Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Upside down world of lunacy – women are idiots

Well, this is sort of fun...

Apparently the mass murdering (soon to be regarded as a precursor) loon Breivik seem to have lots of admirers. At least, according to the creature himself; 16y girls are sending love letters and women want to marry him.

This is not really surprising. How many times haven´t we seen women folk behave in this manor comes to killers and thugs and real murderers?

And I think many of us have seen similar behavior closer to home.

Just recently I got aware that my ex (sort of) got back together with her ex she had before me. Now this guy made her totally miserable. He mentally abused her, spoke ill of her family, have racist tendencies, and is pretty stupid and (apparently) bad at pretty much everything including sex. He treated her as an errand girl than anything else, and I cannot tell you how many times she (before we dated) was crying over how he acted and treated her. Even suicide was on the table for a while. That’s how down she was. During our little time together she kept in contact with this ass and this despite my objections and her still getting angry, sad and upset almost daily over his dealings.

Now back together again. How´s that for logic and rational thinking?

Although previously upset and sad over our “break-up” this news actually made me laugh. She told me to hurt me I guess, she always try her very best to hurt me (have no clue as to why, probably because I refuse to hurt her - am a good guy) but it just bounced off me like an annoying insect. And when she said “he has changed” and the very funny: “He seem to be trying”, I couldn´t stop chuckling.

She has some serious mental problems, which I sort of knew before but I still tried to make it work with her - which is sort of a sign of the very same illness I am trying to bring out in the open with this post.

This is not the first time I´ve seen or heard stories like this. I have friends who has had abusive, both mentally and physically, spouses but still stuck around for some reason. And it’s not hard to find a news story about a woman finally feed up and hiding the woods somewhere with her kids after 21 years of assault and rape.

Are women (and men for that matter) really this stupid?

Apparently the answer is yes. 

We don´t need to look far for other example of this. That smoking cute guy riding his bike while robbing the elderly in his spare time is of course a better choice for copulation then a stable nice gent who wouldn´t hurt a fly. If you are a 14y old teenage girl you know exactly what I mean - penetration of the hymen by an evil thug burping in your face after coming inside you is much more preferred then to have a sweet loving guy using a condom and bringing you biscuits and milk afterwards.

Sort of understandable. That danger and evilness is sort of attractive, and anthropologically speaking women should feel more attractive to a “strong caveman”, but is it the smart thing to do? Intelligent? Logical? Not really.

And once that badness goes over to abuse or worse; abuse of the kids, well shouldn’t something in the brain say “no”…?

Not saying we men are any better - seen a few cases of men letting his female getting away with pretty much everything. I know of several couples where the woman is cheating on a weekly basis, treating her husband/boyfriend like crap and for some reason he accept it and goes along with it. In one couple the woman where so mentally abusive, telling him how bad he was, how terrible everything was, how nothing worked, how ugly his shirt is etc. etc. while screwing around with half the neighborhood, that I could never blame the guy if ever snapping and hacking her into pieces with a small butter knife. 

 yea, this one probably deserve it...

And here, if you didn´t see it above, I need to confess to being a total idiot as well.

If I only told you half of my stories with previous girlfriends, you would not believe me. I´ve meet some of the worst examples of female evilness you can imagine, and I seem to be drawn to them. Dunno if it’s because such girls usually like to take it hard in the rear or if I want to “save them” and turn them into that lovable feminine creature they could be, but regardless I am a moron. 

could be one of my ex girlfriends... 

Love is not just blind; it’s deaf, mute, and almost impenetrable to pain as well.

Perhaps that is it? Love take away the agony so much we simply don´t notice how badly hurt we are?

Perhaps that is the case, but why go search for it again and again? And why the hell send panties and love letters to a mass murderer? And if you know how bad someone is for you and how much pain will be in stored if getting back with the worst thing that ever happen to you, why do it? Such steps defy all reason and all form of rational. Not even I am that stupid.

Knowing fully well that someone will hurt, abuse and perhaps even kill you and still get back with him/her is self-destructing, but it also hurt those that actually do care being sort of forced to see the life getting sucked out of someone they care about.

Such behavior and such choices are not just stupid, it’s insane and such a person should seek help.
Possibly we need a new form of eradication program or perhaps eugenics is the way to go?

Regardless, although this form of sickness is not something new (Jack the Ripper had a few female admirers for example) it still feels like people of today are much more inclined to it. Are we more prone to seek out pain and misery today than previous generations?

Looking around the world knowing fully well that not only can we feed, clothe and house every single person on this planet, we could also eradicate war and most diseases. Today we have the knowledge and the power to take away the shackles and poverty our ancestors was forced to bear. People of the Dark Ages did despicable things to, but to a certain degree you could excuse or understand it, people of today however don´t need to put up with it, but not only do we put up, we also seek it out.

So yes, we probably are more prone to seek out pain and misery today than previous generations. Perhaps pain is what, in some strange way, keep us going?

Although studied psychology at University and having a long life of encounters with psychos of the third kind, I have no idea. It’s a total mystery to me why a seemingly normal folk make excuses for a black eye, and defend complete morons who make their lives miserable. And why we let apparent soul-destroying sycophants rule us, control us and tax us is weird on a scale far beyond anything else seen in this universe.

So perhaps the only conclusion is that old saying; people are idiots! …and just leave it at that…?