Monday, October 26, 2009

Republicans aren’t evil enough

Firstly, I’m Swedish and consequently not a voter in any American election. From what I’m writing on this blog I’d be surprised if Homeland security and the FBI would even let me visit US. And so I have no real direct stake in any vote.

Secondly I do posses many republican, or rather conservative traits. I support a restrictive abortion policy, not for any religious reasons, I’m an atheist, but for pro-life-reasons. To me human life is sacred; as a result I cannot buy the libertarian view that life only starts to exist at birth. Neither do I accept the liberal loose policy of more or less using abortion as a way of birth-control. I find people using abortion many times over instead of using a condom or taking the pill to be despicable individuals. Its life we are talking about, not some toy you can discard.

I also find myself being “against” gay marriage. What I mean by that isn’t that I’m against homosexuals marrying, I have no problem with that, in fact go ahead, love is a beautiful thing and if you find that in the same gender, you should be happy, and so should everyone else. However, I don’t think any political party should support one way or the other. And I’m very much against any form of legislation that, in effect, hinders and stop religious rights in order to be politically correct. If a religion, a priest or any kind of sect wants to marry or never would marry a gay couple, that’s their business, not the governments. So I rather say no, than say yes on this issue.

I have also other more European style conservative ideas. I do like school uniforms, I support the royal family, I like history and support the notion of keeping cultural inherent ideas alive. I want much harder punishment for criminals and mostly I also stand behind both the police and the armed forces.

Now this sounds pretty much like a conservative person doesn’t it?

I would still never vote for the Republican Party in the US, and I won’t vote for any party that holds those values in Europe either. Why? It’s very simple; there are three reasons for that.

Reason one is that most so called conservatives and conservative parties, don’t stand for any real change in policies. They are a part of the establishment, they are too entwined with the power elite, and they don’t want to change or tackle the real problems. In many cases, like with the former US president George W Chimp, they even make problems worse.

Republicans and most counterparts in other countries are in this sense not an alternative. A half degree less of hell is still hell. And almost worse is that they are not true to their own ideals, or their own history. Any historically conservative figure would have spit the face of any of the contemporary so called conservatives. It is very likely that Thomas Jefferson would have put a gun to the head of George W Chimp and pulled the trigger.

In addition to this any conservative party establishment has tended to choose middle-of-the-road candidates. They want to win election, not do the correct thing. Conservative leaders argue that if they want to win they cannot move too far to the right, thinking about the next election, but ignoring the long term protection of the country and not caring about winning people’s hearts in the long run.

When I was active right-wing politician in Sweden I once asked several of my party members what they rather have, a party that said and stood for an alternative and really argued conservative/libertarian views with 10% support from the public or a party that stood for a more mainstream view that had 25% support. Not a single one chose the first alternative. About that time I decided to leave politics. And just a year later that supposed conservative party choice a leader that I rather would call left then right, a broiler and power broker of the despicable kind. That’s what has happened to many, if not all, of the conservative parties.

Reason number two is that they take the meddling into people’s life way too far. It may be for religious reasons, some political correctness to win more votes or plain idiocy, but many conservatives have an uncanny ability to hinder personal choices comes to the private sphere. In private life I can most of the time even relate more to liberals or communists, then with the conservative view.

A guy I know once said that the worst political party is really a mixture of left and right, wherein left economic policies and the right moral policies come together (pretty much what fascism is). I totally agree with this. Sex, for instance, is an obvious topic wherein lefties often have a more open viewpoint, and consequently are more pro-liberty. As long as conservative want to regulate, control or in any way, for whatever reason, put themselves in charge of what goes on in the bedroom, they can never get my vote. What people do or don’t do is up to them. It’s an individual choice. You may have personal objections, but that’s all they are, your personal objections. Republicans, however, wants to use legislation and their conjured up moral high-ground to force people into their world. The same goes for things like alcohol, church-issues and so on. I would actually rather accept higher taxes and more government (to a certain degree) rather than have the government tell me who to fuck, how much to drink, what to do on a Sunday or anything else of the sort.

The third reason is that there are too many very strange people that have too strange policies. Very often they have deeply religious or intensely resentful views against immigration, even on bigot and racist levels and beyond. Those sorts of people seldom have any real power, but they do affect some policy making and can swing votes now and again.

The other side also exist, people that shouldn’t be members or active within conservative parties because, in reality, they are actually democrats or close to socialists. These are often old ladies that think they are better than the rest and believe that being conservative makes them a part of the beautiful and rich elite, consequently gives them higher status in society. Others are flip-flops with a “social conscience” that want to throw money at one cause or the other. Yet others want to ban sexual education or thinks that the very mention of analsex is the same as blasphemy.

I would argue that this strange mix of people make “conservative” parties the most diverse out there, but this also leads to less purity and as a result less conservatism.

There are other reasons, like the immorality of the voting process, but this outline sums it up.

Republicans and conservative parties are not a solution, people thinking that will only be disappointed. The Obamination will most likely lose the next term to a conservative candidate, but will that change anything? Not really. The republican mainstream will win, they will put forward a candidate sounding different that will change minor things, but in reality and the overall picture will stay the same. Shameful war-crimes will continue, the economy wouldn’t be much better and the status que would remain. Republicans are a party of power, a party for and off the elitists, just as democrats are.

The two-party system in America is a scam. I’m not saying the European systems are much better, but at least there are more parties to choice from over here. The problem with European conservative is that they are even more left, more like democrats than republicans if we keep ourselves to the American paradigm.

In other words, don’t cast away your vote. Don’t vote for the main parties. The establishment wants you to think that voting for minor parties is a wasted vote, it’s not. If you really want to change anything, you need to support those that actually stand for something, a party of alternative. Or you do as I do, ignore the process entirely. Voting implies consent. If you vote, you vote for the system, and you vote for a one-party system –something most countries actually have. The only true alternative when none of the ruling elitists are worthy of your ballot is to change the system by some form of uprising and one of the steps on such a rebellious path is to ignore the useless voting process.

I don’t vote, but if I would and if there existed a libertarian party, that would get my vote. I’m not a hundred percent libertarian, but at least such a party would change things.

I love capitalism, I love freedom, I love privacy and I love making my own choices. Nothing of that exists today in a world filled with fascism and political correctness. I also love porn, vodka and tobacco, all parties and know-it-all-people call those things “evil”, if it is, I also love Evilness. I want an evil party to vote for, republicans aren’t evil enough.

The ultimate failure

The ultimate stamp of ‘loser’ has to be put on a country when McDonald’s is closing. I mean, come on. If I ever happen to get lost in the Sahara’s and stumble out of the desert into a city, whichever city it may be, I’d expect to see those golden arches among the first things.

Iceland, the country that has gone before the rest of us, showing our future, is in such condition that McDonald’s is out. This isn’t an anti-eating cow country, nor is it totalitarian or anything of the sort; the country and its people are broke.

It’s like kicking someone already down and it’s hilarious. It will be even more fun when the same company leaves the country wherein it was born. Oh, I cannot wait for that one.

One exposed cover-up story

A large crater in a field in northern Latvia, claimed to have been caused by a meteorite, now have been exposed as a hoax. Swedish own Telecom Company Tele2 have come out and admitted they staged this scam in order to send out a “positive” thing other than the economic dilemma the country currently is experiencing.

The wide crater wasn’t caused by an impact; instead it was artificially created the day before the government put forward their budget for 2010.

It is hard to read and hear about stuff like this without going “conspiracist”. Was this created as a test to see how people react? Why the perfect coordination with the budget? Why didn’t any media check the story until now? Did someone benefit from this story? And if you check the ownership behind Tele2, more questions can be asked.

The company, however, claim this to be a part of a coming marketing campaign. As a marketer and economists I need to say Bravo to this scheme, brilliant really. It can back-fire though, so the reimbursement of costs for the police etc. cannot be the only “free” stuff coming from Tele2. They need to show they repent, people don’t like to be fooled, well, at least not when they find out they have been fooled.

This is a very interesting event; I hope you think so as well.

The next terrorist attack

As I’ve said before, there is just a matter of time before the next, probably much more lethal terrorist attack, hits a western country and city. London is a very likely target, but with the war efforts in Afghanistan and Pakistan increasing further under the current warmonger at the white house, we cannot really rule out the US. Also, for an even greater effect and an easier target would be to attack one or two of the other fighting nations. An attack in Denmark or against Danish companies would, for instance, show a good point.

I can see four reasons for such a prediction.

Firstly the current relocation of millions of people in Pakistan and the constant dying of children and families at the hands of the US led coalition and the current economic debacle with millions of people starving all over the world tells me that such an attack isn’t far away.

Some believe such an attack would be a staged one, although not very probable, you cannot rule it out. But if so, it need to happen pretty soon because when the retail numbers during x-mas in the US ticks in and the commercial real-estate market start to collapse in the beginning of next year in addition to the stimulus money running out, the real economic meltdown is just around the corner. In effect, the same prediction about an eminent attack also applies if such a scenario unfolds.

Thirdly there has been a lot of talk throughout from Osama Bin Idiot and other buffoons. Threatening and beating their chests. With the exception for car bombings in Bagdad etc. there hasn’t really been anything of the sort. Maybe intelligence has stopped some maniacs that we don’t really know about, but still the constant posturing cannot only be for show. Something also needs to be done, otherwise it’s just rhetoric. Sooner or later even fanatics will grow tired of the lack of proper action. Alas, even here we come to the same conclusion; an attack cannot be far off.

Lastly the growing resentment towards our elected frauds, the emerging racist parties, a constant barrage of anti-Islam propaganda and the financial crisis put together will make people frantic and desperate. People without a job, with no prospect, without any real hope and seeing how banksters and the elitists in the western world are stealing money while people die by the millions in wars and by starvation, cannot be discarded. When people have nothing left to lose and see all this crazy stuff going on, someone(s) will snap. The only prediction so far I can honestly say I’ve been half wrong about is that the number of shootings haven’t picked up as much as I thought. But such events and more direct terrorist acts cannot be far away.

And when such an event takes place, the last remaining civil liberties we have left will be washed away, in essence terrorists will win two victories in one.

If I think like a terrorists coming from outside and trying to attack the US, for example, I would probably avoid the largest cities and the well guarded sites, I want a success. Consequently I would probably target a well populated area in the Midwest, and I would use some form of gas because that’s the easiest thing to work with.

A more supervillain approach, however, would be to blow up or induce a volcanic eruption on La Palma as seen below. I wonder why no Hollywood screen writer have picked up this catastrophe?

White balls

Remember how George W Chimp got a lot of heat from playing golf during some crisis? Well, some genius have figured out that the Obamination have been out on the course more times in 10 months than the moron before him was during 3 years.

So when he isn’t firing phallus shaped rockets at babies, he holds a stick in his hands trying to get some white balls into a hole.

Since the current warmongering president have expended the war efforts, sent more troops and increase the war budget, I cannot help wondering if there is a connection between the white balls and how confrontational the president is.

Just a thought.

Do you want to be an Idiot?

U don't need to be an American to understand this video. Neither do you need to be an American to see the exact same thing going on all around us.

So the question is; how long will you stand it?

Good news

There is no secret that the relations between Venezuela and Columbia aren’t the one of bestest of pals. Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez have been caught supplying both money and weapons to FARC, the leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, that has been blamed for numerous attacks and holds about 750 hostages. And the different anti-trading schemes from the totalitarian regime of Chavez haven’t made things easier. In addition to this we have the possibility of American military bases in Columbia and lots of other fun things going on.

We also know that Chavez wants FARC and ELA, the national Liberation Army, to be removed from the list of terrorist organizations. The dictator also has had meetings with the No. 2 chief of the ELN, Antonio Garcia.

So when a bunch of football players end up murdered by ELA, supposedly killed for not wanting to join their ranks, it cannot really reflect in a good way on the warmongering Chavez. And remember this is the guy that has a very itchy trigger finger. Among other things sending money and thugs to Honduras to help with the rebellion against the lawful government, helping his dictator wannabe buddy Zelaya.

Chavez hadn’t anything to do with these murders; however, the situation in the area cannot be calming down by this event either. Earlier Chavez could point at ELA and FARC, according to him anyway, also conduction raids into Venezuela, claiming this as proof that those terrorists aren’t “his people”.

In either case, there will be people putting some of the blame on the dictator and it will definitely be another piece of the puzzle that sooner or later will end up in a bloody conflict. In other words, this is happy news from a comedy standpoint and we will soon see a very amusing messy war in the region which will lead to higher oil prices and possibly another American intervention.

Interesting times indeed…