Saturday, January 26, 2013

Time to move on – Czech Republic goes socialist

Forgotten victims of socialism

Sadly the Czech people have already, only 20 years after, forgotten the horrors of socialism. Although true that the still very bureaucratic and in several areas left-leaning country has had a lot of problems with corruption, but I never thought that a country experiencing such a huge upswing and so many improvements would totally forget their past. It get more and more obvious that the generation of the velvet revolution has abandon the ideals of equality and justice for left leaning madness.

First there was the election recently whereas communists won seats and gained power. And now Miloš Zeman (yes, that is his name...) “former” communist will take over the presidency.

Scary stuff.
Socialism kills - but who cares... 

Apparently this is how far peoples memory stretches; 20 years. After 20 years we can go back to totalitarian idiocies and worthless policies because the current left-wing government it too corrupt. So of course we then need to move much further to the left.

The reason I love living in the Czech Republic is because I feel so much more free here than in Sweden. Although Sweden is, currently, a slightly richer country, my birth nation is bureaucratic nightmare filled with so many rules and political correctness that I would rather live in a swamp. Czech Republic, despite many faults (too much socialism) is much freer, much easier, and much cheaper and here you can actually live on a normal salary.

All that is about to change.

It may take a year or a decade, but once the people has decided to go down the same collectivistic road that historically has always miscarried and lead to misery, the country is doomed to fail just as the rest of the misfits of Europe.

Consequently it is time to move on.

Sadly there are no free countries anymore. No safe havens.

We are all oppressed, bullied, controlled, surveyed, and pressed into corners. Yes, sure, eventually a cornered population will turn around and strike back through rebellions and upheaval (soon there by the way) but such revolutions will not change much, and even if they do apparently 20 years is how far people can remember.
Prague Spring of 1968 - so what, lets bring these good old times back! 

I wish the Czech people all the luck, but to me this is the beginning to the end. Consequently I need to move again. Don´t know where, preferably another planet, but I will try to find some place warmer and nicer so I at least can get more sunshine even though subjugated and kept down.

When? Oh fucking hell; when!? When will you idiots out there learn? We know what works and what has never worked. We know this. History tells us! Intellect tells us! The math tells us! I simply don’t understand how you all can be so ignorant.

No wonder we are in the mist of THE GREATEST DEPRESSION and that the wars never stop. No wonder that poverty and famine is still running rampant across the world. No wonder that we have injustice and totalitarian regimes. BECAUSE YOU APPARENTLY WANT IT!!

Czech people are idiots, but so are most of you out there... 

Pol Pot murdered over 1/3 the entire population of Cambodia. 1/3!!! 
- but let´s vote for his policies! jey!