Thursday, August 23, 2012

Civil war coming to the U.S. of A

Been watching the state of affairs and how normal folk write and think on the other side of the Atlantic pond for many years now, and just as in other parts of the world U.S. citizens are getting angrier and angrier and feeling more and more abandon. Many people have lost so much that anger, resentment and violence is all that remain.

And you don´t need to listen to me or Igor Panarin, aRussian professor of economics, who´ve predicted that such a scenario is very likely, there are plenty of people and reports saying similar things. 
How about have a look at this; 

Or why not read this article. Although this bought and paid for journalists argues that race and racism against Oduma is behind it all, you cannot dismiss his writings entirely.

Things are brewing and so is it no wonder that U.S. military nowadays are allowed to patrol U.S. cities and that they´ve been given both the means and the green light to shoot at Americans?

But for me it’s the change in rhetoric online that gives me the shills. People have gone from being slightly supportive of government and thinking they live in the land of the free to starting to hate the system during the hairless chimp W Bush era and now stacking up guns and talking rebellion during the Obamination era.

Civil war in America? It is very likely, not as likely as in China or Spain which I believe to be countries that with 99% certainty are heading in that direction, but yes, civil war is a likely future scenario. Especially if the pick-pocket in chief, whomever that may be after the election, regard himself as a modern day tyrannical Lincoln and like that predecessor wants to keep the empire intact and have no problem murdering thousands of people to reach his goal.

The richest and most powerful nation ever existed on this planet reduced to a semi-socialist, semi-fascist dung pile of bickering children controlled by sycophants and completely raided by all-powerful Banksters…

…History in the making, please pay attention. 

And while we´re on the subject, do anyone have a clue what Vlad the ImPalin is up to?