Thursday, May 14, 2009

You are going to die! Part XXIV

Went to the gym this morning before getting to work. I was a wee bit tired and maybe that was why, but one of those dreadful machines meant to exercise your upper back made me pull a muscle or something. So right now I’m in pain sitter by the computer. This however got me thinking about another elusive killer of humans; working out!

Everywhere you go ads, doctors, journalists and others are praying to the working-out God. Telling us all that if we do not exercise we might actually die one day. Using tables they show us how a human can live as much as 5 days longer if he/she just run 56miles each week. You will feel better, have more energy, being less inclined to attract diseases and you’ll be better at sex, all you need to do is lift some weights. What these sneaky bastards do not tell us however is how many that dies within athletics each year. They have no interest informing us about the millions of injuries cut of limbs and about the diseases that comes with training. And I’m not only talking about some old fart running the marathon with a heart-condition or some smuck playing football during a thunderstorm, no, there is also lots of other ways to leave this world during physical activities. Hockey for instance is a very violent sport and people dies every year from getting their throat slit by a skate or broken neck from some tackle. In relation to my own resent injury I roamed the net and found out that about 30 or so people dies from falling weights and bad equipment each year in the US alone. That’s worse than the swine flu! Even seemingly harmless sports like tennis and ping pong have lots of injuries. I have not found any collective statistics on exactly how many dies from sports and working-out each year, but a quick headcount on the numbers I did find put the death-toll in the thousands. That’s not really what they are telling us in school or at the doctors now is it?

In other words, be aware. It is not only old age, your own home, drugs, traffic, some plague or the government that might kill you, to much physical activities might also snuff. And speaking of ways to meet up with the black-hooded dude; going out while lifting weight is only laughable. It is not a cool death. If there is an afterlife and someone asks you how you died, do you really wanna tell them about your visit to the gym?

Death comes to those who wait

Apparently Sakhan Dosova, a woman in Karaganda, northern Kazakhstan, was believed to be the oldest living person at 130 years young. Now she is as dead as the rest of us will be some day. Dosova died on 9 May 2009, allegedly aged 130 years, about a month after she slipped and fell on the bathroom floor of a flat gifted to her on account of her old age.

I warned you about your own homes... apocalypse nowish

The arrogance among our enemies

Members of the European Parliament currently receive the same salary as the Members of Parliament in their country of election. However, a Statute for Members of the European Parliament was adopted in September 2005. This Statute will enter into force with the beginning of the next parliamentary term in 2009. After the European elections this June, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will receive a common salary to be paid in euros under the MEPs' statute regardless of their member state. The salary will be set at 38.5 per cent of the basic salary of a judge at the Court of Justice of the European Communities. At present, this is €7,665 gross per month.

To this one needs to add all the God-like benefits and getting most of things in life for free. This is of course nothing to the enemy class whom regard this as normal. After all, they rule us and decide what appearance our vegetables should have…

One of these smug thieves, Gunnar Hökmark (”conservative”) from Sweden regard his salary as a:”none issue”. And has been quoted saying: “This is a pointless discussion”. Really? Stealing my money so he can go around feeling important and dictating my life is a none-issue? How about a none-issued shotgun in the hands of some workers going postal at the European Parliament? Now that I could pay for, freely and happily.

Apparently MPs can say no to this and instead keep the old salary, I wonder how many will do that? In either case every penny or euro going to inhabitants of this growing evil is a complete waste. But on the other hand with a financial crisis maybe they can use this stolen money to hire some workless people and teach them how to be a good little bandits and increase their collective numbers? For we really need more politicians and more departments in the hands of our enemies. How else are they going to ruin Europe?