Friday, July 15, 2011

Drought victims in Africa? No way! Who would have thought...

Victim of our GramscoFabiaNazi nightmare, will you be next?

Who could have seen this African disaster coming...

apocalypse nowish                  apocalypse nowish 2                     apocalypse nowish 3 once gain I can say "I told you so".

As per usual mainstream media fucks are catching on too late, and still haven´t got the entire picture. Sure The World Food Programme estimates 10 million people are affected by the worst drought in over half a century, and sure a few warnings have been told before.

But things are a lot worse!

These 10 million are only the prelude, comes the Greatest Depression we´ll see tens of millions more.

Who´s to blame? Well, you could read more of my ramblings, but instead I hope you listen to that funny little guy offering you the world and lots of stuff if you only blame all problems on capitalism, the rich, the Jews, Muslims and gypsies.

Much more entertainment up ahead if you do.

Top 5 list of reasons why things are about to go to hell

Have noticed a few things lately that points to that hilariousness I´ve been waiting for. A few hellish indications that we´re finally heading off that cliff. Not that I think we will burn in hell today or tomorrow, our Masters of despair still have a few schemes up their dirty sleeves so there´s still time to gather your belongings and head for the hill. Not much time mind you, but time.

Here´s a tiny list. Probably a lot more indications out there (plenty of economic realities and math to be mentioned) but these are really bending the shit-o-meter far in the “We´re all fucked” direction.

5. Bad news NOT only mentioned on Fridays
I have pointed out several times that for some very “strange” reason bad economic news seem to come on Fridays - just before markets close for the weekend and we have a couple of days of cooling down...

Lately however I would say it’s gone from 8 out of 10 awful news-bulletins cabled out on Fridays to about 4 of out 10. This isn´t scientifically calculated, more of a so-so accurate guess and since I´ve been following the news for a long time I feel like the direction is clear.

To me this is a sign that those deemed better no longer have full control of events. Their trickery, their manipulations and all that wealth they use to gain more wealth isn´t helping anymore. They seem to be slipping, losing control. If this notion is correct our apocalyptical ride down the abyss will kick off soon.

4. Doomsayers increase in numbers
Journalists have started to write a lot more about our day of reckoning and media suspects omething is going on and journalists can almost smell it, albeit not really picking up the true scent just yet, but getting there. Consequently more doomsayers and previously thought of “madmen” get more airtime.

3. Gold
13 years ago I told people to start buying gold. That was before the dot-com bubble bursted when the gold price was about 20% of today’s price (in dollars). The increase in the price of Gold calculated in U.S. dollars is not the best indicator though since the dollar is collapsing before our very eyes and since markets are highly manipulated, but lately a significant increase in gold purchases have occurred. Countries are hording it, advertising campaigns from companies wanting to buy your gold (or sell to you) is at an all time high, and the doomsayers mentioned above keep telling people to buy.

Gold is real money, have real intrinsic objective value and have been THE key go-to commodity since the dawn of civilization. Whenever people (and countries) start piling up gold that´s when the world is about to go down the crapper.

2. Al “fuck you” Gore is back
The man who invented Internet, the man who gave us the infamous hockey-stick graph based on calculations made on one single tree (out of thousands) in Siberia, the man who flies around in private jets and earn tons of money thanks to gullible sheople while proclaiming that humans should fly less and that making money is evil - this man is back in the news. Five years after launching his sinister “documentary” (hahaha!) he´s back with a new campaign to lift the climate hoax up on the table again. Gore´s Climate Reality-project is said to kick off with a 24hrs live streamed event on 14th of Sept.

I truly believe that if there´s one guy out there, one single man, one of the Powers who´s truly and utterly evil to the core Al is the one. Am not a religious man and I neither believe in God or the Devil, but if there are such things, my money would definitely be betted on Al Gore being Satan´s lapdog. He´s back on the scene and that can only mean the end is nigh.

1. The fear is tangible
One of my favourite pastimes is to read comment threads on news articles and blogs (I know...). And one thing I´ve noticed lately is that the comments have turned way south very fast. What was considered “idiotic” and “tin-foil-hat madness” only months ago, is today almost mainstream.

Many commentators even seem to be quoting little old me. I do not in any way claim responsibility for this rude awakening, am not that delusional, but together with a few hundred others (maybe a few thousands across the globe) I have been a voice of reason in a vast sea of insanity. Since many of our predictions have been spot on so far, even spookily Nostradamus + Sibyl + Oracle of Delphi correct, people are starting to notice and unconsciously starting to say the same thing. Others have started to awake on their own. Too late, but at least many are getting there.

Also the increase of people in my private life (that know nothing of this blog) starting to ask me questions about the future and economics has skyrocketed. The fear is spreading, and soon that fear will turn into both disastrous finances and violence.

Another fear-indicator is the day by day increase in surveillance The Powers are rolling out. I don´t think that many others see this the same way I do, but for me this is both an conscious and unconscious way of protecting the elitist sphere. It´s a defence mechanism. You will be dangerous once you figure out how ass raped you´ve been. Once you found out how much they have been stealing from you, how much they have tricked you, how much they have ruined your life, and once you figure out that not only you but your kids, grandkids and everyone you ever cared about and loved have been fucked to and that there´s no way out of this mess, well then you will lose it.

They know this.

They fear you.

That´s why they are buying supercomputers, to keep track of you.

And so the more they impose restrictions and surveillance upon us and the more they are pushing for it, the closer we´re getting to the end of the road.