Friday, June 29, 2012

Zombie bunny attacks teenage Alien

Well, sorry, but this is not about brain-eating creatures with a higher level of intellect then most of you morons out there. It’s neither about teenage Aliens or bunnies. I chose that headline because it makes as much sense, or more, as the current euro-dealings and the zombification of the European banking system.

And while a fuzzy Bunny turned zombie attacking a teenage Alien could actually happen - with a chance of happening in our lifetime about 1 in 66 trillion - all suggestions by Paul Krugman will always be totally wrong. Speaking of Alien invasion… what a tool…

Apparently we´re heading towards an integrated European banking system with euro-bonds and whatnot so we can “save” the very same money masters that created our problems in the first place. As per usual it’s not about helping the poor or improve the situation for an ever more desolate populace, no, it’s about helping banks and banksters. Presumably so the banksters can continue with the trickery and shadowy dealings that created the Greatest Depression in the first place.

I find it hilarious that so many politicians actually believe that taking money from one defaulting country to hand it over to another defaulting country while ECB prints more money to buy bonds from both countries in order to keep interest down. It’s a ridiculous circle of debt-sharing while creating higher inflation. Especially funny it is when one knows that no matter what they do the system will crash and the more of these scams they come up with the worst the crash is going to be.

Of course a few of those deemed better knows this, and many of the banksters certainly do, but partly they´ve painted themselves into a corner and in their mind they have no other choice then to continue with the very same crap that never worked before (not even once in the entire history of mankind), and partly they have an agenda in mind.

More than likely that agenda includes a unified Europe.

An empire like structure is emerging based around a Marxist central bank with a printing machine gone haywire while unelected bureaucrats run the show and the high and powerful can get away with everything. Almost feels like we have seen similar things before…

Yea, the EUSSR will end well…

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