Friday, December 13, 2013

The end is not always filled with alcohol

Oh no!!!!

Sorry for being so absent of late – during 2013 I have been changing jobs and countries like most people changes socks. I where in the Czech Republic, moved to Athens, Greece, back to my birth nation Sweden and then to Germany and now I am in Spain - racking up a massive hotel count in the process. To tell you about my adventures would either make you question my truthfulness or make you question your own life (my life is so much better) so I will not do so. Instead I will do a wee, short, tiny, little update of the world affairs in this post and as soon as I have internet in my new Apartment I will post much more frequently. Also I will soon be on Facebook promoting my ramblings to a larger audience.

Looking over the world things has not really changed for the better. Well, sure, we did have a few good deaths; like that of the South African terrorist and dictator loving thug. Of course his black corpse was celebrated by the ‘who´s who’ in the world of human oppressive depreciating while a few sound voices, as usual, tried to educate people that the dead extremist was as much of a xenophobe as the racist Mahatma Gandhi and as evil and horrific as the arch bitch Mother Teresa.

Perhaps the dictator wannabe and spokesperson of mass murder, Dalai Lama, is a worse a-hole then the above mentioned, but all four are serious contenders for the Most-idiotic-celebrity-scam-of-all-time award. Don´t believe me? Got too much caught in the glorious hype? Well, that´s your problem but a few googlings should solve your lack of knowledge.

Other than the mentioned deadness I hardly see any reason to rejoice. We all saw what happened in 2007-2008 and forward, which was worse than the previous economic setback because the debt was so much higher. Well now the debt is staggeringly much higher, and so the next economic problem, whenever it happens and whatever causes it, is going to be worse than in the latest one, because we have these unbelievable levels of debt and unbelievable levels of money printing all over the world.

For years now this has been my concern. Not the actual economic setback or rocketing unemployment, but rather the politically driven solutions (=consequences) of the situation and especially when this is combined with global corporate (banking) interests. Our masters cannot handle the situation they have created, so the only way they think is available is the same path. More of the same, not less, becomes the “solution”. More regulations, more taxes, more money printing, many more laws, new political entities popping up to solve the problems created by previous ones. I think the only thing that has not been increased is interest rates, something that instead has been reduced to zero. Basically everything is going in the wrong direction and things are getting worse for each passing day.

You should be worried and get prepared. A full out, by mainstream acknowledge collapse, may not happen until 2017 or even later, although most signs point to a much earlier and very soon crash and burn event. I have no idea when it’s going to happen, my premonitions are not always accurate when it comes to dates, but just to say something I say October 3rd 2014 as the first wave, partly saved by xmas and a few last ditch efforts, the real crash will occur spring of 2015 but will largely be ignored by mainstream so actual acknowledgement will be around xmax 2015 since people are dying from starvation instead of buying crap.

Well, there you have a very short return of moi. Soon be updating more frequent as mentioned, and until then remember to stock up on canned goods, dried-up food packages, oil and coffee, you are going to need that stash sooner than you think…