Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some more great news from around the world

The Japanese central bank will buy more government bonds from banks to boost lending and get funds flowing again in the recession-stoked economy. The central bank said the government bond purchases were aimed at easing a credit crunch in Japan, as the economy fights its worst recession since 1974.

The world bank has cut down Chinas GDP forecast with 1% and at the same time comes reports of foreign investments in China going way down. In India predictions of GDP is down 1,5%.

The Venezuelan dictator (that gets fatter for every time you see him) is now going to centralize power held by regional leaders. And a new law would further reinforce his ability to intervene in state affairs.

Your government at work

The horrific government has again told us how things work. Government is in charge and decides what kind of store you can or cannot have. Government tells you what’s right and wrong. Government controls what kind of product you can or cannot own and what you can sell or give away to others. And it doesn’t matter if you are old, young, rich or poor. In Sweden a nice little old lady at the tender years of 77y had cigarettes and alcohol at home she allegedly sold to others. She has now been convicted and is going to have to pay a hefty sum for “illegal” possession of alcohol and crimes against the law of tobacco. I’m just surprised she didn’t end up in jail. Why do you idiots let them do this to you? Are you happy being controlled, monitored and taxed up your colon? And what do you think would have happen to this old lady if she had resisted and protected her rights as a human? That’s right, she would get hurt and possible get killed. Murdered by government, like billions of others. I never understood how so many people can accept being controlled in this way, and this throughout the ages. But as I said, you are all idiots.

Those idiotic Americans

People in Los Angeles are more or less fighting over tickets to see and hear the man who soon will destroy the once great nation on the other side of the Atlantic. Obamas policy of getting banks to loan money to people who shouldn’t have any so they can spend it on stuff they don’t need and this with borrowed money from the Chinese and newly made monopoly money from the printer, is soon going to end the normality of Americans life. But idiots like this socialist so they flock to see him, even paying to hear him speak. Not even back in the Dark Age’s people wanted to see or hear the executioner, they just wanted to see him chop some heads of, but modern day idiots like to feel close to the one holding the ax.

Pope poop again

Pope Benedict 16 has solemnly declared that condoms aren’t the answer in the fight against HIV/AIDS. This statement comes while God’s messenger on earth heads of to Cameroon. He is also quoted saying that he wants to wrap his arms around the entire continent, with "its painful wounds, its enormous potential and hopes". The Vatican also declared that abstinence was the solution to the HIV/AIDS problem. So basically, when they are not raping choir boys or declaring that young adolescent girls are evil, they are out to kill some black people.

Can’t some of those black AIDS infested people drag this man into some jungle and make him squeal a bit?

Tiny smurf casts long shadows

When most other countries are cutting back on armament and nuclear phallus thingy’s, Russia plans to do the opposite. I love Russians, always so predictable. President Dmitri A. Medvedev – the one with the strings attached to him – have declared this despite not really having founds for it. It might be a political maneuver to get Obama Bin Laden to cut down on NATO expansion, but the marionette isn’t really the problem, the tiny little smurf Putin is. Tiny men like Putin have inferiority problems which make big hunky rockets shaped like the male reproduction organ comforting since he has problems reaching a normal sized woman’s tits.

So I hold Putin as number one on my he-who-will-start-it-all-list. When the real financial crisis hits America and the rest of the world, I will keep a close eye on Putin with one hand down the popcorn bag and the other ready to post a final blog entry before all the fun starts. And you already know what my final words will be: “I told you so”.