Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The game they play

Everyday a soap opera is played out in media. Fictive tales, exaggerated angles and the stories to keep the apathy society tranquilized are cabled out through all the lying outlets. This crafty form of mind-control isn’t really planned, it just is, and it exists. Of course there are puppet-masters pulling some of the strings, but mainly its laziness and incompetence from pundits and journalists mixed with the sluggish modern man.

Creative writing can change any no-story into headline frenzy. No form of news is that correct as it cannot be tampered with or totally changed into the opposite. Financial misconduct by fraudulent banksters and economic operations of total lunacy committed by elected criminals, are all treated precisely as a bad play, they re-write it, change the ending, and come up with another plot that changes the storyline completely. Mostly, they don’t even try to hide the cover-up, its right there in plain sight. However, for any number of reasons from bad education to indoctrination, citizens just don’t seem to care. And this I-don’t-care apathy is what makes the enemies of the people into masters of our impending doom.

How many rebellions have we seen throughout history? Thousands? Many of those were about what we today would regard as minor issues. A tax increase by 0.5%? - Let’s get the pitchforks! Some King and noble-men are feasting for our money? – Lets kill ‘em! A city/country/King is hindering our trade? - Summon the farmers, we are going to war!

Today such notions are strangely only upheld by ridiculed French people, anarchists and some groups within dictatorial countries. In most of the Western civilizations, however, the elitists can take away basic human rights, they can watch and control everything we do, they can steal our earnings and they can tell lies to us we know are lies, and what do we do? We go to work in our SUVs we hardly can afford to drive, we work half the day so those that rule us can steal half or more of what we earn, we come home and take a beer we hardly can acquire because of the taxation and laws, we turn on the TV and watch more lies while the government poke around inside our computer. If not some vaccine, police or war kill us, we can choke from old age and get a government approved lot to bury our wasteful bodies so they can decompose while our kids and grandchildren continue to live within the confines of tyranny.

When did we get so lethargic, so indifferent and when did we stop caring?

I was angry for a very long time. I couldn’t believe so many people actually loved being slaves and adored the feeling of being under total control by the power structure. After a while I sort of gave up, I realized the idiots of this world don’t wanna wake up. There are very few people out there that would take the red pill; I can easily count them with my fingers. However, I do refuse, unlike the rest of you, to live my life in accordance to the norm. If I feel like sharing a double sided dildo or drink moonshine, I will do so.

There are really only two things I still care about come to society and the control-grid. Firstly I find accidents hilariously funny. How many times haven’t we seen a natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina or some killer blizzard and the government reacting like dimwitted zombies? The very essence of the government and the main reason why people pay gigantean taxes is to have the government protecting them if needed. On this task it fails miserably over and over. Not only when it comes to volcanoes, storms or hurricanes, but also other basic things like healthcare wherein thousands of people die each year by mistreatments or never ending lines to operations. But it doesn’t stop there; the government is involved in direct confrontation with peaceful citizens, killing them off for doing victimless “crimes” such as driving without a seatbelt, snorting cocaine or starting business without permission. So “accidents” and real accidents are very funny. People running around like headless chickens dying from something they easily could avoid, is the very soul of comedy.

The other reason why I still enjoy and care about what goes on is how fun it is to stick it to the man. Every time I caught a journalists lying (everyday without even trying), each time I expose a deceitful fraud that calls himself “economist” I laugh, feel great and celebrate. How great isn’t it to expose one of the enemy class? You should try it, as I’ve already said, it’s not hard. All you haft to do is to assume they always are untruthful and then really read about the truth and/or check the facts. You rarely strike unlucky. It is very fun being a truthsayer, although it can be a tad dangerous as well. At the very least pundits, journalists and know-it-all people will discard you as a “right-wing” nut, a conspiracists, a communist, a fascist, a racist or some other epithet they feel is appropriate for those actually exposing the lies.

This is also part of the game; turn the really righteous into crap. It’s the opposite game. A game wherein honest people are lying and the elitists always have it right.

Closing down a daycare center is libertarianism, raising taxation with 1% is communism, and criticizing immigration is racism. If you expose the total fraud of global warming you want the children to die, if you expose how the media lies about Honduras and you are a fascist, and if you reveal how our banksters are robbing us blind you are a socialist. This totally fictional world of madness is what they are selling us, and most of you morons buy it.

And it is not only in regards to the economy or politics, they create wonderful intrigues comes to famous people and sports as well. A hockey-player can go out to a pub, drink one beer, and the media turns it into a scandal. Of course the rest of the team are appalled, the coach is thinking of benching him, but at the very last second turn around and lets him play. All read, watched and followed by sheople that loves the drama. Celebrities are even more fun, they can go up in weight, have anorexia, get kids, fight with photographers or marry the Hockey-player mentioned above which immediately makes the couple a gold mine. And if someone famous dies, half the papers and 20min of the news are dedicated to that person’s life during a week or two. At the same time more banks fail, the depression grows and thousands of people dies from starvation in Africa, but who cares, a famous person has died! Much more important.

This is a suckers game, and you my dear idiot, you are the sucker.

When was the last time you fed your vagina?

This is mainly for the females out there.

Aren’t you also tired of the mainstream media and so called sex-experts telling us what is what with our sexlife all the time? And most of the advice supposed readers are getting is just ridiculous. What can’t they just say it like it is – that all people are different and that you need to find your own way.

The female orgasm for example. This elusive bliss is a reoccurring topic among sex-therapists. Often enough they nag about how important it is with foreplay or stimulating clitoris, which mostly is a no brainer and not really a secret. However, that may work for some but by no means by all.

Through my own escapades I’ve encountered females that can only reach orgasm through anal penetration, double penetration and one that only could come if you rubbed her counter clock-wise on clitoris but not the other way. Some cannot get there at all, no matter what - and some women have the cheatiest thing imaginable. I dated one girl that could get an orgasm by just lifting one leg over the other and move her muscles a bit. I’ve also meet a couple of those none-males that can get multiple ones. A girl once told me I gave her 28 orgasm in a row, I felt very happy and proud over being me until she told me her record with a man was almost twice that. She was bi-sexual and had over 100 with another female...

My point, however, is that there is no general answer. You cannot say that you can do it that way, but not the other. You need to experiment and find your horny side. Maybe asphyxiation is your thing, maybe anal adventures; maybe you will never have one.

As any “expert”, no matter what area they claim to be “expert” on, someone that claims to know sex may know something’s, but almost always give general answers that isn’t even suited for the majority, it just sound good. And in our politically correct world they cannot utter things like role-playing rape-games, or that it’s okay to be a whore. Just ignore those idiots and go out and have lots and lots of sex. That’s how you learn. Test things, test your limits and don’t be afraid of trying things at least once. If you don’t like it, fine, go ahead and do something else. But be also worried about those fools that think porn is good education and thinks they can put their dick straight into the rear and fuck your arse without lubrication. You can do that, but it is not recommended. So just because you don’t like that or something else, doesn’t mean you never will like it, your lover may just be incompetent.

I'm still single by the way.