Saturday, September 29, 2012

We spend money – Shush!

The Swedish Injustice Mentalist, Beatrice Ask, has decided that one of the government entities she´s responsible for should not disclose how they use tax money. The entity in question recently got caught spending millions on a lavish party, so of course that cannot happen again – cannot show the people how the people’s money is squandered.

This is a woman that wants to punish suspected sex-offenders before they´ve even reached a trial, a woman who loves monitoring and surveillance so much it would not surprise me a bit if her entire house is covered with screens showing normal folk going about their daily lives. This is a woman that on multiple occasions has expressed pure fascist views and now she do not want us to know what she and her cronies do with our money.

We need to watch all you do, we need to know exactly who you are and we need to steal your hard-earned cash while endorsing a totalitarian EUSSR - but what we exactly do with your money it is none of your business. All you need to be concern about is to bend over, grab your ankles and obey.