Friday, June 29, 2012

Zombie bunny attacks teenage Alien

Well, sorry, but this is not about brain-eating creatures with a higher level of intellect then most of you morons out there. It’s neither about teenage Aliens or bunnies. I chose that headline because it makes as much sense, or more, as the current euro-dealings and the zombification of the European banking system.

And while a fuzzy Bunny turned zombie attacking a teenage Alien could actually happen - with a chance of happening in our lifetime about 1 in 66 trillion - all suggestions by Paul Krugman will always be totally wrong. Speaking of Alien invasion… what a tool…

Apparently we´re heading towards an integrated European banking system with euro-bonds and whatnot so we can “save” the very same money masters that created our problems in the first place. As per usual it’s not about helping the poor or improve the situation for an ever more desolate populace, no, it’s about helping banks and banksters. Presumably so the banksters can continue with the trickery and shadowy dealings that created the Greatest Depression in the first place.

I find it hilarious that so many politicians actually believe that taking money from one defaulting country to hand it over to another defaulting country while ECB prints more money to buy bonds from both countries in order to keep interest down. It’s a ridiculous circle of debt-sharing while creating higher inflation. Especially funny it is when one knows that no matter what they do the system will crash and the more of these scams they come up with the worst the crash is going to be.

Of course a few of those deemed better knows this, and many of the banksters certainly do, but partly they´ve painted themselves into a corner and in their mind they have no other choice then to continue with the very same crap that never worked before (not even once in the entire history of mankind), and partly they have an agenda in mind.

More than likely that agenda includes a unified Europe.

An empire like structure is emerging based around a Marxist central bank with a printing machine gone haywire while unelected bureaucrats run the show and the high and powerful can get away with everything. Almost feels like we have seen similar things before…

Yea, the EUSSR will end well…

Thursday, June 28, 2012

scary monster

"I think Bigfoot is blurry, that's the problem. It's not the photographer's fault. Bigfoot is blurry, and that's extra scary to me. There's a large, out-of-focus monster roaming the countryside."

Supreme necrophilia

The U.S. Supreme Cunt upheld the constitutionality (pffff…) of Alien killer president Oduma´s healthcare law, ruling the government may impose tax penalties on persons who do not have health insurance.

I find this to be a despicable act of necrophilia against the burned, dead, and buried constitution of what once was the greatest nation on earth.

Regardless of what you may think about this decision, whether you think it is good or bad, whether you think it’s great for the uninsured or a terrible tax burden on an already defaulting country, regardless you need to see to the law – see the constitution. The U.S. Supreme Cunt did not.

Remember, the U.S. is NOT a democracy, it’s a constitutional republic. There is a difference and if you don´t understand what the difference is, you cannot understand why so many people in the America right now (go online and check around, there is a rebellion brewing!) are so pissed off, so angry that some states are seriously considering to succeed from the United States.

This has actually very little to do with right-wing nutty gun-toting tea party conservatives as media would have you believe. It’s about the law, it’s about the constitution.

The patriot act was horrible and so are all the unlawful laws and all the undeclared wars, Guantanamo, indefinite detentions and all the rest of the crap been spewed up the latest years, and now we also know that the Supreme injustice Cunt has given up.

The republic, if not before, died with this decision.

During my lifetime we´ve seen U.S. turn from a once close to role model for the rest of the world into a despicable warmongering fascist state –into a mixture of European style welfare state and oligarchical rule. The rich and powerful grow stronger and stronger while middle class America is all but gone. A decent level of capitalism once created the richest and most powerful nation on earth, but that too is now gone.

Corruption is now the name of the game and the likenesses with the first republic empire 2000 years earlier is striking.

America is no longer a force for freedom in the world, if it ever was, but rather a force for evil and destruction and war. It’s a sad, sad, very sad time we live in and from here on it can only get worse. 

Obama will stop an Alien invasion

The flu? Bah! Uploaded viruses? Ridiculous! Obama? Oh, no! let’s get out of here...

Alien invading earth is a popular theme. Books, movies, games and TV-shows have been created in mass to perpetrate this notion. Alien abductions, alien anal probes, and aliens bursting out of the chest of a space traveler are all part of our popular culture.

Oh, and just to be clear; we´re not talking about illegal aliens sneaking over the boarder to steal our jobs while living on welfare and selling drugs while committing crimes and raping our women. (Just to point out, since most don´t understand better; this passage is - mostly - based on irony)

No, these are die hard tentacle creatures from outer space hell-bent on human destruction. In best case scenario these otherworldlings will just kill most of us and use the rest of us as slaves to mine for gold and bring them piña coladas.

 However, we now have it on good authority that the Obamination have good enough qualifications and such a marvelous Curriculum vitae that he can save us. The self-anointed deity and pick-pocket in chief of the U.S. of A, has a 65% approval rating comes to battling malevolent invaders from space (of course the opposition in this case was Barack2, but still...). This according to Politico. 

And since a large portion of Americans (35%) - and similar amount of people in other countries – believes we have been and/or still are visited by Aliens; there are voters to attract. It makes one wonder if my earlier writings about revelation of alien visitation can have some truth to it. As mentioned before, one of the few things that could distract the world populace enough from the wars and The Greatest Depression is such a Sci-Fi scenario.

Personally I think our Masters will stop at nothing to keep us from stringing them up in lamp-posts, so I wouldn´t put it past them to throw a curveball like this at us in the near future. And if they can pull it off, in a believable way, they will do it. Mark my words.

In reality however it’s very unlikely that an Alien race from the far reaches of space developed intelligence on a level needed to travel faster than light and then be able (for whatever reason) to find our little blue dot and then find it necessary to wipe us out of existence. And if they do, why the hell would they be so stupid as to launch an invasion? This when all they need to do is to send down a virus or radiate us from space.

Nah, if they come here its far more likely they will watch us from far with amusement and horror.

But let’s play with the idea for a while that such an event will occur. Do you really think that we have the necessary means to create an Intergalactic Rainbow Clan of Unicorn Riders commanded by Oduma the Great and that such a fantastic bunch of heroes will be capable of fighting off spacelings? If you think that’s the case, you are a bigger idiot then even I thought.

On a final note; I do hope it happens. Alien invasion I mean. Not to save us from The Greatest Depression or make us band together against a common foe, no, I want us to go out with a bang that we were not responsible for. If humans are to go extinct let us at least do so by the tentacles of others. At the moment we are well on our way to eradicate ourselves, on our own. Wouldn´t it be much more fun and interesting to be slaughtered by Aliens?

I think so. So let´s hope for that. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Greatest Depression gaining momentum

Prepared yet..? 

The Greatest Depression rages on and in its wake people, companies and countries are defaulting one after the other. Most banks crashing will of course be swallowed up by either the cabal of international banksters sucking the world dry or by a nearby competitor or, as in most cases, by the government.

One example of Government take-over happen the other day when the world´s oldest still operational bank; Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, founded in 1472 by the magistrate of the then city-state of Siena, has become the first bailed out Italian bank of 2012. Certainly not the last Italian one of the year, but with 3,000 branches, 33,000 employees and 4.5 million customers it will be one of the largest.

In the U.S. 22 bank failures have occurred so far this year, 92 last year and 153 in 2010. Perhaps that number don´t tell you anything, but if you know that over 50% of all U.S. banks have filed for bankruptcy during the past 6 years, it should tell you something. And of course some of these banks and their holdings have been taken over by Evil Inc. (Goldman Sachs) and their compatriots, as the Greatest Robbery in history continues alongside The Greatest Depression.

… and behold a pale horse;

I have previously described The Greatest Depression like a Tsunami closing in on the shoreline, and I still think that likeness pretty much tells the entire story. It started way out at sea as small tremors as far back as decades ago. Finally back in 2007-2008 the first, and minor, earthquake occurred and a few pretty large waves hit the shoreline smashing a few sandcastles into mushy mud.

Of course our benevolent leaders said: “Let’s build new castles out of sand, bigger than before and lets move them closer to the shoreline”.

Also they took down any protective measures around the coastline and told businesses and people across the land to move to the beach – nothing ever happens at the beach. It’s sunny, easy going, and every time you complain government Popsicle stands rolls by throwing ice cream around at an exponentially and inflationary rate.

Many up high knew of the dangers of course since geological institutes had advised against it, and bloggers and people opposing government control continuously had warned about the foolishness. They ignored those cries because they both aim to get re-elected and to please their banking buddies.

When a few waves started to eat at the new sandy structural, our Masters of Despair again reacted in the same way; building even taller and bigger and closer to the water. And then again. And again.

And then a small rumble out at sea; the biggest earthquake in recorded history has created the biggest tsunami in history. Slowly, hardly visible out at sea and so ignored by journalists, cornflake-economists and politicians, it creeps closer… and closer…

…and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.

 The worst thing of this whole ordeal; knowing fully well how the Tsunami was created, and knowing how to save people and perhaps even the world, is that no one listened. Now, today, more and more people are starting to wake up. But even if brushing aside the fact that its waaaay too late, many of those waking up still refuse to acknowledge the final stages of a true awakening.

This summarizes it very nicely: 
It wasn´t capitalism, and it wasn´t socialism either. It was a mixture of the two going down a partly new path with the closest ideology being that of Fascism. But this is more than that. We are living in a time where almost everyone up high wants to keep the market intact while doing everything to destroy it. We are living in a time when the rhetoric, even from the supposed right, is left-wing but the policies pursued are more crony capitalism. All the while our true masters of destruction, the evil squidbanks, keep rolling out one scam after the other.

All those sand castles have been bought via loans from lending institutes, because our screwy politicians have already wasted all other resources (this part is socialisms fault!), so the banks and governments are in cahoots, they are dependent of each other. The banks cannot perpetrate the scams without government consent and they cannot get away with the thievery and robbery without government looking the other way. Government on the other hand cannot impose invisible taxes (inflation) without the banks and they cannot keep the swindle of GDP up without the borrowing. Everyone else, including journalists, is either bought and paid for or pure idiots.

The way out is to stop it. To stop the scams.  

A government cannot spend more than it takes in via taxes. Period. And as long as lefties don´t realize this absolute and irrefutable fact, they will never understand, instead only help out to destroy the economy even more.

The Fractional Reserve Banking system must end! The banks and the big and powerful aren´t only getting rich through hard work anymore, they are stealing from us! And as long as those claiming to promote a free market economy haven´t realized this, we cannot move on and without ending and totally remaking the system we cannot create a fair and just society.

If this isn´t done this road towards fascism and global governance will continue and during this time, the time of the Greatest Depression, the last vestiges of freedom and democracy will be lost. We are only a few inches away from living in a totalitarian society and those deemed better seem determined to push us of the edge.

A Malthusian nightmare of apocalyptical levels is around the corner so it is time to, at the very least; make a choice as to where you will be and how you will live out the remainder of your life. Very possible you don´t have that many years left.

Because remember; what will they do when all else has failed? What is the last out of those deemed better? What have the high and mighty always done when they have played all other cards? 

They take us to war!!! 

Nuclear weapons… Do I need to say more?

 …and Hades followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the living creatures of the earth.

And if you haven´t paid attention, this is what I will be doing;
Oh, I cannot wait…

Twilight sucks - Buffy rules

It’s no secret that Buffy The Vampire Slayer is one of the best shows ever made, and the spin-off ´Angel´ was even better. Joss Whedon is a freaking genius whom in addition to those shows also made the best show in history; Firefly, and he´s currently up and running with his latest movie The Avengers (pretty good to by the way).

It’s neither a secret that the Twilight saga has attracted a lot of fans, to a large part undeservedly so. Not that the movies are that horrible. It’s pretty good acting by everyone (except by the wolfy shirtless idiot), the scenery is nice and it’s sort of a new pretty interesting take on the whole vampire business, and at least the first movie even I sort of enjoyed – at least the first movie wasn´t a waste of time as the sequels.

However I cannot stand the character of Bella. Horrible woman. One of the most despicable characters of cinematic history. When she is not moping like a worthless wimp with a big chip of anxiety on her shoulders she is contemplating on what fairytale screw-up she will give her cherry to; to the furry always shirtless beast or to the lifeless metrosexual corps glittering in the sun - always switching back and forth, until finally succumbing to a penetration of the tiny knob belonging to the bloodsucking metrosexual. Of course, in pure American fashion, getting pregnant on the first try.

I think this pretty much sums it up: 

WARNING!!  If you get sent a link saying “click here to watch the new Twilight trailer”, don’t click it! The link is to the new Twilight trailer.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

could be the funniest picture of all time

The laughing Force is strong with this one

Greatest Depression funnies

As the Greatest Depression continues, it’s always fun to just sit back and watch the events unfold. Consequently I´ve put together a wee little nitpicked collection of events/quotes/numbers from today. 

Angela Merkel puts a time stamp on WHEN Eurobonds will be a reality. Not smart Angela, not smart at all… I see a grassy knoll in your future…


Well, there you go. There are of course a lot more fun things going on, so just sit back and enjoy the decline. The greatest upheaval and change in human history is taking place before our very eyes – take solace in that. 

Swine flu not so hogable after all

According to bought-and-paid-for media today, the Swine flu was more dangerous than previously thought. They are referring to a study published in Lancet Infectious Diseases and of course picked up and packaged and sold by mainstream media as a huge deadly revelation.

It’s time to bring out Hogman again! Wherever swiney dealings happen, wherever pigs may roam, wherever boar´s may fly, Hogman will be there and save the day! 

 The piggy signal has sounded! 

I almost thought mass(hysteria)media had let this story go by now. They blurted out that we all would die, that all was lost and that even healthy normal adults would be shoveled into huge mass graves because cemeteries would not be able to accommodate all the dead. Unless people lined up to get vaccinated the skies would fall and life as we know it would end in a brute way.

 It was the most ridiculous and most fearmongering action ever taken on this planet, and if anyone was ever in doubt how totally useless mainstream journalists are, the Swine flu reveled their spinning factor even to the most stupid of inmates.

Swine flu was, and still is, the most harmless flu ever. In history. Already back in April 2009 I said this is going to be one of the mildest flu seasons ever, and it was, in fact the mildest ever recorded. This an illiterate amoeba could have figured out even during the first stages when the entire country of Mexico apparently was going to be swallowed by a ginormous pig.

Lately I´ve seen several warnings in mainstream media about how horrible it is that people are starting to mistrust vaccinations, and investigation after investigation seem to show how important it is to inoculate to save lives. And now this.


Or are pharmaceutical companies not making as much money anymore so they look for the easiest way of bringing in the dough? Well, if you are into conspiracies, why stop there? Are they planning for a new outbreak? Will we soon learn that the H1N1 virus has joined forces with H3N2 virus and gotten nastier then ever?

The revenge of the Swine Flu! This time it’s personal! 

The study being referenced to say a lot of weird things, but let’s have a look at a couple of them.

According to a model developed by the study authors, the actual number of deaths linked to the H1N1 flu virus could range anywhere from 151,700 to 575,401*. Aha… so anywhere between 151700 to 575401* eh? Interesting, don´t you think? Statistically speaking, and to a real scientist this gap in-between is huge.

 Oh, and the model… oh gush… hold on to your hats because this is pure brilliance.

Apparently Africa and Southeast Asia have a lack of access to health care and vaccines (sic!) and so the number of deaths in those regions MAY (conceivably, possibly) be much larger than previous thought.

Oh, this is absolutely fantastic stuff! Where is their Nobel Prize? Clearly these geniuses deserve to be elevated above us mere humans and to be recognized as the eminent scientists they are. People living in huts hundreds of miles from the nearest witchdoctor MAY (conceivably, possibly) have died from the horrible Swine Flu without us knowing about it? Now there´s one of the biggest scientific achievements ever. Fantastic deductive reasoning!

After this magnificent level of science mainstream media picks up the story and claim that as many as 10 times more people MAY (conceivably, possibly) have died from the Swine Flu then previous thought.

To you, the idiot reader, it sounds like;

10 times as many! Dead! Swine Flu! We were wrong before! 

Manipulative journalism meets overpaid and useless “scientists” and they together package and sell you another scary story.

But let’s play devil’s advocate for a few moments. Let´s assume their scariest scenario is correct and that as many as 575,401* died from swine flu. Is that bad? Well, sure in a way it of course is, but it is worth remembering that seasonal flu often poses a serious threat to public health: each year it kills 250,000 - 500,000 around the world, some years even more, so 575,401* is actually within pretty normal parameters. And for some reason that normal estimate for normal flu have not used the model used by the study mentioned above, which makes one wonder if dead Africans and suffering bushmen are more important to count comes to Swine Flu then the regular variant?

Well, anyway, I could go on and point out statistics about this or that and also prove that vaccination kills but I have more important stuff to do…

Oh, and just so you all know; my previous statement is still valid. Come near me or mine with forced inoculations and I will fight back - with deadly force. And I don’t care one bit if you are the police, social services or a freaking King, I will kill you. Not a joke.

If you are so stupid to fall for what Big Pharma sells and what bought-and-paid for politicians and journalists say, that’s your problem, just stay the hell away from me.

* I added one (1) at the end there because I think they missed an Australian aborigine that got eaten by a flock of evil Koalas, but he was already dead from this horrible flu before eaten...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Lying cheating bastards of Journalism

Although a (very) few pundits seem to get it and understand our current dilemma somewhat, most seem utter determined to enhance the crisis. In most cases such asylum inmates lack a proper education or are incapable of a rational and logical thinking process. A few others however not only should know better, they DO know better but they still push for more overdoses of heroin to keep the druggie up on its feet a few more weeks. Sometimes it is weird that well educated seemingly smart people keep arguing that the treatment for over-spending, too much borrowing, too much money printing and too many regulations is: more of borrowing, more printing and more regulations. We are debt-serfs to banking cartels, and their enforcers and trusted companions, the politicians, do everything and anything to keep the trickery rolling for another few months. Many within the high-and-mighty sphere know what is going on and what soon will happen but still they keep going along with the scams.

And so it is not hard to start believing in conspiracies.

Are journalists and media, usually owned by the very same people trying to control the money- and debt markets, really so afraid and so bought and paid for that they do not dare get out of line? It is getting increasingly hard to say No to that question.

Politicians may be the root cause of the cancer currently destroying the world, but the actual cancer, the malignant tumor itself; the banking cartels and our in-debtness, is the real sickness. BUT those really enabling our impending catastrophe and arguing against any chemo to be administrated are those we trust to tell us the truth - instead they tell us lies.

 In essence journalists are probably the most evil people around.

Politicians you can sort of understand. They want to get re-elected, they want cushy comfortable jobs afterwards if not getting elected, and they usually respond to public outcries rather than the truth. This is partly understandable. Banking cartels, deliberately malevolent or not, want more money and more power. Also understandable. If they can and are allowed to cheat the system and rob us blind, it’s not hard to understand why some of them do. Cornflake economists and other pundits living off and by the state and/or off and by the money masters you also can sort of understand. They too are victims of their own ambition, and if you put your hand on your heart you know you would do the same; lick upwards, kick downwards.

 Journalists however should have a calling. They should want to tell the truth, they should report on the news and give us unbiased information. If their directors and owners tell them what to write and say, they should go to a competitor, start their own network or travel across the country warning what is going on. At least in my head this is what journalism is; a commitment to the truth.

 But apparently, in our world of today, that is not journalism.

 Let’s for example look at Euroland. The Europhiles and their pet Marxist project is experiencing a few localized tumors. However the developing credit cancer will be metastasized further and soon the body will wither and die. It is just a matter of time. This cancerous situation was brought forth by cheap credit, too many regulations and debts going for the moon. The melanoma was spread and enhanced by ECB and the Euro trying to impose the same regulations, the same interest and the same FIAT currency on completely different countries with completely different cultures, languages and production capabilities. A blind monkey without limbs could have pointed out the insanity, but The Powers That Be and their entrusted spin-doctors of the media kept going anyway.

The question is not whether the Euro of today will break or if EU will grow in size and power in response, the question is; will the people sit back and accept what is going on? And I am not talking about demonstrating lefties or juveniles throwing stones at police, that’s a given, what I mean is when will the people, normal folk, wake up and demand incarcerations and justice? Will lazy indoctrinated soap opera watching drones awake or will they let puppet masters drive us straight of the cliff into the abyss of centralization and totalitarianism?

 I think the answer is that a duped general populace neither has the will or intellect to fight the real power structure. But to a certain degree I understand you sheople out there. If no-one tells you the truth, how would you be informed? You cannot turn of the latest soap and read a book; that’s impossible. And getting that fatty ass up and do some research and read alternative news and actually check the “facts” handed to you? Pfff… why would you when there are beers to be poured and porn to watch?

No one within the journalist domain is telling us what is going, instead they only cable out what certain agencies and their owners tell them to - only reporting what is told from other´s, not actually investigating or checking the facts.

There are so many shadowy deals made and so much criminal activity that we can fill every single jail on the planet, and that´s a big scope! Why aren´t journalists out getting those stories? Why are they only sitting around munching on doughnuts while the world is crashing down and those controlling the events roam free to screw us over even more?

We´ve become so lazy and so used to having everything handed to us that the only way we can wake up is if someone actually tells us to get up. Journalists have here an important part to play, but they refuse. Until World War III (or wherever this is going), assume politicians always lie and always end up doing despicable acts of malevolence; know that banksters only wants to control and rob you and that the spin-doctors of media do everything to enable the other two groups. They are an evil triumvirate, but the main reason problems persists is because journalists let them.

If you really want to wake people up, try to awaken that journalistic spirit first. Without at least a few papers and TV-channels telling truths, a zombified populace will probably never come to their senses.

 Since that won´t happen either I shall sit quietly on the sidelines, impartial and understanding, ready to be loved by all when the mushroom clouds has dissipated and the radiation settled. If I survive, and if the growing totalitarian state haven´t sent their watchdogs over to my home, and if there will be a rude awakening I honestly expect statues to be erected of me and my kind in the future. Possibly an honorary seat at the interplanetary body at the age of 85, once The Greatest Depression is finally over and capitalism rule supreme 50y or so from now…

…well, I can dream.

Get armed, get a gun, and get it now

Do you know how we could end all wars and at the same time minimize the risk of rapes and violent attacks? It’s the same thing that would eventually end world hunger; end the suffering of billions living under oppressive regimes. It´s the same thing that would equalize all men and force governments to actually listen to the people.

If normal folk are armed and ready to protect themselves and their neighbor against all oppression and violence, regardless if it’s from amateur thugs such as the Mafia or from professional killer’s curtsey of government, the world would be a much better place.

And I have to ask you women folk out there; enjoying those rapes?

If not; you know what to do. 

How see-through hasn´t this warmongering become

This time it wasn´t a fake attack using media for creating a war frenzy as in the Gulf of Tonkin incident. It hasn´t been the lies that led to the slaughter of a million Iraqis. Instead it’s been a slow build-up, similar to that in Libya where CIA mercs (now in Syria) helped to fuel the rebellion. But our warmongering masters probably think it’s taking too long to convince the world opinion that Syria is ruled by hell spawns. Not even parading dead children and enlisting the help of celebrity clowns to sell another war to the public has helped. Syrian President Bashar Assad is of course evil incarnate, a Hitleresque character of pure malevolence killing orphans on a whim while his wife, Cruella de Vil, keep buying shoes with money she has stolen from the blind.

Since none of it really worked - people are getting tired of all the wars –in steps a Turkish plane.

Now you may think that such a staged event is merely to give NATO a Casus Belli and get all the allies to rally behind another war, but it’s actually not. You may also think it’s to whip up public opinion further to, somewhere down the line, attach Syria, but that’s not really the case either.

Of course both above are reasons enough, but this is more to get Russia and China to back off so The Powers That Be can get their war without needing to tangle with actual opponents. Of course one Turkish plane gunned down isn´t enough in this regard, especially not since it actually violated Syrian airspace and the Syrians were fully in their right to shoot it down.

However, it is another step.

How can the Russian and Chinese leadership take their people to another World War to protect a horrible regime that murders children and shoots down NATA planes? They can of course – so far.

But let’s say more things happen. What if “Syrian” military sinks a cruise liner? Because that neverhappen before… Or what if they violate Turkish borders again and perhaps even kill Turkish civilians? There are more than enough CIA trained operatives in the area to pull something like that off…
And what about those terrorist? Aren´t there Alky Aida members in Syria? And aren´t those terrorists planning to attack Paris? We always need to get those terrorists!

 We do not know exactly what arrangements Syria has with Russia and China — there is no formal defensive pact in place (although there is one between Syria and Iran! - A bonus! Jey!) though it is fair to assume that Russia will be keen to maintain its Syrian naval assets, a view which is supported by the fact Russia heavily subsidises the Syrian military, and has blocked all the UN-led efforts toward intervention in Syria.
So warmongering fiends of the West need enough reasons and a very strong Casus Belli and they need to promise Russia (in particular) a lot to pull this off. We are not there yet, so unless a crazy Turkish general goes berserk, this specific incident isn´t enough to start another war.

In other words; expect more!

Oh, and by the way, (totally unrelated) if you are going to fly over Syria in a passenger jet soon, I would advise against it. Just saying...

They are trying to get Syria (and Iran) to fight back and to become the aggressor, and they will stop at nothing to make it seem that way. U.S. and its partners in crime have, for all intended purposes, already declared war on Iran, so why would they ever back off now?

Our bellowed narcissists Leaders with their megalomaniac tendencies will get their war. Either with Syria or with Iran - or with both.  The buildup has been text book stuff and if you remember anything from the time before Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan it’s all so obvious now it’s bordering on pathetic.

We need to save the Syrian Chiiiiiilldreeeen!! Of course we do so by destroying their country and killing thousands of them, but they are better of getting slaughtered by NATO then their own, aren´t they? And aren´t women getting abused, raped and forced to wear strange clothing? The poor insurrectionists have no guns, unless certain intelligence agencies provide them with such. Oh, and didn´t someone say: “terrorists”? And another dictator biting the dust would be great eh?

But this time they need something extra. To both get you, the idiot, to pay for it and send your kids to die for it, and to ease the minds of Russians and the Chinese. Alas more events to follow.

And by the way (also totally unrelated) if you are planning on going to London for the Olympics, be aware of those Syrian terrorists. Just saying…

Oh… I cannot wait for this one. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

New World Order conspiracy believer I now am

The Gordon is a part of it!

New World Order (NWO) is a conspiracy theory that sometimes goes into the extreme. It has been argued that lizard people living off the energy of human emotions plot to bring forth world war III and so take over the world (again). I´ve also seen Aliens, alien abductions and planet X linked to the idea of world governance.

Other stories include the illuminati, the crusades and the Knight Templars as well as Stonecutters… oh, sorry, the Freemasons plotting the demise of everyone except for 500 million as seen on the Georgian Guide stones.
I could go on but the idea of a New world order (NWO) certainly brings forth a lot of crazy theories and ideas.

What I have come to believe however is that the idea of a world bank, a world currency and a world government is now THE agenda of many within the elitist sphere. You don´t haft to check out clip like this one or this one or this one to see that something is brewing way up high.


Conspiracies are fun yes, and more often than you may think they come true, but it is very hard imagining a bunch of Bilderberg´s or Illuminati sitting around scheming in dark rooms in order to form the world according to their wishes. Not that I would put it past them, but those kinds of people are not stupid. Malevolent thieves yes, evil soul-munching murderers of course, but not stupid. They know they cannot control all countries or the market, because the market will always win in the end.

No one has ever been able to control and govern all the everyday dealings and transaction taking place every second. This is one of the main reasons why socialism never worked and never will work. Millions of people going about their everyday life cannot be organized into orderly lines that always do what they are told. It´s impossible. People always find a way to work around, outside or even with the system.

The worst most oppressive regimes in history with seemingly total control have tried it, they all failed. Mainly because in the long run the alternative; letting people be free, always provide better results, but also because certain things/items/goods will be exchanged, bought, grown and sold no matter what. Stalin, a conspiracy nut in his own right, ruling one of the most tyrannical systems ever seen, tried to ban his fellow Russian from drinking vodka with the penalty of death and Gulag camps. The result? They drank more than ever before or since.

The examples of total failure from totalitarian regimes in this regard are endless and this also points out the futile attempt to control, tax and survey the Internet. It cannot be done.

Of course you can here argue that since the real power structure and those pulling the strings know this it is precisely why they want to start WW III or spread diseases; to diminish the population. That this knowledge is exactly why they send subliminal messages through our TV´s and why they dumb down our schools; to form a more manageable populace; a more subservient bunch of zombies just cleaver enough to run the machines but stupid enough to never check behind the curtain.

Arguing this case isn´t hard and it is easy to see the point.

But even IF this is The Powers That Be´s scheme, they cannot control us all; they cannot indoctrinate, govern and steal everything. There will always be alternatives.

Except, perhaps - at least in theory - if we have a world bank, a world currency, a world police and a world government.

I mean, where are you supposed to go if you don´t agree? No single area would be able to resist a world police with the full backing of a world government and a world bank. And the few resistance fighters (terrorists) in existence would only fuel the powers, not hurt them.

You can of course think up lots of objections, but they can actually all be argued against.

How about TV- and radio stations? Surely they cannot control them all, they never could before. Yes, sort of true, but first of all; look at media today. They are already (all of them) owned, controlled by and get their news from the very same sources. The only alternative today is internet and alternative news, and you can be damn sure that’s exactly why those in power hate the internet. But with a world (everything) in place, does it really matter if a few dissidents think the high and mighty are evil incarnate? Nope. Not at all.

What about nuclear weapons? All I can say is; so? What about them? You gonna kill a few million? So what? Perfect for those in charge. Less people to worry about and another terrorist attack they can use as an excuse to grasp for more power.

So what about people starving, rioting and in all thinkable ways oppose world governance? Again; so what? Where are they going to go? With what weapons can they fight millions of thugs making up the world police? And even if enough people awake from their slumber and get hold of weapons and break free from the world structure, will constant war and constant propaganda campaigns just go away? Will progressive ideas suddenly dissipate? And even if all that can be circumvented; will a dissident area/country have enough room, food and natural resources to survive? And if those problems can be solved; so what? A few million in one corner of the globe outside of world governance control? Pfff… they can live with that…

A single country or a coalition of countries with a certain view can through threats, military might and economic power enforce a lot yes, but never total control. No system or ideology can achieve total control. Not as long as there are alternatives and not as long as the market rule supreme. But a world government with a world police and a world bank with one single world currency could almost achieve it, especially if the people are given a certain level of freedom comes to the market. Think China and think of that system as being global and you understand what I mean.

And in such a system it doesn’t matter if there are a few rebellions, a few terrorists or whatnot, because; what’s the alternative? There is nowhere to hide. And knock down a few of those above, how many wouldn´t stand in line to take their place?

You can also be damn sure that they will implement this worldwide system with your consent. You voted for it, isn´t that democracy? You cheered them on, isn´t that part of the democratic process? You are a member of one of many political parties that wanted this, that is the very essence of democracy isn´t it?

So I have concluded that this is the end game. My conclusion has nothing to do with aliens or reptilian elitists, it is not based on any idea about planet X or illuminati, it is not something I thought up after listening to Dave Icke or Alex Jones. World governance is simply the “logical” next step for our masters. This is their ultimate end-game.

For a politician, what would be bigger, more fantastic and grander than ruling the world?

Of course a world government is in the cards, of course a world currency and a world bank is being talked about, of course a world police force is needed. It’s so obvious.

 I hope, really, really hope that this is the World Police Force...

That´s where this is going.

The only thing really standing in their way at the moment is a defaulting world economy. Yes it is sort of working in their favor to, but if a crashing European Union does not work, why would the same work on a global scale? They will think of a work-around of course, but this is their only obstacle at the moment. That and the fact that so many people are starting to wake up.

This means that they need to change the name of the game – and soon. Very soon. Before more wake up and before economic troubles hinder their master plan.

IF the “real” conspiracy is correct, except a large war (or a similar huge event) very soon. But even if not, the UN and other world bodies like the World Bank (yes, we already have one…) and the IMF will get more power, and more, and then even more. Expect the Europhile turn into worldophiles. Expect media and large papers keep pushing the agenda and arguing that a world government is needed to curve conflicts and battle inflation. Of course our economic problems could have been avoided with a world bank and a world currency with a world government. Of course…

Sadly I think many will fall for the scam.

Like sheep herded to the slaughter most of you idiots out there will happily walk towards a global totalitarian nightmare.

So, can we do anything to both stop this development and The Greatest Depression? Yes, we can. Iceland has almost done the right thing. I would have loved to see a middle finger towards the IMF, a few more trials and they should have cut much more and lowered taxes much more, but other than that, they showed us the way.

We need to prosecute banksters and politicians. We need real austerity measures. We need to slim down government to its minimal functions. We need to abolish the Fractional Reserve Banking system. And we need to take away all the regulations and obstacles people face on the market every day. If so, we can both minimize The Greatest Depression and get rid of any totalitarian system whether it is on a national or on a worldwide scale.
Time to make a choice people. Better do it fast… 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Upside down world of lunacy – women are idiots

Well, this is sort of fun...

Apparently the mass murdering (soon to be regarded as a precursor) loon Breivik seem to have lots of admirers. At least, according to the creature himself; 16y girls are sending love letters and women want to marry him.

This is not really surprising. How many times haven´t we seen women folk behave in this manor comes to killers and thugs and real murderers?

And I think many of us have seen similar behavior closer to home.

Just recently I got aware that my ex (sort of) got back together with her ex she had before me. Now this guy made her totally miserable. He mentally abused her, spoke ill of her family, have racist tendencies, and is pretty stupid and (apparently) bad at pretty much everything including sex. He treated her as an errand girl than anything else, and I cannot tell you how many times she (before we dated) was crying over how he acted and treated her. Even suicide was on the table for a while. That’s how down she was. During our little time together she kept in contact with this ass and this despite my objections and her still getting angry, sad and upset almost daily over his dealings.

Now back together again. How´s that for logic and rational thinking?

Although previously upset and sad over our “break-up” this news actually made me laugh. She told me to hurt me I guess, she always try her very best to hurt me (have no clue as to why, probably because I refuse to hurt her - am a good guy) but it just bounced off me like an annoying insect. And when she said “he has changed” and the very funny: “He seem to be trying”, I couldn´t stop chuckling.

She has some serious mental problems, which I sort of knew before but I still tried to make it work with her - which is sort of a sign of the very same illness I am trying to bring out in the open with this post.

This is not the first time I´ve seen or heard stories like this. I have friends who has had abusive, both mentally and physically, spouses but still stuck around for some reason. And it’s not hard to find a news story about a woman finally feed up and hiding the woods somewhere with her kids after 21 years of assault and rape.

Are women (and men for that matter) really this stupid?

Apparently the answer is yes. 

We don´t need to look far for other example of this. That smoking cute guy riding his bike while robbing the elderly in his spare time is of course a better choice for copulation then a stable nice gent who wouldn´t hurt a fly. If you are a 14y old teenage girl you know exactly what I mean - penetration of the hymen by an evil thug burping in your face after coming inside you is much more preferred then to have a sweet loving guy using a condom and bringing you biscuits and milk afterwards.

Sort of understandable. That danger and evilness is sort of attractive, and anthropologically speaking women should feel more attractive to a “strong caveman”, but is it the smart thing to do? Intelligent? Logical? Not really.

And once that badness goes over to abuse or worse; abuse of the kids, well shouldn’t something in the brain say “no”…?

Not saying we men are any better - seen a few cases of men letting his female getting away with pretty much everything. I know of several couples where the woman is cheating on a weekly basis, treating her husband/boyfriend like crap and for some reason he accept it and goes along with it. In one couple the woman where so mentally abusive, telling him how bad he was, how terrible everything was, how nothing worked, how ugly his shirt is etc. etc. while screwing around with half the neighborhood, that I could never blame the guy if ever snapping and hacking her into pieces with a small butter knife. 

 yea, this one probably deserve it...

And here, if you didn´t see it above, I need to confess to being a total idiot as well.

If I only told you half of my stories with previous girlfriends, you would not believe me. I´ve meet some of the worst examples of female evilness you can imagine, and I seem to be drawn to them. Dunno if it’s because such girls usually like to take it hard in the rear or if I want to “save them” and turn them into that lovable feminine creature they could be, but regardless I am a moron. 

could be one of my ex girlfriends... 

Love is not just blind; it’s deaf, mute, and almost impenetrable to pain as well.

Perhaps that is it? Love take away the agony so much we simply don´t notice how badly hurt we are?

Perhaps that is the case, but why go search for it again and again? And why the hell send panties and love letters to a mass murderer? And if you know how bad someone is for you and how much pain will be in stored if getting back with the worst thing that ever happen to you, why do it? Such steps defy all reason and all form of rational. Not even I am that stupid.

Knowing fully well that someone will hurt, abuse and perhaps even kill you and still get back with him/her is self-destructing, but it also hurt those that actually do care being sort of forced to see the life getting sucked out of someone they care about.

Such behavior and such choices are not just stupid, it’s insane and such a person should seek help.
Possibly we need a new form of eradication program or perhaps eugenics is the way to go?

Regardless, although this form of sickness is not something new (Jack the Ripper had a few female admirers for example) it still feels like people of today are much more inclined to it. Are we more prone to seek out pain and misery today than previous generations?

Looking around the world knowing fully well that not only can we feed, clothe and house every single person on this planet, we could also eradicate war and most diseases. Today we have the knowledge and the power to take away the shackles and poverty our ancestors was forced to bear. People of the Dark Ages did despicable things to, but to a certain degree you could excuse or understand it, people of today however don´t need to put up with it, but not only do we put up, we also seek it out.

So yes, we probably are more prone to seek out pain and misery today than previous generations. Perhaps pain is what, in some strange way, keep us going?

Although studied psychology at University and having a long life of encounters with psychos of the third kind, I have no idea. It’s a total mystery to me why a seemingly normal folk make excuses for a black eye, and defend complete morons who make their lives miserable. And why we let apparent soul-destroying sycophants rule us, control us and tax us is weird on a scale far beyond anything else seen in this universe.

So perhaps the only conclusion is that old saying; people are idiots! …and just leave it at that…?