Sunday, April 26, 2009

The worst is yet to come

We are in the preliminary phase of one of the greatest conflict in history, quite possible the greatest of them all. Time and again humans of this earth have laid their trust in awful regimes, oppressive tyranny and monstrous ideology. Why? Why have the waste majority, time and again, been ruled by dictatorial warmongers whom do nothing except impose more laws and create more hardship? We have learned nothing from history and in the words of one of America’s greatest men talking about the holocaust and WW II we cannot say those two ending words:

“And then, rising above all this cruelty, out of this tragic and nightmarish time, beyond the anguish, the pain and the suffering for all time, we can and must pledge: Never again.”

I’m not referring directly to Darfur, former Yugoslavia or Iraq. Inexcusable as those crimes may be, they still do not hold a candle to the worldwide plague of collectivism and big governments. Since the dawn of agriculture those of us using our grey matter have known that there is enough food and work for all humans, still people starve by the millions, work is scarce and the lives of billions are under the thumb of malevolent institutions that claims to be saviors.

Anyone reading the journals of human history with an intellectual approach will find that the latest 250 years have both been humanities finest but also most terrible. Finest because we learn how to produce, how to live civilized and how to respect our fellow man. Terrible because so many have listened to those who say we all need to share and that we need to put our trust on the whims of government. No government have never and will never be anything else than a bunch of parasitical thief’s that thrives on the backs of all those it rule. Politicians do not produce wealth; they only redistribute wealth, and in doing so increasing the cost several times over. When a politician gives you something, it is you and your neighbor that pays for it, again several times over. Government cannot create jobs, government do not know how you should live your life. Still almost every person on this planet believes that governments can give them things and make their lives easier. Why?

The peril we stand in front of now might be our biggest challenge ever. Hitler’s tyranny and the Soviet Empire were formidable foes, but most people realized this and took a stand against it. Now we have a much sneakier enemy creeping upon us without us hardly realizing it. Slowly but surely states and governments have been increasing their power several times over in just a couple of decades. This slowly imposing menace is growing accompanied by nice sounding words like “healthcare”, “Save the poor” and “solidarity”. Or in regards to Internet they use carefully selected euphoniums like “child-pornography” to make us more willing to obey their reasoning for monitoring and controlling us. Each year governments everywhere expand the law and increase their power. Each year politicians dupe people into believing in the comforts of totalitarianism.

I believe we have forgotten our ancestor’s cries for democracy, freedom and equality mainly because we live comfortable lives. We are richer, live longer and most aspects and in most countries we are still more free than those people that came before us. And who doesn’t want to save the needy, the hungry and the ill? We all do. So when some smug well-spoken pastor of collectivism bombards us with horrific images of the starving and show statistic about unemployment our first gut feeling is that we most come together and help out. But what we forget is to use the brain. Ask yourself the following two questions and if you answer those in what can only be construed as the only right answer, why the hell do you keep doing, voting and rooting for the non intelligent response?

Who will work the hardest and produce most: The one working for himself and for his own gain or the one who works for the common good of the state?
Who knows best how you should live your life: Is it you yourself or is it the public opinion?

The current economic crisis we have worldwide was created by governmental restrictions on the financial market and by governmental interventions on housing and consumer markets in several countries. This is a fact. Do you really think that we would have this crisis if you, the individual, decided how to work, were to put your money and how to live your life? The crisis has also reached very high grounds mainly thanks to huge governmental loans and the never ending printing of new money. Would you – or would anyone let you – keep borrowing money to pay off earlier debts and keep spending money on things you cannot afford? And governments already deeply in debt and having no real resources to take from, are loaning more money, printing more money and making enormous investments in order to get us out of this crisis. Would you do the same if you look at your own private economy or if it was regarding your company?

But the worst thing about all this is that it leads us further down the same path that got us into this mess in the first place. We are getting more restrictions, more regulations, higher taxes and greater loans upon loans to be paid by you and all your relatives in many generations to come. This crisis isn’t going to and cannot end, not even if they “halter” or “stop” this crisis temporally. The problem remains, now even worsened. And with low production capacity in regard to the rest of the economy and with so much money being flooded into the market this is going to be a spectacle of incomprehensible horror.

The last time we had a situation like this, we got to see the rise of the two main killing ideologies ever seen, National Socialism and communism. What do you think is going to happen this time? And if I’m right that this crisis soon turns into a depression and if I’m right that this most likely will be worse than anything before, what will happen then? How will the world look in 15 years from now? In my mind that’s not a pretty picture. And who is really responsible for this?

"It's really a wonder that I haven't dropped all my ideals because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them because in spite of everything I still believe that people are good at heart. I simply can't build up my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery, and death. I see the world gradually being turned into a wilderness. I hear the ever approaching thunder which will destroy us too; I can feel the suffering of millions and yet, if I looked up into the heavens I think that it will all come right, that this cruelty too will end and that peace and tranquility will return again."

/ Ann Frank’s diary

You are going to die! Part XXII

Did you know that tens of thousands of people worldwide die because of swine each year? I’m not talking about some minor flu thingy; I’m talking about the real threat from these retched creatures.

Fact is that any decent sized single pig or a group of smaller pigs, domestic or wild, can kill a person. According to government data in the USA and Canada alone approximately 40 people are killed each year by pigs – six times more than by sharks worldwide. Many are the tales how veracious swine’s have disemboweled and eaten unsuspected humans. One such tear dripping tale is about an Indian boy in Delhi 2006 who at the tender age of three only wanted to say hello to some of these assassin’s and got eaten in the process, leaving a grieving family behind. What most people do not suspect is that swine’s actually are omnivores and that they hunt together as well as dogs or other pack animals. Every pig pitches in in a fight. Pigs attack in several ways - they charge and slap their heads into the victim slicing it with their protruding tusks and/or cause a great deal of blunt trauma. They have powerful muscular necks and fight each other that way. They sometimes attack other things with by biting into them, often pinning the animal with a hoof or two front hooves and biting in with the front teeth. Another thing they do is get a protruding body part (ear, foot, etc) in their mouths and bite down, sometimes shearing it off with the immense bite pressure of their side teeth.

But this little story doesn’t end with direct murder, oh no, there is another, more subtle way these creatures kill us by the thousands each year, by being sneaky enough to let us eat them! Around 100 000 people dies from food poisoning each year, a vast number of these are contributed to pork meat. But it doesn’t stop there. Tens of thousands of people around the globe die each year from eating too much salty fatty meat clogging up arteries. Even if the cow probably is the main culprit in this case, one shouldn’t discard the plotting geniuses of the swine family.

I wonder if this makes Muslims smarter not eating bacon or if they are more stupid not helping the rest of us killing the swine's?

Great news from around the world

Argentina says economic growth slowed to an annual pace of 2.6 percent in February as the world economic crisis slashes demand for its exports.

South Korea's Samsung Electronics has reported a 72% drop in quarterly profits after more losses at its microchip and LCD television divisions.

News about corporate loans and bonds takers now also facing it harder and harder to repay, has got some economist in the US very worried. If the default levels they predict come into effect, it will be unprecedented maybe with the exception for the Great Depression. If this is the case the financial sector will soon collapse as well.

Hoping to raise money quickly for a new $500 billion emergency loan program, the International Monetary Fund is in the advanced stages of a plan to sell bonds for the first time in its history, officials for the group said Saturday.

oh, we are all going to die…

The scourge of humanity rages onwards in Mexico and it might now have reached 80 kills and made around 1300 sick. Oh, the humanity…

Meanwhile, in the real world, during the same time this news has been told to us thru media, the following has happened (only counting statistics from the US);

5 Americans have died from driving into a dear, 200 have died from falls, 14 have died from drowning, 10 from shooting accidents, 7 from suffocation and tens of thousands have died from heart diseases, smoking, alcohol and that oh so funny huge killer of humans; old age.

And a bit of topic, do you know how many Americans that dies from the flu every year?
According to Centers for Disease control and prevention (CDC) over 200 000 US citizen get hospitalized each year and about 36 000 people dies. On average between 5-20% of all Americans get the flu each year.

Of course there is still need for emergency meetings, governmental bodies to be on high alert and we also need an increase in founds diverted to research and border patrols. Yepp, the humans is doing it again. Idiots.