Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Something is bound to happen. Soon.

For those of us staying tuned to the online chatter and reading blogs and keeping up to date with the alternative press, there’s a build-up going on. I have seen this happening over the last couple of years and it is starting to reach a boiling point.

There are so many angry people out there. So many disillusioned citizens have lost their jobs while rich banksters, oligarchs and the political elite gorge themselves on a buffet of tax money.

Lately even normally laid back and conservative people have started to talk about stringing politicians up, talking about rebellions and that it is time for people to arm themselves. And these folks are not tin-foil hats, they are not radical lefties or anarchist right-wingers, they are ordinary citizens that have had enough.

An entire generation of youngsters and free thinkers that had a bastion of hope, a respirator and outlet for information and democracy – is now getting it taken away from them. I am of course taking about internet. Nothing has scarred the powers that be more, ever, in our entire history, as internet has. Suddenly nothing could be controlled and even the soccer mum next door could be an informant or journalist. The carefully built elitist structure that couldn’t be rocked by anything was/is in swing because of internet. As a consequence they will do and say ANYTHING to keep it from running free. The mock trial against PirateBay, the outburst of autocracy from political bodies, the European Union imposing Stasi-like control-grids and the US transforming into a fascist stupidity is only the beginning. They will STOP AT NOTHING in order to control, and survey and tax internet.

Think about all this for a moment and then consider whether I am right about us just being in the beginning of this financial and political dilemma. If true, where does that leave us?

And they know this. Of course. The elitists have sniffed this out and are already starting the “blame-game”. You know it was the rich that did it. And the Muslims. Jews too. The Romani’s are taking our jobs. Immigrants in general are also at fault. Greed got us here. The evil Mr. Market is out to get us.

Another thing that seems to be more and more obvious are reoccurring market manipulations. Previously our puppet masters and rich cabalas have worked in the shadows and could only affect some part of the market and this only temporarily. However with more and more regulations their power has increased. Even more important are the so called “stimulus” packages which in reality only is money printing going into the extreme. This has freed trillions of ‘extra cash’ that can be used to trick markets and pundits alike into gigantic scams. The Market Ticker seems to have this down…

Somewhere down the line this stops ‘working’ and there can be a several reasons for this. The most unlikely scenario is that they stop printing money and raise interest rates across the board.

Here Keynesians actually have it right. If we did the right thing now, markets would crash and burn. If interest rates went up to 5-6-7 percent (probably a lot higher in several countries) and they started to roll back money instead of throwing them out there, and if they at the same time cut government spending down to manageable levels - if this happened we would immediately enter a depression.

Wouldn’t this be bad? Sure. Horrific really. But it is the right thing to do, let the market correct itself, let people get back to rebuilding the economy and after two three years we would start to recover and after another year we would be back on track.

This will never happen though. Politicians are scared senseless at the moment. People are already rioting and issuing general strikes, and threats towards the ruling elite are reaching pre-revolution levels. Imagine if they did the right thing and things went from really bad to truly horrific. Would they be re-elected? Not a chance. More likely they’d find themselves dangling from lampposts.

So in the eyes of our sovereign leaders this option is off the table.

Instead they will do the wrong thing. Which is to say the exact same thing they did to get us into this mess and the exact same thing they have done to worsen the situation time and again. They will print more money, they will offer more government solutions, and they will borrow and spend while they try to calm investors down with slim cuts and useless adjustments to budget or policy.

They do this with the hopeful notion that things might readjust, maybe people start spending again, maybe some new invention will kick-start the economy, maybe Aliens will save us. But what they are really doing is buying time. Getting an extra month or an extra year so they can buy a getaway ticket. Getting more time so they can implement more internet restrictions, and impose more laws and build up a police state for protection. Of course many of them are pure idiots and as no clue what is going on, probably a majority of them, but such morons are followers and do whatever the owner of the ass their nose is stuck in says.

This means more months of debt accumulation. More regulations. More government. More fascism.

This means that problems will grow. Escalating from an already horrific height.

This means that when this thing blows it will not be only horrific, it will be far, far worse. You need to start looking into the book of revelations for adjectives to describe it. We are talking full-on bloody apocalyptical we-are-all-fucked scenes followed by famine, war and pestilence. I would go so far to say that nothing before in human history comes even close to what await us. Tens of millions will starve to death, trade wars will break out, the European Union will break up into smaller pieces, and it is very likely that civil wars are on the agenda in many countries, including China and the US.

Please also remember that you have voted for this, you wanted it, you have rooted for it, and many of you wants even more of it. Makes the whole armageddon experience more enjoyable.

As some of you know I try to keep an eye on alternative sources to see in what direction the economy is really going. The Baltic Dry cargo index, the number of shipping manifests, the number of distractions (wars, terror alerts, computer viruses etc.) that is thrown at us from above and similar thingies are often the best indicators.

But if you really want to know how the economy is going you should look at the sex- and weapons industries. When weapons goes up and sex goes down, then the shit is really about to hit the fan. Can you guess how these industries have performed during the latest couple of years? What the trends are? Yeah… that’s right…

I could go on, but my feeling is that we are closing in on it. I cannot put a time-stamp on it, mainly because I am still pissed that the whole thing didn’t stick to my predictions I made a decade ago saying that the big crash would have happened earlier this year.

All I can say is that it will happen. If it is a month from now (which we can hope) or if it is a couple of years down the line (brrrr…) is anyone’s guess. I hardly see this scam rolling more than 1,5-2 years though, and I think it would be hilariously funny if we officially entered the Greatest Depression in 2012. Wouldn’t you say so?

I do think they can still buy a little more time and with the media and almost all of the pundits bought and paid for, they can also continue to lie to us. So if nothing ‘scary’ happens, like a new big war or a nuclear explosion in London, we’ll probably roll along for a while yet.

Please just remember those oh so funny four words that I have been saying and will continue to repeat over and over and over again…

I told you so.

A thought provoking clip

I really enjoyed this little vid. It is psychological, philosophical and it offers an alternative explanation to why the world continues to get flushed again, and again. I don’t necessarily agree and I believe that this is only a part explanation of what one should be aware of, but it is nevertheless worthy a watch. Get some of those synapses blinking.