Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Iron fist without lubrication

                                        Oh my... is it just me, or is it getting hot in here..?

There are a few roads that, when taken, need extra lub in order to be less painful and more enjoyable.  For example it’s hard going down a waterslide without water, and its slightly agonizing consuming antidepressants in mass without fluids.

In the same manor it’s not easy accepting new regulations, new taxes and the erosion of liberties without getting a few soothing reassurances. We need to be eased into it, talked to, convinced that it’s the right action and if we have doubts we can just try it once, and if we don´t like it we can stop. It needs a gentle touch, loveable movements and a step-by-step insertion. Over time we may be able to accept larger intrusions, but only if we get used to the slight discomfort of the initial penetration.

If we´re asked to take it all, in both length and width, without the social lubrication needed to relax our muscles, we will say no and if someone persists and still try to force it down our cavities we may get angry and slightly pissed.  

Although there are a few exceptions of people able and willing to take it all at once, normal folk need the step-by-step approach because without it they will put up a hell of a fight. 

A true master of pain knows this.

Applying painful, intrusive and degrading policies to the populace in a swift movement has been tried many times, but always failed. So our masters learned and adopted their policies. Instead of conjuring up direct tax-hikes in larger percentage and fully visible to the burdened, they instead started to sneak in fees, indirect taxation and inflation. Instead of imposing mass regulations in one go, they started to do so incrementally. Instead of openly enact mass-surveillance directed at all; they now do so step-by-step and always arguing monitoring is only aimed at horrible foes. Instead of amassing troops, move them towards a boarder and declare war in the name of God, glory and riches (as in ye old) which not seem to work anymore, they instead shower us with propaganda, over time, until we´re ready to accept war.

A gradual slow move constantly surrounded by pundits, media and politicians arguing that taking each minute step is in the best interest for all and that each action will help the poor, the elderly and save the chiiiiiilldreeeeen, will be accepted by most. Anyone arguing that somewhere down the line we´ll need to take it all in one big swooping movement thrashing both our intestines and our liberties will be regarded as a conspiracy nut.

Our leaders only want the best for us, how dare anyone question this? The Children!! Think of our kids for God´s sake!

The truly masterful consequence of this is however not how our beloved leaders can increase their strength and step-by-step take away all our rights – no -  the real genius of this plot is that once the pain sets in we don´t really know who to blame.  A myriad of authorities, pundits everywhere, bought and paid for media, and a system so bizarre it’s almost impossible to see who is responsible for decisions - let alone understand what to do about it. 

Older regimes, however despicable and atrocious, were more honest. The people knew who to blame. Although our ancestors took the iron fist in one go, it was sort of understood by all involved that if it failed and if the pain got too great, even the mightiest and most powerful of rulers would be deposed. 

You should understand this the coming years when that rusty pipe or thick fist gets in deeper and deeper and all that lube previously given disappears. There is no money left to buy lube, only the iron fist remains. There is no wealth left; the banksters have stolen it all.

But what is really interesting is that you let this happen, you accepted it, you voted for it, so when the discomfort and pain is rushing through your synapses creating unbearable agony you need to remember; that is what you asked for.

Of course the remedy to both the swift, and more honest, iron fist of the monarch and, at the same time, the cure to the slow incrementally infiltration of our abdominal cavity, is to let people be free and have absolute rights no-one can take away from them. We should all have the right to refuse deep painful intrusions regardless of from whom or how many there are behind it.

You haft to decide whether or not an individual has the right to refuse rape or not, regardless if the rape is performed by a single attacker or by the majority.

As long as you either put one man or the majority above the rest, the continuation of the painful iron fist is assured.  The Greatest Depression is here - the outcome and how bad the fallout will be is decided by you.