Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The same crap as yesterday, as today and as tomorrow

There is an oldie tune from Sweden that goes something like this in translation: “Side by side, they help each other out, the state and cooperation’s is sitting in the same boat. But it is not they who rows…”. This song is meant to be very anti-capitalist, but for me, believing in capitalism and knowing what capitalism actually is; this is a perfect line to describe the enemy class and how the elitists band together in a SocialistFacist nightmare.

The true colours of our enemies is important to remember because while the high and mighty is sitting in their velvet-lined hot tubs, stroking their long-haired pets and going “Muhahahaha…”; the rest of the world is going downhill fast. While billions in bonuses are paid out to cornflake economists as thanks for ruining the economy; unemployment is sky-rocketing. And how many times have we not lately heard that “they are too big to fall” or that some company is soooo important to a region or a country that the tax payers need to bail-out the failing wreck. Companies that 10 years in a row have made billions each year suddenly need to be saved by the tax payers. When will we put a stop to this Keynesian madness?

And can anyone even count the number of times politicians (in every country around the glob) have been caught helping friends out, using public credit cards to pay for lap-dances or saying one thing in private and other in public. I have been active, highly involved or very well versed in politics and the power sphere most of my life and I don’t think I have ever meet a politician with honest, straight-forward ideological reasons for doing/saying/acting in a certain way. It is all about power, getting votes and trash the opposition, nothing else. The very few with ideas and good intention either get spooked out or thrown out, honest and decent people makes very horrid politicians. Why do we keep letting such sell-outs and power hungry elitists rule our lives?

This current depression we are in will not and cannot end until the people have had enough. And don’t believe for a second that such a revelation among the populace will pass without enormous blood-shed. Those in power will never volunteer to hand over their otherworldly benefits and God-like powers. But their main power, their main weapon isn’t the army, the police or brain-dead journalists, no; it is you, the people. Even if you understand our terrible predicament and had enough, will you listen to the rational and intellectual side or will you cast yourself into the socialist abyss and help other lefties ruin the world? This is the enemy class’ triumph card - play us against each other. Black against white, males against females, country against country, religion against religion. This is the biggest obstacle for people to overcome; to really, truly realize that your neighbour or that fellow with another language or religion isn’t your enemy.

When will you wake up? When will you smell the depression and sniff out ones that are at fault? Probably never, which is sad, but in a way also very very funny. I mean, a clear majority of people wanting more of the same crap that keep getting us into mess after mess, how cannot that be funny?

The funny fatty despot

The Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez have decided to withdraw his ambassador in a futile attempt to cover up his weapon smuggle affaires. Venezuela has bought Swedish rocket launchers and then given them to the communist guerrilla FARC in Colombia. The story does not tell whether or not the warmongering Chavez got some cocaine out of the deal but most likely he just sent his mass murdering buddies some extra weaponry. Some believe this can escalate into a regular war in the region, which is not impossible but not very likely at the moment.

Chavez (that seems to get fattier for every picture taken) is a screamer and likes to throw words around which most likely means he is a pussy that never would do anything directly. Instead he will continue to sneak around supporting this or that until the Venezuelan in-house economic situation deteriorates further. Earlier this leftie psychopath had lots of money to throw around from oil revenues and massive confiscation of the countries riches, but those are running thin at the moment and with socialisation productivity goes down so sooner or later the Venezuelan economy will dip even further down than it already has and in that situation Chavez will do what most dictator does, start a war. A war is fun, it unites the people (at least temporary), it gives people something to do except starving and thinking of their unemployment, so yes, Hugo “the obese dictator” Chavez will most likely start a war, but not yet. I give it a year or two.

Socialism is fun, isn’t it?

Monkey Business

A dying, decaying and over the top movie industry is announcing they are going to bring the Piratebay to court again. Well, this might be interested from certain angles. The last time around an entire generation learned that the Swedish juridical system have lots of bias judges, that those at Swedish courthouses have no knowledge in the technology and how those in power fraternize together and use fascist laws to impose fascist regulations. Of course millions from the so called entertainment industry changed hands last time, journalists haven’t really taken notice though. This time around it might not even go to court since the claims and demands are different. I hope it does though, maybe this time journalists can do their job when they know that we from the free media is watching. However, all this is in complete vain and they know it. I do not know how many free sites that shows movies, sports and TV-shows that exists in cyberspace but the amount is plentiful enough. There is nothing you cannot see, download or listen to, it is all out there. They can keep suing people until judgement day (a day not so far off…) and in the end all they will accomplish is to alienate an entire generation, get some good people thrown in jail and getting settlements that no one can or will pay.

One can always take comfort in knowing that those dinosaurs are a dying breed. Most likely the future of movies and quite possible all forms of culture will be developed and created within and during concepts that will work something like this: IRON SKY

The only tincy wincy wee problem, however, is that pesky depression we are just seeing emerging from the depths of the printing press hell where the enemy class rule supreme. This together with all those fascists’ laws might have a serious impact on many things, also the Internet. But all in all we have fun times ahead, riots, youngsters in jail, food lines, wars and governments everywhere controlling and surveillance everything. Yapp, fun fun fun…