Thursday, January 14, 2010

The premise of defiant defeat

I don’t really know when I gave up, it could have been when they didn’t let me study what I want or when I realized what shadowy deals really goes within the world of politics. Whenever it happened it made me into what knowledgeable people would call “Gone Galt”.

Basically I don’t care. I have no money and I am not going after any. I possess high education but use it to a very small degree, other than being an annoying blogger or when talking with others that do use their intellect. I have an experience that surpasses most, but no interest in sharing it with others. I could live a productive life, paying lots of taxes and having a high-paid job, instead I choose to wonder around the world seeking out other cultures, taking medial work that satisfies me but leaves me penniless.

Lately I’ve heard many saying things like: “Why don’t you take a job at X or Y company? You’re smart, could be manager or higher someday”. A girl I know from the time when I was active politician said the other day that she thought I would have been a parliamentarian today. Maybe I could, maybe I couldn’t, I chose to not even try. Why? Why should I? The more I earn, the more I pay in taxes. The progressiveness of taxation makes it almost impossible to get wealthy, unless you’re extremely rich, then you can use that influence and power to skip taxation completely. That’s the fairness of our system. Keep the common man down; make them think they live in an equal state while the already rich and powerful can become even wealthier and more powerful.

You see, in order to try, to actually put in the effort, you need to play the game. If you do maybe the payout will be great in one way or the other, but would you be able to look in the mirror? To play the game means that you need to lick ass, lots of them. You need to growl, make deals, and have friends in high places. Do you know what it takes to become a famous and powerful politician? Of course you don’t, hardly anyone knows. Even the ones sitting on the power refuse to acknowledge it; otherwise they would probably not be able to live with themselves. If you’re not prepared to sell your soul, Grannie and friends for 30 pieces of silver over and over again, you can never become a politician.

Once upon a time I was a member of an Agenda 21 group. The thought was that the group would work towards implementing certain UN regulations and promote a better environment. When all the rest in the group, from right to left in politics, argued for cutting down fuel emissions, I said that if anyone wants to fuel their car and drive around their house until the tank was empty and do so over and over again, then that’s that persons choice and nothing no-one should interfere with. When they said that some municipals in Sweden hadn’t yet imposed some UN decrees, I said that the UN was a club for powerful elitists where they could rub each other’s shoulders and anything coming from there should be opposed and refused. I become some kind of clown to the others. That is also part of the game, anyone saying the truth or having a difference of opinion to the mainstream are clowns or maybe a rich fascist.

But the thing that made the most impact on me was when I sat in a political body regulating and deciding over social welfare. One day they decided to send all of the politicians and bureaucrats (40 or so individuals) to a retreat in the Stockholm archipelago. We would stay at some mansion, eat, dine and have a couple of lectures on Social-Justice Laws. The cost was about SEK 15000 for each individual. I was the only one opposing this. The very same day a young girl had applied for some extra help, so it ended up on our table. This girl had lived a very harsh life, getting raped several times, and been to drug-rehab, hanged out with gangs and so on. She had recently, still only 19y old, got herself a kid and tried to turn her life around. So she applied for some extra funds to help her do so. It was not much money, I think it was SEK 4000 or something of the sort, we turned her down. I was the only one voting on her behalf.

Now, you gotto know that I was actually against giving her this money, I don’t think anyone should get any help from the government at all, so I wasn’t being a good Samaritan, but the founds are there, I couldn’t change that, the only thing I (we) could impact was where the money went.

This is politics and government in its very core, this is how they operate. Sure they hand out support and such, and that’s what they tell average-Joe’s, and that’s what the papers write, but look closely at the numbers and you’ll be horrified how much is wasted on useless projects or for politicians wellbeing.

The path I have chosen have made me totally ignorant of the law, any debts or any society regulation that we should follow. On the contrary, I smooch as much I can. If there’s a welfare check to claim, I will claim it. I take great pride in living of the state as much as possible. Every time I see a publically paid for item, like a lamp-post, a post-box or anything of the sort, I will try to destroy it, vandalize it and in other ways make it obsolete. I only buy smuggled alcohol, if I’m not in a hurry. I always drive too fast, I encourage people to break the law and since they imposed fascist regulations on the Internet I’ve started downloading as much ‘illegally’ I can. Never did before. I do this in secrecy as much as possible, of course. I’m not stupid. I know they would happily lock me up and throw away the key if given the chance.

I also try to keep count on how much I cost the Swedish people, but it is hard to calculate. I know I’ve gone past ten million which in comparison with the couple of millions the government has stolen from me in taxation is pretty much. I hope to surpass a hundred million before I die. And keep in mind, it’s not only the cost, but also the lack of income they could have stolen from me if I were to actually fulfill my full potential and try to raise productivity with my brain.

And no, I am not an anarchist, not even against the law. I’m pretty conservative actually and I possess a basic liking for both the police and the justice system. However, what we have today isn’t just, it is not created to help, support or uphold honor within our community, quite the opposite. If there’s a law and a system that is unjust and goes against all things ethical, shouldn’t we oppose it and try to bring it down?

I know many of you out there think it’s a democratic system and that people breaking the rules are outlaws, but that’s because you’ve been lied to, you’ve been indoctrinated, fooled. I also know many of you think it’s wrong to live of the system, I know because I used to be one of them, and I still think that, but I also think that our current way of life needs to be broken down, destroyed, and the best way of doing that is to make our enemies run out of money.

You see, those in charge, the enemy class, only understand the language of violence and money. My intention is to bring in as much violence I can and out as much money as possible.

In a way many of you do this without even thinking of it. And I don’t mean breaking the law, which all of us do daily, and I don’t mean living on welfare which so many of you do, no, what I mean is that most of you highly stupid drooling idiots are not working at 100%. Can you think of a single person that put his heart and soul into his work? Not many of those left.

So when media is trying to lift up opinion polls before general elections I sort of don’t care. If the lefties win they will increase taxation and some welfare checks with one or two percent, if the right wins they will instead decrease with one or two percent. The end result is about the same, there are no opposite sides in politics anymore, and they don’t want to change anything. If you think there’s a difference between parties, you should start paying attention. They all want to save the system, they all want you to vote, they all want you to be a good little citizen and they all want to regulate, control and tax you. We don’t have two or five or seven parties in our parliament, in best case scenario we have two parties with a slight difference of opinion, but mostly they could all be the same one.

I’m waiting for that moment when ordinary citizens figure out they’ve been lied to, duped and that their money goes down black holes. I’m waiting for you sheople out there to figure out how corrupt our system really is. I’m waiting for the pitch-forks and torches to come out. Until you do I will continue to live as I do and try to find a safe haven somewhere in the world.

Please, won’t someone think of the children?

As the socialist country of Haiti continues to count their dead other countries around the world are starting to compete on who can send the most aid. The papers are filled with reports on how rescue workers have arrived, and how money is taken from treasuries and sent to one of the most corrupt places on the planet.

Just as if starving, dying from the cold weather and very poor people doesn’t exist in other countries.

Sure no matter what the immediate help would have been necessary, but if Haitians had embraced the warmth of personal freedom and the justice of capitalism before this earthquake, then very few people would have died and the dire circumstances would have been reduced to patching up a couple of buildings.

Instead of sending money, that we know will partly be stolen or end up in the hands of politicians and other criminals, we should be sending them instruction manuals and some books on how they can strengthen their country with free markets, sound money, and individual liberty. And if our own elected frauds feel better by sending millions of our tax money, at least we should insist that that money comes with demands for Haitians to free their country.

Von Mises institute also have an entry on the same subject: read here

Don’t get caught up in the hype and send money without thinking. It may make you feel better, but that shouldn’t be the point. The point should be to help them rebuild and guide them down the right path so they in the future never need to have a similar situation again. Think of the children, not only those of today but also tomorrow. In a couple of years time when things have settled, either they have started to free themselves and introduced capitalism or they again are back in the same track and again face a future with bad housing, hardly any medical care and a starving populace hence back to a situation where any natural disaster or gangs can further destroy their country.

It is not about sending help and aid; it’s about sending the right ones.

Ron Paul on aid to Haiti

Another sane person saying what we ought to be doing instead of this emergency crap that we all know will partly be squandered away and picked up by various crime-syndicates and leftie politicians. These people need capitalism, not aid.

What has Obonga been smoking?

Maybe one shouldn’t be too surprised that the man who’s currently obliterating Afghan villages, bombing refugees in Pakistan and destroying the world economy has the time to throw millions at a deeply corrupt and socialistic country like Haiti.

If the Haitians had embraced individual freedom thousands of people wouldn’t be dead and the disaster aid wouldn’t be necessary to the same extent. The pick-pocket in chief have the intention to bring his countrymen to the same level of living as that of the Haitians so he’s probably setting the stage so Americans can get help from abroad later on.

USA has people dying all over due to the deep freeze (thank you global warming). There are people in Louisiana still homeless from Katrina. Homeless people sleeping under bushes, kids who go to bed hungry every night. Hardworking Americans who have lost their homes, their jobs, their savings. Soldiers who come home to nothing. The deficit has reached unprecedented size and companies are going under each day. Yet they are going to spend $100 million out of taxpayers’ pockets to help another country that should have been able to fend for themselves?

And the wording coming out of his mouth between inhales? Please.

“This is a situation that calls out for American leadership,” He huffed and continued:

"Yet, even as we bring our resources to bear . . . we need to summon the tremendous generosity and compassion of the American people,"

Yeah, and then he can fly around the globe very fast and change history…

Can you believe this guy? Not that any other leader is any better, from all over the world aid is sent and not a single penny has so far come with restrictions or demands. Are we just going to save these people so they can sit around and wait for the next coup or natural disaster and die then instead?

Our bellowed Adolf

Apparently biographies of the Austrian painter as well as stories and history books of the 30’s and Nazism still are made and sold in pretty large quantities.

The question everyone still is asking is; “how could it happen?” For some reason the answer to that question still eludes a large portion of historians and political commentators. It might be that these people has been sniffing furniture polish, and to a certain extent that is probably true. Others ignore the facts, and yet others try to invent their own description to hide certain aspects of National Socialist ideas.

And yet anyone with the perception and knowledge surpassing that of a Lemur can with very few sentences tell you all you need to know.

People are as individuals smart, as a group however they are highly stupid. Bunch together people in groups, throw some platitudes over them, give them “free stuff” and create a common enemy and people will do pretty much everything you tell them. We’ve seen this so many times that when people still get surprised, it is a much stranger mystery than the rise and fall of National Socialism. And we’re still seeing the same today, even in the so called democratic states.

Another so called mystery that baffles historians is how many of the people behind the schemes seem pretty nice. They were family fathers, well educated and cultivated so how could they start a world war and the holocaust?

Again the answer is as easy as the question.

The ones arguing for and eventually implement collectivistic ideas have for the most time been pretty run-of-the-mill individuals. I remember when I sat at a government body of a middle sized Swedish city and realized that the ones I cared for, hang out with and had most in common with on a personal basis was the communists and socialist, and yet still I knew that if given the chance they would happily lock me up, shot me in the neck or throw me into a death-camp.

Even the nicest most loveable father of the year will do despicable things if or when he ends up with great power in his hands under a totalitarian regime.

And the real answer that we should be looking for is; what is the difference between getting taxed, shot, forced into labor and fight in endless wars by people in red shirts in opposite for being taxed, shot, forced into labor and fight in endless wars by people in black shirts?

The truth is that any idea that opposes individualism and personal freedoms will eventually end in mass graves, war, hyperinflation, poverty and madness. There are no exceptions.

The monetary union of deficiency

The powers that be are out in force again, promoting the planning of our economies through the Marxist solution called EMU. Sweden held a referendum on the subject as faaaaar back as 2003; surely it is time for another vote? The elitists seem to think so.

Lately they’ve been issuing calls for new investigations; apparently we need to hire some bureaucrats to study the pro and cons. Also several leading politicians are writing editorials, a couple of newspaper has talked about the Euro more frequently and it seems that this current crisis, that should be a deterrent, have in fact tightened their resolve. But just like a Nun loves nimble and athletic fingers they play the game, two stepping around the obvious target and instead fondles the area around – in this case avoiding the topic of a new referendum…

Or will we even see another one? Well opinion-polls in Sweden have showed a sort of 50/50 situation, even a slight plus on the Yea-side, so maybe, but it seems more likely they will try to hammer the message for a year or so before issuing some decree how unnecessary it is or how the Lisabon treaty in combination with a harsh world filled with treacherous recessions demand that the überlords take swift action.

There are so many problems with the monetary union, not only in theory; we’ve already seen how Greece, Spain, Italy and several other countries are piling up debt, running deficits breaking the rules. So very the basis of the monetary union, the rule-book, isn’t in use. The asymmetric chocks are ever present and the large mass of pensioners has just started to roll out. And the pensions for most of these people aren’t there, there’s no money. Where did it go you might ask, well they spent it on you, or rather they spent it to get your vote in general elections, so enjoy that ‘free lunch’ that was your pension...
If we don’t want tens of millions of starving elderly around Europe those founds need to come from somewhere. Higher taxation is the most likely solution.

I could go on, but what I wanted to tell you isn’t about the economics but rather that it is soon coming, the next referendum that is. They haven’t said it yet, no date have been set, but when more and more indoctrinating texts and our beloved leaders are rumbling about a certain subject in an exponential way, that’s when we can say things are soon coming out of the woodwork.

And this time around they come more prepared; they have learned how to make you give them them the keys to the mental-ward. Oh, I can already hear the drool from countless banksters’ mouths hitting that mahogany table-edge and slowly filling the puddle by their feet.

I do hope some of you normal kids out there are instead eyeing a grassy knoll were you can lay down and catch some thug in a suit going by in your scope. Well, I can dream...

Billions of years of evolution, and this is the best we have to offer?

As already stated the only true ‘good’ numbers coming from America the latest years have been the ever expending expenditures comes to weaponry. Military equipment and shipment was the only ‘positive’ thing during 2009 and this under the peace loving Oduma. And the American Armament industry is still functioning, as the only productive branch in that country, this mainly thanks to the large sales of arms to the Arab Gulf States, mainly the Saudi’s.

And if you, as a dictatorial power, need some additional help and aid, what to do? Well a good way to go about this is to claim there’s Alky Aida “training camps” under your nose. Those pesky inhabitants are rebelling? Well call the Americans and point out those “camps”. And if some poor underwear-model happens to carry a bomb, of course he comes from those “camps”.

Yemen is now trying this approach, so far only attracting American and British “advisors”, but the more those supposed raids into Saudi territory goes on, threatening oil stations, we can surely count on an escalation.

In the meanwhile US continues to bomb refugees and “camps” in Pakistan, those wretched Alky Aida boys are everywhere as it seems.

This is what we’ve become eh? Some underdeveloped nation in the Caribbean with inhabitants not able to build porch stairs dies in the thousands because of too much statism, and now the world is supposed to come to the rescue? Why didn’t they have enough schools, hospitals and better structures? Well, socialism does that to a country. And Western nations bomb and inspire bloody feuds in countless Muslim countries and we expect no retaliation? No way? Why would they attack us? And we let the banksters rob us in broad daylight and then we hand them trillions of dollars as thanks, seemingly thinking that ‘this cannot happen again’. Fascism is growing, socialist solutions is the bible to follow, and the complete scam of manmade global warming rolls on with higher taxation while most of us tries to put food on the table.

Were the hell is that Alien invasion?

I think you all should drill a hole in your skulls so the brain can have more blood-flow. You'll be smarter that way and will be able to do wicked-cool telepathic stuff. I learned that from The X-Files. Maybe it can help evolution a bit by doing so, it cannot get worse so why not…