Friday, February 19, 2010

Airline of doom – the safer way of flying, and other cautionary tales

At any normal airport we have body scanners, dozens of controls, pictures taken over and over again. There are guards everywhere, cameras covering every crack and safety measures into the absurd. Still, we know terrorists will bypass any security features and more planes will get hijacked. No matter how much they try, there’s always a way to blow up a plane.

Personally I rather fly with a company that allows for guns, bombs and terrorists onboard, just so I can skip all the unnecessary crap that comes with every flight. And if you have a whole plane filled with armed people, they will all carefully watch each other since if one starts shooting everyone would die. The pilot could have a bomb under his seat so if anyone tries to commandeer the flight, it blows up. On such a flight I would feel pretty secure, most likely sleep like a baby throughout the entire voyage.

Speaking of, I want to see a disgruntled train-driver go off the deep end. We’ve seen it at the movies, but strangely not in real life yet.
Where are the original terrorists?

Why not hijack a supertanker and drive it with full speed into a New York harbor? Why does it only need to be planes?

How about inducing a volcano eruption? Why not build a death-ray? Surely there are some super villain wannabees out there?

What I’m trying to say is that planes are so yesterday. Why insist on spoiling the fun for the flying when there are so many other ways of getting a point through. Terrorists need to man up, get some perspectives and use their imagination. How else can we stop travelling altogether?

The countdown continues

The Gorgon of UK has really dragged his serfs towards absolute despair. In Britain January is the month when corporations make a large part of their tax payments. Historically speaking the government has never needed to borrow any money this month. Never. That is, until now.

I think it is safe to say that the one-eyed Scotsman and his gorgonites are the frontrunners comes to which government is the worst in modern history.

I got a job-offer the other day from a company in southern England. Good pay and a decent position. Needless to say, I turned it down. When that shit hits the famous fan very soon, I don’t wanna live out on those isles.

But luckily for UK, they aren’t alone...

I’ve already covered most of the industrialized world and pointed out the fault, cracks and deteriorating madness that makes up the greatest depression that ever hit humankind. But it is fun with a couple of updates.

Apparently only 21% of US voters believe that the federal government enjoys the consent of the governed. If we compare this with the estimated number of people that supported the British king during the war for independence, which was around 20%, we find a very nice correlation. You think Joe Stack was an exception? Think again.

Another document seems to have come forward yet again claiming the Saudi’s are giving Israeli fighter-jets and bombers free passage through their air-space. Presumably for strikes into Iran. Oil is still pretty low at $78 a barrel, but how long will that last if the Israeli/US/Iran scenario plays out?

In Africa the problems continue. As stated before tens of millions of people in the South and Eastern parts of the ‘dark’ continent are balancing on that thin line between being alive and utter starvation.

We’ve had a coup in Niger, we have political problems in Kenya, and the great economic spokesperson of the western world, Robert Mugabe, is at it again. This time around he wants to sell diamonds to whomever and whenever he wants, apparently making certain people a tad upset.

In Chad inflation is running amok and strikes are on the rise. In the Democratic Republic of Congo inter-ethnic clashes continues and in several districts schools haven’t been open for close to a year.

And in this mess (and much more, takes many pages to describe it all) a new food security update which focused on some southern African countries, is stating that food prices have risen rapidly and are still climbing in several countries.

Isn’t the world a fun place?