Thursday, July 5, 2012

…7… 6… 5…

The EU summit meeting solved all problems! Jey! Markets going up, bond yields going down and Ze Germans are happy as can be… hum… oh, wait... what?


Economic collapse in 10… 9… 8…

The European Central bank is set to cut interest rates to record lows. According to the thieves and master plotters they will do so in order to keep the positive feeling (haha…) after the EU summit going. Of course such statements and such actions are wrong for so many reasons. Firstly the interest rate should be set by the market because otherwise we cannot get correct price signals, but if set by unelected bureaucrats doing the right thing they should be increased. I would guess that in order to purge the system and get rid of all the malinvestments and toxic assets that ECB should increase interest rates to around 15-20%.

Since they are instead lowering interest rates you need to know that such a move is NOT to keep the “positive feeling” (crazy notion by itself) but instead it is in order to buy time. Time needed to let their banking buddies pull home profits and rob the people further before the impending collapse.

As said, the financial meltdown and consequently The Greatest Depression cannot be stopped, it cannot be hindered, and it will happen no matter what anyone say or do. They know this and so all they are doing is buying a little more time and in doing so they are worsening our looming doomsday - building upon an already apocalyptic scenario.

The Swedish central bank decided to keep interest rates at the level it is, which is also complete and utter madness. Since the Swedish economy is slightly better than that of the European Union in general and the Eurozone in particular, Sweden does not need to increase rates to towards 20% but surely 7-8% would be beneficial.

And to, again, make it clear; YES doing what I suggest when it comes to interest rates would collapse the Swedish and/or European economy. However bad that would be, it’s a far, far better situation than waiting for the system to implode on itself.

But of course it’s more important to save a few vampire squid banks then saving the world. 

A few other funnies to contemplate;

 Working for government in the U.S. and thinking of retiring the nearest years? Haha… then you are screwed. Imagine when the police realize this and the oligarchs of America want to be protected from horrible soccer mums and families at their next summit meeting. Oh, if I was a U.S. congressman or if I was one of the high and mighty plotters and looking at these numbers I would start trembling of fear…

The president, Froggy Hollandaise of La belle France has made another marvelously ill-advised decision. After lowering the pension age (But the way, France do not have pension money either!!) he´s now contemplating sending out his armed thugs to collect more taxes from the so called “rich”, which include holiday home and sailboat owners. Probably wants to get rid of a few pesky people actually working for a living so his country falls even deeper into despair. People can always eat cake…

China is finally, from their point of view, starting to try to fix the mess they are in. Too little too late of course. All those ghost cities and all that phony growth curtsey of the Chinese government fiddling the numbers created a boom that lured and tricked the world for a few years, but that is now coming to an end. GDP is a tool very easy to manipulate and for a totalitarian state hording U.S. treasuries by the trillions it’s even easier. The internal struggles for power and outright rebellions occurring almost daily (events never covered by media – definitely not in the west) and certain forcible action taken by the government has created a society very volatile and highly explosive, so when the world economy crashes I see it as very likely (close to 100% certainty) that China will be plunged into a civil war.

going to attend the Zombie apocalypse


Of course most think this is a funny joke. I don´t. Not that I think we´re heading for a "real" zombie apocalypse, but as I´ve pointed out before; you morons will turn our world into one

heeeelp me.. I used to be a social worker...

we used to work for the IRS... do you have a cure?

Aha... so, want some help with dying? And  a cure? Sure, I can certainly help you with that.