Thursday, October 29, 2009

Madness III

Glenn Beck does a simplified explanation of inflation which is just around the corner. He does waver a tad, and the final suggestion of where this is headed is probably only half-true, but it is still worth watching. Sometimes Beck get it pretty accurate, but even better, he explains it in a way that even you, the idiot, can understand.

Madness II

Here we go. More internet funnies.

I’ve said it many times before, and I will say it many times more. This is just the beginning, they are only getting started. If you are complaining over IPRED, ACTA or any other such fascism, haven’t you figured out yet that such madness is only the second wave?

The first wave was government subsidies for broadband, extra laws against kiddy porn, restrictions about whom that can be an internet supplier, the first surveillance things to catch some elusive terrorists etc. The second wave have passed very recently with anti-file sharing, terrorist hunting into overdrive, more kiddy-porn laws, total monitoring of the people, new or reinforced agencies, increased surveillance cooperation between countries and so on.

Now we are entering the third wave, overlapping the second. And as with the overlap between the first and second you can already figure out what comes next if you have paid attention. During the last year or so there have been many politicians arguing for better control of bloggers, there have been calls for more cooperation’s with interlocking penalties and swift transfers of “criminals” from one country to the other. We have also learned that information sites, not public ones that is, that give out “wrong” or “unregulated” information should be scrutinized.

From this we can easily conclude that there will be a couple of control functions popping up. During the next wave, that to a large extent already is here, we will see new government bodies set up to control, monitor and license bloggers. We will see the first fines against “wrong” information, possible someone getting sued and/or jailed for saying that the Swine flu is harmless or complaining too hard over some tax. During this time we will also get many exceptions from the rules previously implemented. If one agency cannot spy on its own people, why not have the neighboring country’s equivalent agency do it for them? And don’t we need an additional law to strengthen said agency?

More money is certainly needed to found another agency with a certain task that transcends the “real one”. There will also be more restrictions being placed on online communities and internet suppliers. Sites will more and more go towards charging people for their use, and more and more laws and regulations will also come with a bill directed at internet use.

And you don’t really need to be a genius to figure out that they will soon parade a bunch of pedophiles in front of the cameras, supposedly caught via the new laws. In reality it will be old fashion police work, but they did use a computer to log everything, so…

Of course there will also be a “hacker”-attack against a daycare center or old folks pensions will get stolen by some computer nerd. All in all it will be sold with the notion of “need” for the laws.

EDIT: I didn't even have time to really post this before an "hacker"-attack knocked out several Swedish newspapers. Or so they claim...

You don’t really want to know where this will end up, but take a look at this video, maybe you get an idea.


The Swedish government is running a SEK 40.4 billion deficit, measured in September. But for some strange reason this is considered to be good news because the anticipated number was minus SEK 46.1 billion. In an alternate universe they may be right, in the real world, however, this is horrifying.

Even if we assume for a moment that the growing housing bubble can be managed and lets also at same time ignore current world events and the coming crashes in the US. Let’s also ignore the fundamentals in the Swedish economy, which are horrific in their own right. Even if we do all that, we are still left with the presence of this debt. It needs to be repaid, with interest. Just like with any loan the end result is much, much more money being wasted down the line than the actual money you get from the loan.

And the very notion of this as “good news”? How the fuckidi fuck of all that is unholy can they come up with such a stupidity?

The people behind this plot of by borrowing and spending on our tab should end up in prison doing sixty-eight years, breaking rocks and making special friends with Bubba the Weightlifter. Journalists writing about stuff like this in a positive way should be keelhauled, naked, in shark infested waters. And you who buy any of this crap are an idiot, plain and simple.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New World Order, Soros style

George Soros interviewed by Financial Times. Again we hear about New World Order. If you don’t have the time, check 9.24 and forward

When will the mainstream media pick this up? Or are they waiting for the world government to emerge before they say anything?

Financial Times

The silent Galt movement

Oh my.

Something you should check out is this article in the New York post. Maybe Americans have lost their will to fight the power directly, but they still do it in massive numbers in other ways. Shall we guess that the powers that be will argue for higher taxes to cope with the losses? Harder punishment and more police to tackle the more violent inhabitants? Well, that’s a given…

Haven’t I read something like this before in a book?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And prices are going up? How about that...

U.S. home prices appear have to scraped a bottom, with index showing three (four) consecutive months of gains this summer. Housing market analysts cited the federal government's $8,000 federal tax credit for first-time buyers as an important factor in the housing market's recovery of late. The credit applies to home sales that close Nov. 30 and is part of the $787-billion federal stimulus package enacted in February (This is likely to be expanded more months though).

This is, of course, reported as good news by media and pundits.

What I see is a dark mind numbing chasm of despair and just at the edge of it stands a tall building wherein all this fictitious cancerous pile of garbage is collected with all the people inside. It is also having a very scary tilt towards the abyss, just waiting for that small breeze to push it over.

Let’s see if I can get another one or two to understand something,

Firstly, the official US unemployment is 9.8% and rising. The real number is close to 19%. In fact there are as few people working today, as percentage of the potential working populace in America, as it was during what currently is known as the ‘Great Depression’. Got that?

And when we look at the housing market, as of today, the numbers are showing that there was 938 000 foreclosures during the 3Q 2009. Foreclosure notices were up 5 percent in the third quarter from the previous quarter, and up 23 percent from the same quarter a year ago, according to a report released by foreclosure tracking Web site RealtyTrac. This was the worst 3 months period since the - again currently named - ‘Great Depression’.

And prices are going up? How about that?

One reason for prices going up is the $8,000 federal tax credit for first-time buyers. Because this means something in this equation, it’s not a great amount of money, but it still makes a small difference that together with ridiculously low interest rates makes many people consider taking a loan, and many does. I couldn’t find any number showing how many of those people actually putting a cap on their loans, but you can be sure there aren’t many of them. In essence having loans they shouldn’t have with a volatile labor market with fabricated interest rates that must go up sooner rather than later.

Is this sinking in? Are you starting to get the picture?

Mind you, this is only looking at the housing and real-estate market in general. In this there is no reflection to a failing USD, there is no consideration to other debt accumulation or the retraction of the stimulus that’s comes down the road. No inflation, no derivatives, no commercial real-estate figures and no regard to a bloated stock market. I’ve even left out the very funny fact that lending companies are buying housing from each other or, even funnier, from themselves.

Only looking at these presented numbers, ask yourself; is it good or bad news that prices are going up? Do we really take such figures as signs of a recovery and add it to the pile of ‘green shoots’ we hear about all the time?

If I was an American, I would sell everything I have, move to cottage in the forest and start planting my own seeds with lots of guns and supplies stacked up. That’s how you should react to these numbers.

The clueless media is helping US citizens dig their own graves; I hope the American people remember that once the time comes for a reckoning of those responsible. But to my American readers I can comfort you with that the rest of us aren’t very far behind.

Sometimes I spoke myself.

Just revel in the recent news about a exposed terrorist cell aiming at Danish companies and then read this post from just a couple of days ago: apocalypse nowish

These were amateurish people though, not really the ones I was referring to, and media have an uncanny ability to blow things out of proportions, so I wouldn’t take this story all that serious.

The ideology of genocide

There is lot to be said about the environment movement and the complete lunacy of manmade global warming.

You can lift many facts like that 99.9% of all animals that ever lived on this planet is gone, poff, not here anymore, extinct. Why? Natural selection. Had nothing to do with cars or factories.

You can lift the fact that we know that the sun is almost the only thing affecting our climate. I say “almost” because volcanoes, cosmic rays, the oceans and the occasional comet have made and can make smaller changes. All of these things, even if we exclude the sun, have several hundred times more impact on the environment than mankind. This is proven facts; scientifically proven, statistically proven, tested over and over again, it’s the truth.

And in contrast to the manmade global warming scam, this is actually accepted by all scientists, this there is a consensus around. What they argue about is how miniscule humans’ impact is. Is it 0.0001% or is it 0.00001% or less? But…

…we could also mention that there isn’t one argument that holds, there isn’t a single shred of evidence supporting the alarmist’s theories. Not a single one. It does not exist. The very best they can say is that it’s probable to the degree of [some percentage] that man have a tiny diminutive little petite say in how the whether acts.

Have you ever seen a news article saying that it’s a 62% change that man is affecting climate to a degree of 0.00001%? That wouldn’t sell as many papers now would it?

I could go on and on, but what you really need to know is that this isn’t only about taxation or control, which is the true reason for the trickery; it will also have the most disastrous effects on many people’s lives.

Looking into the future there are literally millions, if not hundreds of millions, of lives at stake. Not only because of reduction of production, less trade or fewer jobs, but also because of the simplest of things like not having a stove to cook on, or not having a lamp people can sit under to study or work.

It is impossible, with today’s technology and for the foreseeable future, to keep hundreds of millions of people with jobs, with food, with water, with transport, with schools etc. without keeping up, or rather massively increase energy usage. And it needs to be the cheapest form of energy. What you need to know is that if we cut our emissions or energy usage, it means job losses, it means higher costs of living, higher production costs, transports becomes more expensive and so on.

Again, if this hoax is allowed to continue, we are condemning a vast number of people to certain death and hardship. And since it’s all based on a lie, you cannot call a person arguing for such madness for anything but evil. The true evil people are not the ones whom claim that manmade global warming is a fraud, which the elitists want you to believe. The truest form of evil is perpetrating a mass slaughter right now, and most of you are complacent. Don’t come dragging with that Treblinka-guard argument or that you were incapable of not seeing or understanding the facts. Only a drooling idiot with the IQ of a carrot sitting in a corner painting stick-figures on the wall can claim that. Not you.

Every time you argue for us to cut energy usage, you are actually arguing for the death of tens of thousands of people.

Every time someone claims they want to reduce emissions, close down factories, impose taxes on fabric-softener or any of the sort, they are actually saying they want to murder whole villages and knock off babies.

Yes, it’s it true. This is a fact.

I urge you to read the latest report from the UN on the subject (you can read about that in my earlier post and find links to it here). Now these people are the driving force behind this genocide, and this report is meant to sell you their murderess ways, but if you really read it its hilarious. They claim that a couple of hurricanes are proof of their theory. They claim that mud-slides prove that mankind is changing the environment. It’s so ludicrous, so out there, it’s like reading a very bad science fiction novel. Don’t check with me or with any of the tens of thousands of scientists that claim this is a hoax, read what the alarmists actually are writing and saying instead.

Nothing can convince you faster than how this fantastic make-believe world of maniacs is sold. This paper, that has to have originated in another dimension far, far away from any shred of sanity, should be read by everyone. Please check the map at pages (2-3) 8-9, its sooo funny!

And even if you are still convinced that this scam actually holds its ground despite not finding a single evidence to support that notion, what I’ve just told you, about killing people, is still there, still a fact. Are you prepared to sacrifice what in all likelihood is millions of people so you can save some Polar Bears? Take a long and hard look in the mirror before you answer that question.

More with the vaccine

The Swiney thingy again

Public support for the swine flu vaccine is evaporating by the day as the rationale for the vaccine appears increasingly ludicrous to anyone paying attention. Moms, nurses, day care workers and members of the general public are increasingly realizing that arguments for swine flu vaccination just don’t add up.

Of course, if things dramatically change, there could be increasingly strong reasons for considering a vaccine. If the H1N1 virus mutates into a virus with a very high fatality rate, something that cannot happen overnight, things might be different. If the vaccine were proven safe with adequate long-term testing, that would be something working in its favor. If the vaccines were scientifically shown to actually protect you from the virus, then that would be different, too. Some officials claim this to be true, that it is properly tested and that it do protect you. Searching the net and reading official statements, I can hardly agree with such claims.

The vaccines haven’t been properly tested. There’s no evidence demonstrating that it protect you from the swine flu at any higher levels. And the flu has such a low fatality rate, why does a vaccine matter in the first place?

And the even more reasonable question is if all this vaccination really is necessary?

To start with, swine flu is far milder than any seasonal flu, so the case for vaccinating millions of healthy adults against a disease that is no more unpleasant than a bad cold is highly questionable. I’ve had this flu, and so have many of the people I work with in Scotland. Only one out of many had symptoms enough to keep her in bed. The rest of us had a slight headache, felt a wee tired but other than that nothing. If we vaccinated ourselves for any disease of this magnitude, we would be needed to stick a needle in the arm each week.

There is a so so argument for vaccinating those at greater risk, such as those with lung, heart or kidney disease, those with suppressed immune systems, pregnant women and children under 5 — but only if the vaccine works, is safe and it is not rushed into people with allergies against eggs and such which may cause fatalities. Also, we do know that the immunisation offers no more than a modest benefit in the elderly; indeed, the effectiveness of the vaccine is known to decrease sharply after 70 years of age. Some argue this is because of natural protection, they’ve already had the flu a time or several times before, and apparently survived.

We already know of several cases of people dying from suspected vaccination causes. Some people show very strange affects from the vaccine, often enough, like in cases before; those effects can be shown in bodily motor functions and in a neurological way. Even though such people may be within the normal statistic, it still goes to show how dangers may exist.

To summarize, why take a risk, although a very slim one, with a vaccine that is not 100% properly tested and is not 100% protective, when we are facing a flu which is the mildest ever seen? The risk of dying from the Swine Flu if you are not among the risk-groups is about the same, slightly higher, as the chance of winning the lottery. I suggest you use the time you think you have left in this life and play the numbers instead of taking the vaccine. Not a single person, with the exception for a nurse I know, will take the vaccine. Why would you?

Lunatics convict complete morons for the crime of tricking idiots

A French court has convicted the Church of Scientology of fraud. The case came after complaints from two women, one of whom said she was pressured into paying more than 20,000 euros for expensive products. Alain Rosenberg, the group's head in France, was handed a two-year suspended jail sentence and fined 30,000 euros. France apparently regards Scientology as a sect, not a religion.

In other words, the French lunacy of their courts have convicted the most stupid religious belief ever existed for swindling some idiot members into buying stuff.

I don’t really know where to start.

Well, let’s start with the fact that scientology is a sect, just like the Catholic Church, Islam or any other religion. The mumbo jumbo is about the same, fooling people to give God(s) money that actually goes to priests and their lavish dinners with altar boys, or goes to paying off terrorists or whatever scheme they are up to, is also the same. However, Scientology takes it one step further. Any religion stands out as a beacon of sanity in comparison. In essence, the people with the most severe mental illnesses on this planet can be found within this sect.

Consequently, why would any court rule in favor of two idiotic females? Shouldn’t they be locked up in an asylum instead?

And since when did it become illegal to “pressure” or “trick” people to buy stuff? If that’s the case any advertising could be construed as being liable under the same law.

I don’t think my skills in the English language are enough to cover this madness with enough alternative words for “idiots”. Let’s just conclude that this is another example of how stupid people all over the world really are.

The cuckoo clubs

Since I started to really know anti-establishment groups and fridge elements from all over the world, those sorts of people have tried to get me into their warm embrace sending constant inventions to groups on Facebook, sending emails wanting me to participate in some rebellious sect, or yelling at me when I refuse to comply with crazy notions about aliens or 9/11.

I’ve been clear from the start, I believe in conveying the truth and consequently I write about and argue for proven facts. Sure I mix some over-the-top sentences and some predictions into the mix, but the basis for everything I believe in is reality.
This means I can watch “The fall of the Republic” by Alex Jones, agree with 95% of the content but still discard many claims of being too much or even idiotic. Such opinions don’t go well with the Alex Jones crowd.

I do believe in the New World Order conspiracy theorem, because most is factual, and even if there’s not always a planned plot behind it all, it doesn’t matter, the end result will be the same. I do not, however, buy moronic claims of reptilian beings living beneath the surface, Alien interventions or Owl Gods being prayed to by presidents. To be fair, those out there notions are discarded by most within this paradigm. However there is also a near to consensus that 9/11 was a staged in-house attack, planned by the CIA, Bilderberg or some other group. In addition we have the extermination thought whereas billions of people are scheduled for extinction by the elitists. Often things like Swine Flu and the vaccine are a part of such claims. I could go on, but it’s not necessary.

Although I would say it is proven that powerful men conspire to steal from us, to rule us and control us, it does not mean that such groups would risk their own lives to release diseases. And even if there are relevant questions to be asked about the 9/11 terrorist attacks, almost all of the facts and, even more importantly, common sense isn’t on the conspiracist’s side.

My main point, however, is that all these fractions of conspiracists, truthers, libertarians, anti-government and anarchists people are too much spread around. We have everyone from socialists to religious nuts living within a notion of a, or rather several, conspiracies. As a result there is a divided feeling about the whole thing that makes me think of the communists’ problem of past generations. The main reason why communists never really came to power in Sweden and other countries, and the main reason why they never been successful in any aspect, is that they have had so many groupings that fought each other that they forget to fight capitalism. Leninists against Maoists, Stalinism against Trotskistsm, socialists against communists, and many, many other infightings have gone on. The only difference really, is that lefties have a thirst for blood, not having any problems killing off people with the “wrong leftie view”.

I would urge all people to not only check what the government is doing or read about such things that may or may not be true, but also check their own preferences. If we don’t look after our own “maniacs”, others will do it for us and consequently label all of us with the same lunatic stamp. This is what the elite wants, so it wouldn’t surprise me if some of the conspiracies are created by government thugs spreading disinformation.

My other main point is the one I have been arguing for, namely that the far left and libertarians should come together in unison, at least temporarily. Unlike the popular leftie notion of everything being capitalism fault, and the libertarian opposite view, very little of that is actually true. We live with a middle-center policy that mixes socialism with some degree of market economy. We have restrictions on all levels, and those are growing, and it all is about power, greed and it is a kind of fascism that faces us. Mostly it’s not about right versus left; it’s about the people against the elitists.

In such a fight, libertarians have more to win together with socialists than with so called conservatives. And socialist, real ones that is, have more traits shared with libertarians then with social democrats.

The problem here is really afterwards, if we win, what then? As I’ve stated before, libertarians have very little against people living within the confines of socialism, as long as that is voluntary. If socialist could agree on this view, leaving an exist-possibility for all people if they don’t want socialism anymore, much could be won.

An example of this could be to cut Sweden in half, one half socialist, the other libertarian. Between the border is open, all people are free to move from one form of government to the other. Let the people choose. I’m not stupid, there are a lot of other problems and this is a very simplified example, but I do believe that in the fight against the banksters, the tricksters, and the elitists there is much to be won for libertarians and socialists to stand as one.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Republicans aren’t evil enough

Firstly, I’m Swedish and consequently not a voter in any American election. From what I’m writing on this blog I’d be surprised if Homeland security and the FBI would even let me visit US. And so I have no real direct stake in any vote.

Secondly I do posses many republican, or rather conservative traits. I support a restrictive abortion policy, not for any religious reasons, I’m an atheist, but for pro-life-reasons. To me human life is sacred; as a result I cannot buy the libertarian view that life only starts to exist at birth. Neither do I accept the liberal loose policy of more or less using abortion as a way of birth-control. I find people using abortion many times over instead of using a condom or taking the pill to be despicable individuals. Its life we are talking about, not some toy you can discard.

I also find myself being “against” gay marriage. What I mean by that isn’t that I’m against homosexuals marrying, I have no problem with that, in fact go ahead, love is a beautiful thing and if you find that in the same gender, you should be happy, and so should everyone else. However, I don’t think any political party should support one way or the other. And I’m very much against any form of legislation that, in effect, hinders and stop religious rights in order to be politically correct. If a religion, a priest or any kind of sect wants to marry or never would marry a gay couple, that’s their business, not the governments. So I rather say no, than say yes on this issue.

I have also other more European style conservative ideas. I do like school uniforms, I support the royal family, I like history and support the notion of keeping cultural inherent ideas alive. I want much harder punishment for criminals and mostly I also stand behind both the police and the armed forces.

Now this sounds pretty much like a conservative person doesn’t it?

I would still never vote for the Republican Party in the US, and I won’t vote for any party that holds those values in Europe either. Why? It’s very simple; there are three reasons for that.

Reason one is that most so called conservatives and conservative parties, don’t stand for any real change in policies. They are a part of the establishment, they are too entwined with the power elite, and they don’t want to change or tackle the real problems. In many cases, like with the former US president George W Chimp, they even make problems worse.

Republicans and most counterparts in other countries are in this sense not an alternative. A half degree less of hell is still hell. And almost worse is that they are not true to their own ideals, or their own history. Any historically conservative figure would have spit the face of any of the contemporary so called conservatives. It is very likely that Thomas Jefferson would have put a gun to the head of George W Chimp and pulled the trigger.

In addition to this any conservative party establishment has tended to choose middle-of-the-road candidates. They want to win election, not do the correct thing. Conservative leaders argue that if they want to win they cannot move too far to the right, thinking about the next election, but ignoring the long term protection of the country and not caring about winning people’s hearts in the long run.

When I was active right-wing politician in Sweden I once asked several of my party members what they rather have, a party that said and stood for an alternative and really argued conservative/libertarian views with 10% support from the public or a party that stood for a more mainstream view that had 25% support. Not a single one chose the first alternative. About that time I decided to leave politics. And just a year later that supposed conservative party choice a leader that I rather would call left then right, a broiler and power broker of the despicable kind. That’s what has happened to many, if not all, of the conservative parties.

Reason number two is that they take the meddling into people’s life way too far. It may be for religious reasons, some political correctness to win more votes or plain idiocy, but many conservatives have an uncanny ability to hinder personal choices comes to the private sphere. In private life I can most of the time even relate more to liberals or communists, then with the conservative view.

A guy I know once said that the worst political party is really a mixture of left and right, wherein left economic policies and the right moral policies come together (pretty much what fascism is). I totally agree with this. Sex, for instance, is an obvious topic wherein lefties often have a more open viewpoint, and consequently are more pro-liberty. As long as conservative want to regulate, control or in any way, for whatever reason, put themselves in charge of what goes on in the bedroom, they can never get my vote. What people do or don’t do is up to them. It’s an individual choice. You may have personal objections, but that’s all they are, your personal objections. Republicans, however, wants to use legislation and their conjured up moral high-ground to force people into their world. The same goes for things like alcohol, church-issues and so on. I would actually rather accept higher taxes and more government (to a certain degree) rather than have the government tell me who to fuck, how much to drink, what to do on a Sunday or anything else of the sort.

The third reason is that there are too many very strange people that have too strange policies. Very often they have deeply religious or intensely resentful views against immigration, even on bigot and racist levels and beyond. Those sorts of people seldom have any real power, but they do affect some policy making and can swing votes now and again.

The other side also exist, people that shouldn’t be members or active within conservative parties because, in reality, they are actually democrats or close to socialists. These are often old ladies that think they are better than the rest and believe that being conservative makes them a part of the beautiful and rich elite, consequently gives them higher status in society. Others are flip-flops with a “social conscience” that want to throw money at one cause or the other. Yet others want to ban sexual education or thinks that the very mention of analsex is the same as blasphemy.

I would argue that this strange mix of people make “conservative” parties the most diverse out there, but this also leads to less purity and as a result less conservatism.

There are other reasons, like the immorality of the voting process, but this outline sums it up.

Republicans and conservative parties are not a solution, people thinking that will only be disappointed. The Obamination will most likely lose the next term to a conservative candidate, but will that change anything? Not really. The republican mainstream will win, they will put forward a candidate sounding different that will change minor things, but in reality and the overall picture will stay the same. Shameful war-crimes will continue, the economy wouldn’t be much better and the status que would remain. Republicans are a party of power, a party for and off the elitists, just as democrats are.

The two-party system in America is a scam. I’m not saying the European systems are much better, but at least there are more parties to choice from over here. The problem with European conservative is that they are even more left, more like democrats than republicans if we keep ourselves to the American paradigm.

In other words, don’t cast away your vote. Don’t vote for the main parties. The establishment wants you to think that voting for minor parties is a wasted vote, it’s not. If you really want to change anything, you need to support those that actually stand for something, a party of alternative. Or you do as I do, ignore the process entirely. Voting implies consent. If you vote, you vote for the system, and you vote for a one-party system –something most countries actually have. The only true alternative when none of the ruling elitists are worthy of your ballot is to change the system by some form of uprising and one of the steps on such a rebellious path is to ignore the useless voting process.

I don’t vote, but if I would and if there existed a libertarian party, that would get my vote. I’m not a hundred percent libertarian, but at least such a party would change things.

I love capitalism, I love freedom, I love privacy and I love making my own choices. Nothing of that exists today in a world filled with fascism and political correctness. I also love porn, vodka and tobacco, all parties and know-it-all-people call those things “evil”, if it is, I also love Evilness. I want an evil party to vote for, republicans aren’t evil enough.

The ultimate failure

The ultimate stamp of ‘loser’ has to be put on a country when McDonald’s is closing. I mean, come on. If I ever happen to get lost in the Sahara’s and stumble out of the desert into a city, whichever city it may be, I’d expect to see those golden arches among the first things.

Iceland, the country that has gone before the rest of us, showing our future, is in such condition that McDonald’s is out. This isn’t an anti-eating cow country, nor is it totalitarian or anything of the sort; the country and its people are broke.

It’s like kicking someone already down and it’s hilarious. It will be even more fun when the same company leaves the country wherein it was born. Oh, I cannot wait for that one.

One exposed cover-up story

A large crater in a field in northern Latvia, claimed to have been caused by a meteorite, now have been exposed as a hoax. Swedish own Telecom Company Tele2 have come out and admitted they staged this scam in order to send out a “positive” thing other than the economic dilemma the country currently is experiencing.

The wide crater wasn’t caused by an impact; instead it was artificially created the day before the government put forward their budget for 2010.

It is hard to read and hear about stuff like this without going “conspiracist”. Was this created as a test to see how people react? Why the perfect coordination with the budget? Why didn’t any media check the story until now? Did someone benefit from this story? And if you check the ownership behind Tele2, more questions can be asked.

The company, however, claim this to be a part of a coming marketing campaign. As a marketer and economists I need to say Bravo to this scheme, brilliant really. It can back-fire though, so the reimbursement of costs for the police etc. cannot be the only “free” stuff coming from Tele2. They need to show they repent, people don’t like to be fooled, well, at least not when they find out they have been fooled.

This is a very interesting event; I hope you think so as well.

The next terrorist attack

As I’ve said before, there is just a matter of time before the next, probably much more lethal terrorist attack, hits a western country and city. London is a very likely target, but with the war efforts in Afghanistan and Pakistan increasing further under the current warmonger at the white house, we cannot really rule out the US. Also, for an even greater effect and an easier target would be to attack one or two of the other fighting nations. An attack in Denmark or against Danish companies would, for instance, show a good point.

I can see four reasons for such a prediction.

Firstly the current relocation of millions of people in Pakistan and the constant dying of children and families at the hands of the US led coalition and the current economic debacle with millions of people starving all over the world tells me that such an attack isn’t far away.

Some believe such an attack would be a staged one, although not very probable, you cannot rule it out. But if so, it need to happen pretty soon because when the retail numbers during x-mas in the US ticks in and the commercial real-estate market start to collapse in the beginning of next year in addition to the stimulus money running out, the real economic meltdown is just around the corner. In effect, the same prediction about an eminent attack also applies if such a scenario unfolds.

Thirdly there has been a lot of talk throughout from Osama Bin Idiot and other buffoons. Threatening and beating their chests. With the exception for car bombings in Bagdad etc. there hasn’t really been anything of the sort. Maybe intelligence has stopped some maniacs that we don’t really know about, but still the constant posturing cannot only be for show. Something also needs to be done, otherwise it’s just rhetoric. Sooner or later even fanatics will grow tired of the lack of proper action. Alas, even here we come to the same conclusion; an attack cannot be far off.

Lastly the growing resentment towards our elected frauds, the emerging racist parties, a constant barrage of anti-Islam propaganda and the financial crisis put together will make people frantic and desperate. People without a job, with no prospect, without any real hope and seeing how banksters and the elitists in the western world are stealing money while people die by the millions in wars and by starvation, cannot be discarded. When people have nothing left to lose and see all this crazy stuff going on, someone(s) will snap. The only prediction so far I can honestly say I’ve been half wrong about is that the number of shootings haven’t picked up as much as I thought. But such events and more direct terrorist acts cannot be far away.

And when such an event takes place, the last remaining civil liberties we have left will be washed away, in essence terrorists will win two victories in one.

If I think like a terrorists coming from outside and trying to attack the US, for example, I would probably avoid the largest cities and the well guarded sites, I want a success. Consequently I would probably target a well populated area in the Midwest, and I would use some form of gas because that’s the easiest thing to work with.

A more supervillain approach, however, would be to blow up or induce a volcanic eruption on La Palma as seen below. I wonder why no Hollywood screen writer have picked up this catastrophe?

White balls

Remember how George W Chimp got a lot of heat from playing golf during some crisis? Well, some genius have figured out that the Obamination have been out on the course more times in 10 months than the moron before him was during 3 years.

So when he isn’t firing phallus shaped rockets at babies, he holds a stick in his hands trying to get some white balls into a hole.

Since the current warmongering president have expended the war efforts, sent more troops and increase the war budget, I cannot help wondering if there is a connection between the white balls and how confrontational the president is.

Just a thought.

Do you want to be an Idiot?

U don't need to be an American to understand this video. Neither do you need to be an American to see the exact same thing going on all around us.

So the question is; how long will you stand it?

Good news

There is no secret that the relations between Venezuela and Columbia aren’t the one of bestest of pals. Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez have been caught supplying both money and weapons to FARC, the leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, that has been blamed for numerous attacks and holds about 750 hostages. And the different anti-trading schemes from the totalitarian regime of Chavez haven’t made things easier. In addition to this we have the possibility of American military bases in Columbia and lots of other fun things going on.

We also know that Chavez wants FARC and ELA, the national Liberation Army, to be removed from the list of terrorist organizations. The dictator also has had meetings with the No. 2 chief of the ELN, Antonio Garcia.

So when a bunch of football players end up murdered by ELA, supposedly killed for not wanting to join their ranks, it cannot really reflect in a good way on the warmongering Chavez. And remember this is the guy that has a very itchy trigger finger. Among other things sending money and thugs to Honduras to help with the rebellion against the lawful government, helping his dictator wannabe buddy Zelaya.

Chavez hadn’t anything to do with these murders; however, the situation in the area cannot be calming down by this event either. Earlier Chavez could point at ELA and FARC, according to him anyway, also conduction raids into Venezuela, claiming this as proof that those terrorists aren’t “his people”.

In either case, there will be people putting some of the blame on the dictator and it will definitely be another piece of the puzzle that sooner or later will end up in a bloody conflict. In other words, this is happy news from a comedy standpoint and we will soon see a very amusing messy war in the region which will lead to higher oil prices and possibly another American intervention.

Interesting times indeed…

Sunday, October 25, 2009

This day sucks

The headline is self explanatory.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The solution no one wants to hear

Some of the media is asking the question of what to do about “extremists” parties with fascist or anti-immigration policies. The solution to this problem, as with basically everything else, is very simple, all we need to do is to eliminate government from the equation.

Our enemies don’t want to hear this, of course. Most of them live off government, by government and for government.

And what they certainly don’t want to hear is that most, if not all, of the problems that as to do with immigration as well as everything else, exists because of government.

6 simple steps to get rid of this “problem”

1) Eliminate all welfare, all of the programs all the social engineering.
2) Eliminate all laws that hinder people from doing whatever they want with their own lives
3) Eliminate all laws of political correctness
4) Eliminate all other laws with the exception of those that are about aggression or threat against each others.
5) Eliminate all form of punishment except for a very few ones in accordance to nr 4, and make those few remaining really hard
6) Eliminate all forms of “wars”; no matter if it’s about the war on drugs, the war on terror or actual wars in other countries. This will come automatic from above

In essence, get the hell out of the way!

If nothing of this is done, just live with it. It’s that simple. Either we really change society and let people be free, or we learn to live with communists, fascists, racists and try to keep the problems low or sweep them under the rug as is done mostly today.

There you have it, the solution.

The contradictory scenario

I’ve earlier complained about Germany’s fictitious GDP increase, however, it is also true that the Germans are in better shape than many others i.e. only screwed, and in particular they still have the production capacity and do produce lots of stuff that many other western nations don’t do anymore.

Now the new German government has issued tax-cuts and a more reasonable economic policy which makes a very interesting future scenario come to mind.

US of A is in huge trouble at the moment. The American economy is so deep in shit a depression of giant proportions is just around the corner. There is no hope of anything else than many years of economic meltdown, and with new totalitarian laws popping up faster than Obama send more troops to his illegal wars, the situation doesn’t look good. Add in the manic printing of dollars, the cult-following of the president and lots of other fun things, and we have in fact a situation that is pretty much the same of that Germany had during the 20s. The countries may have traded places. Not completely the same, of course, but there are enough similarities to imagine a scenario wherein US end up in a civil war and/or goes on more confrontational escapades, and that Europeans, Germans in particular, sooner or later need to come to the rescue alternatively to stop the Obamination or whoever is in charge.

Okay, I do agree that neither of this is very likely, but the picture I just painted is kind of fun to imagine, isn’t it? And it’s not a completely inconceivable future either. Just envision German tanks on US streets saving Americans from an oppressive regime, or, worse, helping the sitting government impose more fascism.

Haha… now that would be entertaining!

But even if that is very unlikely, there is a country that may actually be even deeper pile of manure then the US, namely United Kingdom. And in that case, I would definitely not rule out bunches of EU-troops helping out quenching rebellions or “protect” any (un)lawful government.

Interesting times indeed…

Ahhh, that poor little convict…

An inmate in a Swedish prison in the town of Gävle, have filled for reimbursement for personal damages. He got SEK 18300, it’s about £1600.

What he did? Oh, the humanity! He hurt his little finger, the pinkie, or ‘pinky’ if you’re American.

This crying 46y old didn’t hurt himself during a riot or in a macho fight with some other inmate. Nor did he get bashed by the guards for smuggling in drugs. Nope, he played ping pong. Apparently he hit the table edge during a game.

I know what you must be thinking – but this isn’t a high security place, so they are allowed to play games, watch TV, surf the net and so on. Pretty much like a resort, only locked doors that someone keeps an eye on. Well, the same goes for the high-security places in Sweden as well, but anyway, that’s not really my worry here, I’m feeling a bit concerned for this criminal’s future.

What will the other inmates think? Does this really rank high in coolness factor? I mean, it’s hardly the sort of thing you use to get a tattoo like “I killed a cop” or “I love mum”. And it’s hard to see how this as something that can get you promoted or voted into some gang.

The macho and really cool thing to do would to have continued to play the game, won it, then cut of the pinky because it was in the way, and then mail to some former victim, just for the fun of it. Now that is something to respect, crazy and stupid, but never the less some points could be handed out for it.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mastering the Internet

I’ve covered this before, but I was thinking about two things while reading this. If these sorts of things go on pretty much in every country, all the surveillance is shared among nations to help each other out catching “bad guys” - that’s one of the main arguments for this Orwellian nightmare - and if internet isn’t really located within a certain country, there are two main questions:

Firstly, how can any agency or government claim to NOT be monitoring their own citizens? Why do they lie about this? Any email, any chat, any online activity isn’t confined to one computer or one area of the world, it travels all over the place. And so any control-grid automatically becomes global and it’s impossible not to be targeting their own populace.

Secondly, if these kinds of cooperation exist, what stops one country to spy on another country’s people, and then share it with the in-house agency that is stopped by law from doing it themselves?

In Sweden the new very creepy laws have only one flaw comes to the controllers, they are not allowed to spy on Swedish citizens, at least not without a court order. But if they get their British counterpart to do that for them, is a court order then really necessary?

Oooops, did CIA and Mossad find some information about some Swedish citizens and then send it to us? We didn’t do anything, we followed the law, it was them, but we needed to act on this information. Right? So a couple of Muslims got sent to Egypt for interrogation? So what? Dumdidumd, tralalala…

This way they can circumvent the law, and also they have their own hands clean. If British intelligence assassinates some people that happened to get picked up by the Swedish monitors, it wasn’t the Swedes fault, they just relayed the information.

Is this how it works or is supposed to work?

And even if there are some international agreements or laws that may prevent this between western countries, how about out-sourcing such surveillance to a country that isn’t compliant with such rules and then buy, steal or exchange that information?

If Bloggers, certain dissidents or supposed terrorists starts to disappear, I would probably look at this little scheme for confirmation…

Very scary shit…

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Mastering the Internet" is reportedly a massive UK government mass surveillance project led by the British communications intelligence agency GCHQ, with a budget of over £1 billion. According to reports in The Register and the Sunday Times, as of early May 2009, contracts with a total value of £200m had already been awarded to suppliers.[1] [2]

Responding to these reports, GCHQ issued a press release countering these claims of mass surveillance, stating that "GCHQ is not developing technology to enable the monitoring of all internet use and phone calls in Britain, or to target everyone in the UK

Sweden sending more troops

Apparently the sweet loveable country I grew up in, that has a large portion of believers of the deity called Allah within, is sending more soldiers to Afghanistan to help a corrupt regime kill some Muslims. Oh, and yes, to help the current ruling Afghan establishment killing their own citizens as well.

And the Opium and Heroin-trade coming from Afghanistan has never flourished like this before.

Each year people are sent back to their countries, courtesy of western governments, because of shadowy reasoning, some of those home-comings end up in killings or they get locked up at arrival. Other Muslims are just thrown into welfare programs and lives in run-down suburbs without jobs, they are poor you know, also illiterate, we need to feel sorry for them, support them, so keep them ‘out there’ without jobs on welfare and throw platitudes at them.

Some western countries like to lock up some of those colored people for no reason, torturing them, taking their money, all without even the hint of any basic human rights. We have the war on terror, we have film makers and entertainment industries that demonize Muslims, and we have two very questionable wars being waged in Muslim countries knocking of families and hardened criminals like newborn babies.

At the same time our elected officials blame a growing party of being anti-Islam?

To some extent Muslims should be voting for racist or fascist parties, all they say they want to do is throw them out, get rid of them. I’ve not seen any “evil” parties argue for war, torture or help other elected frauds to keep Muslims trading in drugs. Have you?

I wonder if terrorism and suicide bombers would exists to such extent and growing in numbers if the idiots of “evil” parties ruled, as opposed to the idiots of the current ruling elite?

The whole thing smells, and I’m not only talking about the brown shirts.

My name is Cornholio

Bunches of bungholes disguised as elected frauds in Denmark, are waging a war against its own citizens. Just like the Mexican and Brazilian (and everyone else) counterparts they were not satisfied with telling people what to eat, drink or snort, nohoho… they also need to induce the, in comparison with themselves, less criminal elements of bikers and such to wage internal struggles over power and drugs.

And, of course, the government’s response is more police on the streets, harsher penalties, more tax money thrown everywhere and war-like rhetoric in order to move the focus from themselves towards the more peaceful gangsters of Hells Angels and other similar gangs.

This is very simple folks, it has been tried thousands of times by virtually every government throughout history, and it has always, without exception, failed. Do you know what Einstein called the very essence of insanity? He said that insanity is: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

The Americans tried to outlaw drinking, it gave birth to the Mafia and, of course, people drank like they never did before or since. Even the communists in the Soviet Union tried it under the rule of that funny man Stalin, they failed miserably. If a totalitarian regime with close to total control of the populace with the threat of getting shot or moved to Gulag couldn’t stop people from taking drugs, why the hell does anyone think it ever can be done?

It can’t.

They will always fail because of two very simple facts.

Fact 1:
People want to take drugs. It can be alcohol, cocaine or smelling a pair of old socks, but people will do it. Always have, and always will. No matter the religion, no matter the regime or the penalty. And if some drug becomes hard to get to, for whatever reason, they just move on to the next.

Fact 2:

The more ruthless the punishment, the higher the risk becomes - and so the higher the profits and gains grow to be. And if the police get one or two thugs of the street, it only means that the profits grow for the ones left hence an open invitation for new competitors that will try to get some of that money. Close down one drug-factory and two others emerge. If the government successfully shut down one gang, there will be another one, or two.

Do you know why they still try it and why the propaganda machine with the spin-doctors still sells us this con? Because of control and power. The government gets a purpose, to fight crime. They get an incentive to take taxes to pay for this scheme. And you, the people, are scared, and where do you turn? To the very people that created the mess in the first place, the biggest criminals, the elected frauds of your government.

Every day people die, not only in government created drug-wars, but by bad information and bad drugs. On an open market were you can decide over your own body, and not have the government making that decision, drugs would be sold at any supermarket, effectively cutting the head of all the gangs and mafia without shooting a single shot. And in a blink of an eye, better information and market controlled substances with less level of danger would be available.

Fall of the Republic HQ full length version

The whole movie without parts, in HD if you follow the link.

As said before, it has some parts that may not be to the linking to all of you, but you should watch it. Most of the stuff mentioned, especially the parts about the economy, is facts, nothing but facts. And you cannot get that information from the mainstream media. I wonder why…

Supplementary morons

Apparently some Swedish artists are going to perform tomorrow at some event in order to promote climate awareness.

One of the bands is ‘Those dancing days’. I used to like those girls, well I sort of suspected they had some crazy political affiliations, but many of the best bands of the world do have leftie opinions, so most of the time you need to ignore such insanity. But first their latest record, that was crap, and now some song about the climate? I don’t care if the lead singing girl is hot like hell, I actually care more about intellect than looks.

Hot and sexy crazy babe

Again, this cannot be said enough times. There is no evidence of manmade global warming. Not a single one. Nada! Zip! Zilch! Nothing!

Take a look at any report those enemies of the people spit out, read their statements, and check their arguments. It’s all bogus and don’t contain a single shred of evidence. Not even a single one.

All they do is they show you a falling ice-sheet, they put up a picture of some cute cuddly Bear, and then they throw up a graph with some bend, and aspect you to be terrified. After that they show a movie with smoke coming out of chimneys and some cars going by, all accompanied by some spooky voice stating how terrible it is to own house pets because they cause de-forestation


No, it’s not only a scam, it’s the biggest trickery, the biggest lie, the most outrageous madness ever pulled out of a hat in the history of the human race.

All the science, all the evidence, all the real scientists says it’s a scam. Why does anyone listen to the übermenchen that only wants to control your life and tax you to death?

People are such idiots, and this is the ultimate test. If you believe in what the alarmists are saying, if you buy the total lunacy of manmade global warming, that’s the sign of alarmingly low synapse activity. Are you sure you’re able to breathe?

One more won over

An economist I know kind of agreed with me in regards to UK and the US, that those countries are not only broke, they are about to fall down into a super depression. However, he also argued that China was great and that most of Europe could withstand such events even if it meant a couple of years of adjustment.

Adjustment? Really? And what sort of adjustments do you think there will be?

Over 70% of the US economy is based on shopping. When people don’t have jobs, all the phony market manipulations fall down and the depressional Tsunami have really hit the shoreline, there is no shopping anymore. People will be broke; they will go back to homegrown or roam through garbage. And much of that shopping is of foreign products which mean that it will have serious impact all over, not to mention Sweden that is very trade-dependent and have US as one of the main markets. UK is also a big market for Swedish companies, and as a very important part of the European community, it too will have serious effects.

But worse still are the complete destruction of the USD and the fall of equity markets. Equities are not only, to a large degree, valued in dollars, they are also much entwined all over the world. If one stock market crashes, others will follow.

So even IF some European countries will not be directly affected as hard as the mentioned countries, the impact will be severe enough to force those in charge to take appropriate measures.

And what do you think they will do? Will they cut or raise taxes? Will they de-regulate or over-regulate? Will they cut spending or will there be more stimuli? The repercussions are self-evident. There will be more and bigger government, more and bigger stimuli, more bail-outs, higher unemployment and more propping up of markets. In other words, creating more problems and leaving the people that have no clue what they are doing in charge. So crash after crash after crash will hit.

And this with totalitarian parties on the raise all over. It’s back to the 30s again, this time with nuclear weapons in the mix.

Once the crashes cometh, there is no recovery, not for anyone.

Just think about those tens of millions of people already today on the brink of starvation. There will be so many dying that we are going to see cemeteries with millions of crosses.

And China? Please. When everything crashes, so will their exports and their fictively low yuan will be a huge problem. And they too have been doing the same idiotic things. Not to mention the huge wealth differences and the diversity in that country. I’ll be very surprised if China doesn’t have a civil war on their hands in the near future.

This guy I talked to is pretty mainstream, but even he has figured out how bad it looks in some countries, I hope I persuaded him about the general picture. He’s a pretty smart one, just too indoctrinated and too much into the general opinion to see it all.

When will the rest of you apes get it?

The showcases most go on

While the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation does it very best to give BNP higher approval ratings and more followers, the Great Leader of Britain, the one-eyed Scottish madman, have another disastrous GDP-number to tackle . Unlike many European counterparts that actually manage to fiddle the numbers enough to show positive “growth”, Neulabour cannot even manage that. The current UK administration is the worst government in modern time, and most likely one of the worst in recorded history. You cannot mess things up more even if you try.

Just like the rest of the enemies of the people Gorgon Brownie and Co are living in a world that is so, so far away from our own dimension of reality, you can expect them to be beamed away at any second. But unlike their counterparts in other countries, they cannot even handle the simplest task of manipulating some numbers. Well, there is also the fact that UK is in such mess that even magic tricks wouldn’t work, but still, hats off to NeuLabour, good show mates.

Looking around at discussions handling the news that GDP fell 0.4 percent from the previous three months, some argue that France, Germany and Japan have left the recession since they have positive GDP-numbers, this is, of course, not true. GDP can be manipulated easier than you can make lemonade; all any government need to do is to slash imports or increase spending and volá, positive numbers. This is the scheme being perpetrated by our elected criminals and the central banksters.

You see, it’s all about GDP, and not actual wealth-creation or us producing things, no, it’s a fictitious swindle that everyone from cornflake economists to that person looking back in the mirror believes in. It’s an enchantment of the mind being packaged, sold and maintained by clueless journalists and mainstream pundits.

Meanwhile, in the real world, economies are being held up by the printing machines endless ruckus, by the schemers borrowing from each other and from constant market manipulations. Most stock-markets, the US in particular, are so overvalued thanks to the hoax, that when they crumble and falls, and they will, it will dwarf the “Great Depression”. You will look fondly back at the 30s and argue that was the good old times. And the real numbers are there, you don’t need a degree in finance to find them or understand them, all you need is the mathematical understanding of a 12y old and the will to actually seek out the facts.

The biggest heist in the history of mankind has just taken place in front of your eyes, and the illicit tricksters and con-artists that performed this crime are the ones claiming to be our saviors. The very people that brought us this crisis, the ones that didn’t see it coming, they now claim to have saved the day by this magic number of presto-o-change-o GDP. It’s like something out of a fable; there is not a single science fiction writer or cartoon storyline that come close to this absolute insanity that goes on right now.

And people all over the world either don’t care or turn to other madmen with basically the same agenda just trickled over a wee bit with some anti-immigration policies or some slick socialist rhetoric. Why does anyone question why I regard all of you as complete idiots?

If you really knew what goes on, and you should, as said it doesn’t take more than an hour of your life with a calculator checking the numbers, you would be out on the street with pitchforks and torches. The moment you realize how screwed you’ve been, and that they continue to fuck you over with rusty appliances, that moment you’ll go berserk.

Or will you?

You are a lazy bum and an indoctrinated buffoon, maybe it’s too hard to lift that fat ass, put down the beer and pay attention? And even if you did, it then takes another much bigger effort to actually do something about it. Nah, you won’t do that, and since there are no heroes left in the world, we are going to get it, get it real good, and let’s face it, we deserve it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What does it take?

I don’t really care about whether or not those newly found dead in Sweden are dead by the vaccine or not. It may be a statistical anomaly, they were already sick, or they had some underlying problem that made the vaccine deadly, like being allergic to eggs - which is one of many reasons to avoid the flu shot.

What I wonder is why you idiots are so bloody stupid to take the vaccine for a flu that by any measurement, by any standard, is harmless. In comparison with any seasonal flu it’s a push over, it’s nothing. The death rate is so low you stand a much bigger chance of getting run over by a car than die from the Swine thing. For God’s sake, how stupid are you people!?

Can they sell you anything? Apparently so.

If we took a shot for every disease of this magnitude we would be riddled with holes all through life.

And even if things pick up, if the Hog thingy get more dangerous, if millions get infected, if everyone around you is carrying this flu, it still can’t hold a candle to AIDS, TBC, malaria, cancer or any other number of diseases. And not only sickness. Every time you step out in traffic, drink alcohol or smoke tobacco or, heaven forbid, are at home, you stand a much larger risk of getting hurt or killed.

Didn’t you know that the most dangerous thing in our lives is our own homes? It is. Nothing else even comes close, well, with the exception for government and old age.

Some argue that it’s about solidarity. Take the shot and make the world safer for you fellow man. Ever considered why they never used that argument before regarding other flues that was much more deadly? Why aren’t they urging you to stop having sex, stop getting old or stop living at home? And why won’t they say you should protect yourself from the most deadly thing that ever hit mankind; government?
And what happens with your body if you always take the pill, always take the shot or the cure for whatever reason. Is that a good thing? Do you really think so?

And whom do you think benefits from this scaremonger? Can it be, oh, I don’t know… the manufacturers..?

I’m not saying all vaccines are wrong or that you never should take this one, all I’m asking is for is for all you messed up wankers out there to think for yourselves for once.

Let’s make this very easy, if you are in the risky group or work with high risk people, consider taking the vaccine, otherwise ignore, refuse and never, ever, let them near you with any needle. And if it comes back, mutated, and much deadlier, I may consider taking it. But now? why?

I’ve said this many times before, and I say it again. If any of you people, no matter who you are, get close to me or mine with this vaccine or any other drug or “cure” and wants to force me or us to take it, prepare to die. I will never lay down and take this, it’s beyond my limit. I’m not joking.

And don’t think for a second they won’t force you. In several US state and the UK it’s already a fact or getting very close to forced inoculation. And during the international swine flu conference in the US earlier this year, which media still hasn’t reported about, the main topics was how to force people to take it, how to best impose road blocks or take your kids away from you. This is a fact, and not a theory. Read more here.

Whatever you may think about me, this flu, the shot or anything else regarding this, consider the fact that this is, in comparison, a harmless thing and why the hell would you risk, even if the risk is minuscule, to take the shot? Why? What’s the point?

Somewhere between 400 000 and 750 000 people die each normal year from flu. How many have the Piggy one killed during more than half a year? It’s less than 5000 people! It shouldn’t even be on the radar! It’s nothing! Even if the number of dead was ten or twenty times that amount, it still wouldn’t pose a danger close to the normal flu.

Out of about 400 000 confirmed infected - less than 5000 have died. That is 0.0125% in death rate, in general. If you live in a developed country it’s down below 0.007% chance of dying, which is the number if you get infected. And if you count the people that probably have had it and is not confirmed, the statistic goes way down. If you feel that lucky about dying you should go and play the lottery.

Fuck and doubly fuckidy fuck fuck. You moronic idiots. Just stay away from me and inject yourself with whatever you please - you stupid cows.

The clueless autocracy

What happen during the 20s have been discussed many times, and some have, just as I’m about to do, compared that situation of today’s. However, mostly they fail short or miss the obvious conclusions, mainly for focusing on the wrong thing or the minor issues. Sure there are differences, the economic debacle we are building today is worse and the trouble isn’t some of the developed nations, it’s pretty much all of them, and then some. Economies are more built into each other’s today, and back then we didn’t have things like credit-cards. Another difference is that openly or potentially totalitarian ideologies need to tread a bit more carefully. But otherwise..?

It’s hilarious how history is repeating itself:
Voters disenchanted with main parties
Unemployment rising
Cost of living raising
more and more protests
printing money
Increased government spending
Propped up markets
Protectionism on the rise
Economists clueless
Journalists lying
Growing antagonism against “foreigners”
the government not listening to the public and forcing through unpopular policies

And in several countries purerly aggressive and anti-democratic movements are growing. This time the main foothold is in countries like Hungary, Russia and Moldavia. But just as back then we are seeing racists and national movements, of all sorts, popping up in pretty much every country. In UK they are named BNP, In Sweden National Democrats (ND) or Swedish Democrats (SD) – these people have been allowed to gain traction because the main political parties have stuck their heads in the sands and refused to take them on dismissing them as of no consequence; right wing nutters; racists etc.

In the 1920’s and 1930’s the politicians in the Weimar Republic made the same mistake; first dismissing the Nazis as lunatics and then that they would become “respectable” once they started to gain power. It wasn’t until things got desperate for the general public that they were taken seriously. Wrong on all counts. And a dereliction which cost millions of lives and a World War to put things right.

You can never ever underestimate how ignorant and unsophisticated large sections of the general public actually are. That is why the BNP, SD, communists and so on will always find votes if they try hard enough, or, in most cases today, without even trying.

Its failed policies throughout. The establishment doesn’t address the issues, and if they do, they do it in the same way as the racists do, presumably to steal those voters and eliminate the competition for power. They start with ignoring those parties and give them martyrdom, they cut them out and discard them, and when they have reached seats of power or are near to do so, all that happens is that they are called racists and evil. Nearly never getting to debate their policies, which are mostly stupid or stolen from other parties.

And in reality, with the exception for some of the views on immigration (but only some) what is really the difference between those “racist” and “evil” parties and the already established ones? And how evil are they really? Are they evil in a smoking-way? Evil as in denying manmade global warming? Driving too fast? Drinking too much? Eating too many burgers? All of which have been deemed “evil” by the elitists. By any politically correct view or by most of those sitting on power, I’m one of the most evil people around, and so are you, whoever you may be.

If everyone is evil, by the righteous opinion, and if issues regarding immigration are never addressed, and if every solution to any problem is more government or more welfare, why should we take them serious and take their word for that a certain party, that is mainly as the rest of them, for being something horrific?

We are heading for a surveillance society of 1984-levels, we are about to embark on the biggest economic disaster that ever struck humanity, and we have growing resentments already before all that comes to be. Where do you think this will end up?

My advice; buy vodka, you are going to need it...

A view at ‘fall of the republic’

Been waiting for this coming out for a while. Even if I do not always agree or go so far in my thinking, there are always good things coming from Alex Jones and Co with some very good insights. And this is no exception, in fact better than most. And if you only have time to watch one part, put on 5th part.

My opinion is that this is a very good production with lots of great journalism. Although Mr. Jones sometimes takes it too far for my European taste, and it that may not appeal to all of you, you should watch this documentary. There are lots of facts that mainstream media don’t cover, and there are many truths that you should take to heart and listen to.

Here is the first part. The rest can be found on YouTube or can be ordered as DVD here to support the operation:

Fall Of The Republic documents how an offshore corporate cartel is bankrupting the US economy by design. Leaders are now declaring that world government has arrived and that the dollar will be replaced by a new global currency.

President Obama has brazenly violated Article 1 Section 9 of the US Constitution by seating himself at the head of United Nations' Security Council, thus becoming the first US president to chair the world body.

A scientific dictatorship is in its final stages of completion, and laws protecting basic human rights are being abolished worldwide; an iron curtain of high-tech tyranny is now descending over the planet.

A worldwide regime controlled by an unelected corporate elite is implementing a planetary carbon tax system that will dominate all human activity and establish a system of neo-feudal slavery.

The image makers have carefully packaged Obama as the world's savior; he is the Trojan Horse manufactured to pacify the people just long enough for the globalists to complete their master plan.

This film reveals the architecture of the New World Order and what the power elite have in store for humanity. More importantly it communicates how We The People can retake control of our government, turn the criminal tide and bring the tyrants to justice.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Financial crisis – the benign interpretation

In this post I will partly play the devil’s advocate, to some extent arguing the case of the cornflake mainstream economist. Partly I will conclude the most benign interpretation of the financial debacle. This little exercise is meant to line out the most positive outlook for the coming years.

Re-capitalisation success
The stock market capitalisation of banks has recovered, to an enormous extent. The Keynesian experiment has in this aspect, at least temporarily, and only looking at capitalisation, been a success. When central bank money is almost free, sometimes financial institutes actually get paid to take money, prices of risky assets do recover and competitors disappeared or are weakened, making money is a relatively simple matter for the strong survivors.

What the bail-outs and cheep money has done is three-fold. It made the “to big to fail” into shopping machines i.e. they could go out buying assets, equities, companies and other financial institutes in a way that otherwise wouldn’t been possible. This is the main basic reason for the stock market recovery. It also lowered the risk somewhat comes to banks basic capital, more capital means they stay in business. And thirdly it has accumulated the financial sector into fewer hands because some banks were saved, some were not. Some banks were so far gone they couldn’t be saved or in such bad shape other banks could buy them up. All in all the competitive edge in this particular area have diminished.

But now, with the recession eased off, we are faced with a couple of problems. Most of the stimulus to financial institutes hasn’t really been put to use, the banks have horded some of the money and some banks have paid back to the state. This means that the recapitalisation of normal markets, getting people to borrow and shop again, have been a semi-failure. This have happened, but not really to the extent intended in the eyes of those in charge. This pose a problem, not only have purchases not been going up as much as the schemers projected, policymakers and central banks have also flooded countries with lots of money which have a built-in danger of future inflation and possible devaluing of currencies. With things fairly stable, the people who brought us this situation now need to, among other things, think about when and how much they are going to raise interest rates in order to keep inflation down and not get an run at the currency. The problem is how to do this without pulling the rug from under the financial market and get another dip in the economy. But not to do this or if they wait too long or don’t raise rates enough pretty soon, we’re possibly facing even worse problems ahead. And so big decisions are to be made by our benefactors, and pretty soon.

What they can hope for is that growth and jobs recover enough to pull us up far enough so when they do drag that rug out from under us, it has little effect. In the real world this is impossible; the math tells us that there is no actual recovery in sight so to withdraw the stimuli and heighten interest rates will have very negative effects. But if we make the benign interpretation and say that we soon can return to a more normal state in the economy, we are still faced with the question: have we really changed anything?

Another, more politically adverse effect, is that bonuses are back and that the shopping spree by large financial institutes has had a demoralising effect on the populace. Few are the politicians and policymakers that what to declare that, thanks to their efforts, the surviving bankers will be buying palaces, while humbler folk worry about their jobs and homes, and face decades of fiscal austerity. Watching financiers – beneficiaries of the most generous public rescue in history – returning to their old ways is the cause not so much of envy as sullen resentment. Why, many wonder, should the rigours of the market apply most brutally to those innocent of causing the catastrophe? And why would normal people, in effect, pay for bonuses and the lavish lifestyle of the rich?

The implications of this cannot be taken lightly, which is why we hear from the elite that they are going to impose regulations, raise taxes or even withdraw money back to the state. At least they need to show constituencies that they actually do something about this poor-paying-for-rich-peoples-mistake, what they do aren’t that important.

And then we have deficits and growing number of percentage measured in GDP that is debt. Some countries have grown towards a total debt accumulation - private, company plus state - of 350% or even more. The US and Sweden stand around 150% of GDP in total debt, which in comparison with many others isn’t that bad. However, the US in particular, has debt obligations that will triple that amount over the next decade or so. The ever souring debt that has grown during this crisis need to come to a halt. Even Keynesians know this. They felt it necessary to add to this pile of liability due to the financial instability and, according to them, they succeeded, the numbers are turning around. But, as said, this debt needs to be repaid, and it means that a growing amount of public spending goes to interest rates and repayment, and so there is less money over to help the needy or to found another stimulus if required.

What it all comes down to, no matter how you look at it, is that things need to start rolling again. We need to produce more, increase productivity and get people back to work. But the problems are overwhelming.

How can we keep credit for investments and shopping available when those actually, at least to a certain degree, need to be withdraw from the market? If they regulate or hinder the financial market too much, they will create more problems, if they don’t they risk their jobs or even violent protests. And how will they re-introduce a flexible and more diverse banking sector when there are fewer and more powerful financial institutes today? And how can they get people back to work when they cannot borrow or print more money to pay for government expenditures in that regard? Can they let the debt-GDP ratio continue to increase and what can they do about inflation versus deflation? The questions and the hardship for the mainstream policymaker are very tough at the moment, and seldom have cornflake economists been so busy coming up with solutions.

Let’s say they come up with some reasonable solutions, let’s also argue that people, to some extent, get back to work, and let’s assume that the market rally isn’t a dangerous fluke and that nothing out of the ordinary happens that can spoil the recovery. In such a situation, again, we are faced with the same question, have we really changed anything? The very essence of this crisis – is it gone or will more trouble come up ahead?

Can you see the status que? This is the best possible scenario; that nothing really changes, more questions arise and there are lots of possibilities for wrong decision-making.

If this is our future situation, what will happen if another crisis emerges? Or, even worse still, such a crisis pops up before a full recovery is here? What then?

I’ve offered an alternative solution before, but that is not really the popular one. So what other “solutions” have lawmakers and leaders, historically speaking, turned to when all else fails?

Well, basically there are two ways to go, often enough we have seen a combination of the two. Firstly they can move towards much more of the same. More socialisation, more regulations, more restrictions, more protectionism, and more debt and more use of the printing machine. In effect more stimuli, more bail-outs and more Keynesianism, but, as said, the questions regarding such endeavour, even if successful again, still remain.

Secondly, and the all time favourite of clueless under fire policymakers, is war.

And yes, this is the benign interpretation...