Thursday, September 23, 2010

Final thoughts on the Swedish election

Last Sunday Sweden held its general election and in the preliminary result the centre-right parties in the Alliance won the largest support, 49.3 per cent, compared to 43.7 per cent for the centre-left Red-Green coalition. The anti-immigration party the Sweden Democrats was able to gain 5.7 per cent, and will thus take seats in the Parliament and will probably hold the swing vote.

This means that the Alliance will have to try to form a minority government.

However, there is a small but yet a chance that the absent ballots, the last postal and expat votes, could give the Alliance an absolute majority. But as it look right now it seems that the final count will show that only a couple of hundred of votes are missing - in total (haha…) - for the current right-center government to get majority in the Swedish Riksdag (parliament). Instead we’ll have a minority rule with the government going back and forth to secure votes.

I find this hilariously funny, especially since I, and many I had convinced, supported the libertarian alternative. With 713+ votes going to the Libertarian Party of Sweden you could argue that this was the decisive factor.

Of course this isn’t exactly so because many thousands of votes also went to the Pirate Party. Votes that otherwise may have landed in support of the sitting government. And so you cannot really know how things would have turned out if the government had exchanged their fascist Justice Minister or ignored the pleas and bribes from the entertainment industry in order to roll out the Orwellian surveillance nightmare. But it is hard to see how they could lose votes if they had done so, and if I’m right they lost majority because of me and others like me that may have considered voting for them if they’d made such changes.

Of course there are now calls for changing the electoral process and how votes are counted. No big surprise there, the righteous elitists need to secure their power and make sure that people voting wrong not have the final say. Also we got an anti-immigration party in the parliament and this will not do. The elitists may argue they don’t like these “racists” because of their views, but this is only partly true. The truth is that our puppet masters don’t like losing seats, money and prestige and that’s what this is really about. So again we can read about how ‘wrong’ it is that a small racist party can gain a swing vote - sort of implying that something about counting votes process needs to change.

"There is nothing wrong with your television. Do not attempt to adjust the picture"

713+ (not final count) votes going to the newly formed Libertarian party may not sound like much, but bear in mind that there was no real effort, the party has no money whatsoever and a vast majority of the Swedish populace doesn’t even know the existence of such a party. Also most of the supposed libertarians in Sweden do vote for the existing parties in parliament. Some do this because the alternative (communists and climatologists) is worse and others do it because they have nothing against selling their souls for a seat or a pat on the back.

With this in mind I think the libertarians did a good job and there’s only up from here.

And although I do detest the sitting (and continuously governing) Swedish government with their control-grids, their growing fascist views and horrible stupidities I also agree with the soul-selling spineless ‘libertarian’ morons that voted for them; the alternative is worse.

At least Sweden managed to avoid getting the ugliest Prime Mentalist (the Social Democratic leader) ever seen in the Western World, and that’s something to take comfort in when the next wave of economic Armageddon roles in over us in the near future.