Friday, September 10, 2010

Scary stuff is going on

Mwa ha ha ha!

Yesterday I pointed out that something strange is festering within ECB and that this is veiled from unbelievers. Yet another sign for this were shown today when the European Central Bank's chairman, Jean-Claude Trichet, issued a fuming attack towards Slovakia for their refusal to subsidize the Greek freeloaders.

You see the Slovakian government refuse to conform to the wishes of the high council of übermench at ECB. This will not do.

Apparently Slovakians don’t understand the need for conformity. Without a concise set of rules to follow we would probably all have to, like in the Slovakian example, resort to common sense. Discipline is the key to conformity and it is important that we learn not to question authority. And here my post from yesterday ends up in a new light.

The grotesque conformity general of ECB revealed that had he known that Slovakia was going to refuse to participate in similar money transfers, his ECB would have vetoed the Slovak accession to the eurozone. Also, he said that if there are other countries that are at risk of misbehaving in the same way, he will veto their entry in the future.

Again I do guess one or two Europhiles regard this little outburst of autocracy as something positive. After all the rules are there for a reason and if a consensus has been reached, why would one member refuse to follow? However, if this is a reason to comply one should remember that ECB have repeatedly ignored and circumvent their own rules. In particular when it comes to the Greek bailout.

Also I hope I am not the only one getting very scary vibes from this guy and these recent statements from ECB. And I'm not only refering to the fact that they are still hiding important stuff from us lower beings, but rather the feeling of the whole thing. The attitude. And even their choice of words.

ECB and EU is getting scarier for each day that passes and I hope I am not the only one seeing it.