Thursday, September 13, 2012

The end of America not worth mentioning

That´s it then, time to find a new planet...

I´ve been looking around in the news and checking newspapers and for some reason Bernie’s decision to exponentially increase the flow of dollar notes over years to come, barely registered. Sure they report on it, and of course they mention how great markets are doing, and there are one or two follow-up comments, but that’s it.

Doesn’t the death of the world’s reserve currency demand more in-depth journalism then that?

Isn´t the fact that countries - already before the Bernie´s latest lunacy - started to write deals in other currencies, worth mentioning?

And what about the fact that several key commodities, oil in particular, is valued and traded in dollars today, isn´t that at least worthy of a few pages of analysis?

We´re witnessing the death of America. Right now. And that’s just one and a half of a page in papers and a few comments in passing just before the weather forecast?

Enormous news like this should fill half the paper, or have its own special edition.

There should be extra broadcasting for hours of analyzing and debating.

Every single economist on the planet should go out in mass with “the end is nigh”-signs.

We should start building fall-out shelters.

Seriously. It is that big. That important!

 No news since the end of World War II comes even close to this magnitude of impact on our societies.

But yea, relax. Sit back and have another beer. There is probably a new episode of American Idol coming up soon. And besides, isn´t your foot itching? Need to scratch… oh... Where was I? … no idea.. uh, just forget it… ahhh… nice comfy chair…

…move along.

Where is that darn remote… don´t tell me I need to get up to find it… 

Even bag of fart-wind has value…

… but not the U.S. dollar.

Bernie the Spender and his compatriots of soul-sucking misfits continue on their path towards dollar collapse and hyperinflation.

No surprise there. I´ve said as much many times now, perhaps you should start listening to people like me?

The end is nigh folks, if you believe in God; repent, otherwise do what I do, drink vodka and nibble on popcorn.