Monday, August 15, 2011

What will happen soon – gunned down politicians

A sight to get used to...

Yes, the headline says it all and No this isn´t in support of a crazed Norwegian. Actually this is only a statement of two facts. Mainly a concern for the U.S. but I see no reason why the same cannot happen anywhere. Look at China for example, they have riots as bad as London almost every week and as the world goes kaboom, will it get better or worse?

Fact 1:
Soon, much sooner than you think, someone laying on a grassy knoll will catch one or two famous politicians in crosshairs. This can manifest itself in many ways, maybe literarily, but possibly through bombs, a regular mob storming the capital building, or any other similar event. This will occur soon because people are starting to feel the end closing in.

It can of course also be the means to an end for certain shadowy group, but there will be too many shootings, too many acts of “terrorism” to separate one event from the other.

We´re months away from history´s worst financial catastrophe and we have a billion people within the western sphere grown up on and dependent upon benefits and social welfare. Do you really think such a pile of idiots will not riot when it all goes bye-bye? Especially since fat cats and rich banksters are in cohort with soul-sucking politicians and keep robbing us?

What we´ve seen from London is NOTHING. This is going to get much, much worse.

Also you haft to remember that this time it won´t be a delusional sociopath from Norway doing the slaughtering. No, this will be normal people who´ve just had enough. Of course they will be labelled with the same epithets as any murderer, and probably be linked to racist groups, communism, left-wing anarchists or be said to be bible thumping Tea Party members.

Don´t buy it.

There´s never a real excuse for killing and destroying, but the world is about to turned upside down and when people have nothing left to lose they will lose it. It is very understandable - maybe not excusable, but highly understandable.

Fact 2:
Politicians, the elitist sphere and all the ones deemed better will pull out all and everything to stop it. To nip it in the butt before it gets too far. And I do mean everything! They will bring military out, they will impose new laws, curfews, marshal law, and their spin-doctors will tell you such stories that you´ll think the devil and his murderess gang of demons have arrived to fight the glorious happy shiny perfect elitist sphere.

“ Politicians = democracy “ hence all attacks on politicians are an attack on all of us. This is what they want you think. Of course this is nonsense and highly idiotic, but this is what they claim and will assert more and more as they keep dying.

And in the name of “democracy” they will throw people by the thousands in jail or into specially arranged camps. Not death camps, not at the start, later though... They will impose laws to “protect us” – laws that will be purely fascist. They will start to shot at you. They will break into more homes, confiscate more private property and they will throw up road-blocks everywhere, and internet will be hindered and monitored much more than it already is.


I don´t want any of this to happen and am not trying to scare you or encourage anything of the sort, this is just stating the facts.

Just look at UK and the riots there. Only a few youngsters created by a progressive fucked-up society, but the Cameroid and his minions are immediately out in force to ban internet, order in the military, they want to evict families and create new laws so the generation of looters they have created can be thrown in jail. And remember this is before the real crisis have hit, before the Greatest Depression really has arrived.

When will this start to happen? All I can say is soon. Right now I would have to say that around x-mas seem to be a very likely time for the first real riots and attacks to occur. Certainly within a year, two years from now I suspect there will be outright rebellions and stringed up suits dangling from lampposts.

Time to pull your head out of the sand and face reality. Sooner or later you´ll be forced to whether you want to or not.

Nothing can stop the Greatest Depression now and nothing can stop the fact that upheaval, bloodbath and possibly civil war(s) will follow. This will happen, no matter what we do. Our Great Leaders have seen to that, with the full backing and votes YOU gave them.

We can however emerge from this better off, we can create a fair and free society and we can get rid of all of the stupidities that lead us to this point.

I know this will never happen because it’s much easier to listen a socialist promising all will be great if we only tax the rich. It is much easier listening to a smug salesperson stating that the Jews, the Muslims or the Market is at fault and all you need to do is give him absolute power and he´ll fix it. I understand that you feel it easier to follow and float with the stream of conformity.

But what you need to understand is that IF you do, another holocaust, another world war and possibly nuclear Armageddon may be the consequence.

Either we - for once! for the first time in history! - learn something, or we dig ourselves even deeper into the fiery pit of the progressiveness eternal torment we have created for ourselves. Either we all acknowledge reality and that 1+1=2 or we can soon, in the worst case scenario, be rendered extinct.

Your choice.

Ron Paul; the world needs you

I don´t think the only well-known politician with balls and integrity can do it himself, of course not. But the world need the republic of U.S. of A. to bounce back in so many ways. Not only economically, but also morally and as something to strive for and look up to.

There´s no doubt that U.S. is the richest, most powerful country ever existed on this planet. But the land of the free and the home of the brave have step by step been turned into the land of the serfs and the home of the foreclosed. The country I dreamt of moving to when I was young exist no more, probably didn´t even exist back then.

First of all, I actually love the country on the other side of the pond. Sometimes I can come off as another U.S. bashing leftie thug since I keep complaining about what goes on over there and since I hate what it has become. For example a couple of “friends” in Facebook ended that friendship since they felt I was too hateful and too anti-American.

You see what I love about the U.S. isn´t the war machine murder millions of Muslims, it isn´t the warmonger W-chimp or the current MaoBama, and it isn´t anything of what we can see today.

What I do love however is the idea of America and her constitution which is one of the most wonderful documents ever written. The republic of U.S.A. (the U.S. was never intended to be a democracy!) This base together with all the riff-raff´s fleeing to her shores during two centuries created something marvellous – a beautiful entity filled with so much wonder and so much riches it’s hard to even compeer it to any other country from history.

Sadly the decline started almost immediately.

The despot wannabe and warmongering empire-building Abraham Lincoln was not the first heinous screw-up hammering in a nail, but he opened up the first real wound.

The constant struggle against central banksters ended with an utter defeat 1913 with the Federal Reserve act. This together with Democratic president Woodrow Wilson and very shady and strange reasons the U.S. to enter WW I and so started the real decline. Thereafter came hit after hit with laws against drugs, money printing from the Fed. and other stupidities. After doing the correct thing during the Great Depression of 1921 (never heard of that one have you?) a new idiotic generation started to push U.S. down the path of progressivism and the idea of U.S. as the world´s police was born.

The Great Depression (soon to be re-named to: “The minor Depression”), WW II, Korea, Vietnam, the assassinations of the 60´s, abandon of the Gold standard and Jimmie fucking Carter did permanent damage. Although a slight upswing in the 1980´s (rather slightly less bad) we then got 2* Bush and now the current fuckwit.

To me it seems that all the idiocies of the last 150 years have converged in today’s Obamination and the current CONgress. U.S. of today is nothing more than a progressive leftie state among others. In many ways even worse since corporatism is the leading star and banksters practically rule supreme. The country is consequently only one step away from fascism – a step Osam... I mean Odum... MaoBam... Uhm.. Obama seem very willing to take.

Only one man with a slim chance of turning things around have constantly, for decades, been warning and standing up to the politicos in Washington. That man is Ron Paul. He predicted the financial crash, he saw the wars coming, he warned about the Fed. and he has never faulted.

I actually think he would stand a great chance of winning against the Obamination. I give him a 60/40 chance of that which is far better than most of the other republican candidates. This is because Ron Paul resonate with many democrats and he would pick up a lot of independents. People normally never voting republican. Sadly his chance of getting the actual nomination is far, far less. Probably close to zero.

Personally I think it will be a race between the warmongering bought and paid for Texas Gov. Rick Perry and the more mainstream screw-ball Mitt Romney. Both of these candidate have a presidential look about them and are far more likely to bring the entire party behind them than any other candidate.

Honestly Rick Perry frightens me. He´s like a George W Bush on steroids with a scary love for the U.S. military and every time I listen to the guy I get shills. I think he takes himself way too serious and he´s the sort of guy that pretends to be a puppet and controlled by the powers but in reality plans his own take-over to rule supreme. Among other things I think that with Perry at the helm war with Iran is an absolute certainty and the industrial-military complex will have their bestest president ever – which is why I feel fairly certain he will get the nomination.

Mitt Romney is a very likeable fella and is probably the republican candidate with the biggest chance of beating Barack Hussein, but he won´t change anything. He´s a part of the machinery, a puppet among many and a person who would compromise, make deals and fiddle and middle as president. Still a better option than the bloodcurdling Perry, but a horrible option nevertheless.

I don´t think any of the other candidates stand a chance against these two. The media hype with Bachmann and Palin will not last and it wouldn´t surprise me if Bachmann actually becomes a vice president candidate to either of the two main runners.

So sadly Ron Paul won´t win this time either and the U.S. decline will continue. I see successions, total upheaval and possibly civil war in the near future which is a very, very sad ending of the greatest country-experiment of human history.

I hope am wrong, but I don´t think so. Either way we can rest assure that Swedish and European media will continue to bash every single republican, no matter who he or she is, this while again supporting the biggest warmongering president in U.S. history (no one has ever fought in more wars or spent more money on the military than MaoBama) who´s hell-bent on destroying the world economy. Which is funny in its own right.