Monday, October 26, 2009

The ultimate failure

The ultimate stamp of ‘loser’ has to be put on a country when McDonald’s is closing. I mean, come on. If I ever happen to get lost in the Sahara’s and stumble out of the desert into a city, whichever city it may be, I’d expect to see those golden arches among the first things.

Iceland, the country that has gone before the rest of us, showing our future, is in such condition that McDonald’s is out. This isn’t an anti-eating cow country, nor is it totalitarian or anything of the sort; the country and its people are broke.

It’s like kicking someone already down and it’s hilarious. It will be even more fun when the same company leaves the country wherein it was born. Oh, I cannot wait for that one.


  1. Det är "Iceland" på engelska :P

    Hur som helst, bra blogg (PS: Jag har ett övrigt tips om donken: . Hoppas det inte går så dåligt för Island att de hamnar i krig nu).

  2. trött i natt, tack för påpekandet och länken.