ONE. Will be blamed on the extreme view that; PEOPLE. SHOULD. BE. ABLE. TO. DEFEND. THEMSELVES.

The more the economy spins out of control, the more people lose everything, the more the people will lose it. It will be an endless circle of violence, shooting sprees, and government shakedowns. In the end I believe that in the U.S. it is even possible that growing succession movements and an increasing oppressive government will lead to outright rebellions and possible civil war.

Of course over here in Europe anyone fighting the just and well-meaning niceness of the Obama administration is the thug and enemy. How can so many Americans believe in gun-rights and liberty? Isn´t that a thing of the past? Aren´t all U.S. citizens’ really stupid, ignorant, and weird believers in something called ´God´?

Sadly you true patriots on the other side of the Atlantic will not receive any help from over here, but you can comfort yourself with the fact that we are either before you in the violence spiral, or one step behind you.

We´re heading for the next phase of The Greatest Depression, and you better get armed or be ready to kiss government ass. One of the two will, sadly, be a necessity much sooner than you think.

And yes, I know you don´t believe me, even though the marching of huge combat boots and mass-waving of both National Socialist and communist flags is now more or less everyday occurrences in countries like Greece, Hungary and Russia, and regardless of the exponentially growing nationalism and the likewise exponentially increase of the surveillance state.

Regardless, you won’t believe it.

Not until you are standing there seeing it all unfold... 
           many times before in history. 

Ever asked yourself that question sometimes discussed in history lessons; why did the Germans not stop Hitler and how could they not know about the death-camps? I guess now, or soon from now, you will know the answer…