Monday, April 27, 2009

Faces of tomorrow

Exchange the word ’great’ to the word ’minor’ everywhere and ad ’so far’ wherever you see fit. In a way this is our future, but in another way ours will be far far worse.

Conscription for females

For those that do not know it, in Sweden we still have compulsory military draft. I did one year in that sand-box and, among other things, learned to shoot with and handle twenty or so weapons which was kind of cool, but it is still a huge waste of time. Now day’s this isn’t really compulsory for everyone since the Swedish government/s need to save money for more necessary project like owning real-estate in Siberia, growing fish in the Baltic sea and increasing politicians salaries. But even if most today escape military service this involuntary labour demanded by a malevolent authority is pure slavery, nothing else.

But now a brilliant suggestion by communists and socialists in Sweden is stating this is unfair to women. Women should also be enslaved. According to this dazzling suggestion - attempting to turn around the lefties dwindling voting support – all women are also supposed to go thru the same assortment process so they might be selected to learn how to crawl in mud. I’m guessing there is a feminist thing behind this, but I still kind of like it. Of course military service should be completely voluntary and a professional force is most likely a better killing machine, but if this kind of waste of money, waste of time while being coerced by the government is being imposed on one gender, why not the other? The fact that most women wouldn’t handle carrying 70lbs walking 1 mile each day and that there is some facility problems don’t stop me from saluting this suggestion. This entry is only about 50% irony because idiocy all around is fairer than idiocy only for those with a penis. Besides, if the communists ever get to power they could need some extra people to guard their camps and honestly, speaking as a man, it would be worse being guarded, tortured and killed by women than of my own gender.

Let’s face it, women with guns is sexy!