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Waking Life - Refuse to Submit

Apparently kind of old, but I like it

Illegal imprisonments

Today in Swedish newspapers we can read about how one man have been convicted for pimping prostitutes and another one, one of Sweden’s most notorious criminals, has been found guilty of smuggling drugs. In other words, not actual crimes. (In the prostitution case, however, the man in question had, also, molested a minor, but that is something different.)Drugs as well as prostitution should, of course, be legal since those things are something we do to ourselves and our own bodies. If you have been convicted for real crimes like rape, burglary or robbery is one thing, buying a commodity to sell it to others, crow your own crops or sell parts of you to others is something else.

There is no rational reason for such laws since all they do is force people underground, makes drugs/prostitution more expensive and more profitably which consequently leads to mafia organizations emerging.

There is no humanitarian reason for such laws because the illegality makes drugs more dangerous to buy. Instead of buying drugs at the supermarket people need to buy it from a shabby man in the alley and the information of what you are buying isn’t always available hence more overdoses.

Instead of going to a clean, healthy whore-house where everyone is tested for AIDS, hepatitis and such, people need to get blow jobs in basements or anal penetrations in some crappy apartment.

In addition, there is no economic reason for it. Because of all the additional danger, thanks to the law, people get hurt more often and end up, more frequently, at hospitals. Because of higher prices people do more crimes to found their habits, and because of prostitution being illegal it means higher risks for both seller and buyer. The government also “must” throw billions of tax payer money to stop these “crimes” in addition to having police officers and lawyers, which could chase after real criminals like murderers and bankers, instead need to focus their attention to “crimes” that have no victim. All this, and much more, means that the cost is extremely high in comparison with the humanitarian and moral alternative.

We should legalize all drugs which would empty most prisons, save hundreds of lives each year in Sweden alone, and it would free much needed founds for hunting real criminals and it would eliminate every criminal organizations that thrive upon this madness. But, most important of all; it would make us, the individuals, kings over our own bodies. If I want to inject, eat, nibble on or smoke any kind of drug, that is my problem, not yours and certainly not the governments. Why should anyone have the “right” of telling me what to do with my own body?

We should legalize prostitution which also would save lives, make the trade healthier and everyday life much easier. This would also be a staggering blow to many criminal organisations since prostitution also is a big revenue source. Sure there are abnormalities on the fringes of the sex-trade, like slaves being smuggled or child molestations. But those irregularities would be much easier to handle and come to grips with if the mafia got a staggering blow and legal prostitutes were available to the law instead of hiding from it. Most whore-houses would, for competitive purposes, see to it that their business is clean.

Prostitution and doing drugs has always been mankind’s favourite past times and this will never change, but hopefully the law will change so less people get hurt and we can spend time worrying about some real problems, like the economy.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The true face of our enemies – III

When you go out looking for someone to blame for your current or future predicament, please don’t attack the Jews, the Muslims or some black people, they - despite being idiots like everyone else - should not to be blamed for anything the enemy class conjure up. In this story we have, so far, covered Economists and The Government, now it is time for one of their spin-doctor factories; the mainstream media.

Journalists are supposed to audit and check what the power elite is up to and fail miserably at this task. Journalists are the laziest people you will ever meet. Translating one or two articles from one language to another and publicize it is, for the most part, the length of their work. And if you follow the news, how many papers can you find that has the exact same story with the exact same words in it? If you are bored sometime go and found out. To my knowledge it’s hard to even find public employees doing less.

Firstly; how do journalists “work”? For the most part – always when it comes to news coming from distant countries – it goes something like this: One journalist somewhere in the world finds a story, writes something from his/her perspective and then sells the story to Routers, some newspaper or similar institutions. Those institutions then have agreements and collaborations with other journalists, TV-stations and so on, consequently selling the story further along. Maybe some extra reporter will be send out if the story is worth it, otherwise they print and say pretty much the same thing as their counterparts. The same flow can be found travelling from the “sources” of governments and big businesses wanting their story to be told. Very seldom (often only locally) journalists goes out in public and search, dig and “get” the story for themselves. In other words most stories you get to read, hear or see have been passed down through several stages and often been translated in the process. And the fun part is that not all stories are being told, there is an automatic screening process on the way and in many countries even pure censorship. Add to this the fact that most journalists have a socialist persuasion and that most countries are dominated by one or very few media moguls and you can already here see how almost all members of the press are in the hands of our enemy.

The other way journalists “work” is to play with words in order to enhance the story. And this they are actually very good at. Let me give you a couple of examples: A big storm becomes a “murder storm!” massacring everything in sight. In reality, however, 2 fishermen, foolishly going out in a dingy, drowned and an old man died at a hospital from a heart attack after being hit by a falling three. Another favourite is “cancer” and everything you can attract this disease from like chips, crips, tomatoes, alcohol, the sun, solariums, fatty food, the TV, computers, cell-phones, electrical and magnetic fields, tobacco, several different building materials, fabric softener and many many other things have been said to cause cancer. Often a newspaper quotes some pseudo-scientist that wouldn’t get a job in the real world, but thanks to governmental founding he/she can deliver some study that shows that people eating 25 000 lollipops more than is normal have a 10% higher risk of attracting cancer. Of course the study leaves out whether or not these people with higher risks are chain-smokers and/or live near Chernobyl. But newspapers grasp things like this in a heart-beat, throwing up headlines like “lollipops cause Cancer!” Inside the paper you can read how many lollipops you can eat before it becomes a problem and one extra interview with some frighten mum claiming she will never buy her 16y old daughter a lollipop again (yeah, I know…). Another fun thing is man-made global warming, something there is not a single scientific proof if such a thing even exist at all, let alone have some impact on the environment. This is the biggest lie in our time, it is totally false and journalists say nothing about it other then support our enemies that's claiming it to be real.

In other words, the current Swine flu is consequently pure gold! Ignoring pretty much every fact and only showing “scientists” walking around in gas-masks and by only interviewing frighten hypochondriac’s journalists can deliver news that sounds like the seventh seal have been broken and the end is near. Adding to these stupidities are governmental officials rushing to “save us” and international organs that need to justify their existence. Increasingly louder voices for boarder patrols and warnings issued by different governmental institutes further enhance this madness. For each day that passes the scariness increase and more and more people ask if they can eat pig-meat or if they are supposed to kill their Guinea pigs… (This last thing is true by the way…)

Countless are the tales about how the old media have tried to scare us into believing in bogeymen, often enough politicians picks up the tread and impose a new law or two just to be on the safe side. Pick up a paper, any of them, any time of the week and they are filled with things that can kill you and/or make you fat. Of course we as readers have a big fault in this, we keep buying those rags. Again, I need to ask, why? If you have a computer and internet you will never need a TV, a radio or ever buy a newspaper again.

I have not own a TV in 8 years, hardly ever listen to the radio, at least not mainstream radio and the numbers of papers I have bought during the last decade can be counted on my fingers. The last time I bought a newspaper I was sitting at Heathrow airport feeling bored with a couple of pints so I bought financial times just to feel the weight of the paper in my hands. Reading this paper that, in comparison with Swedish newspapers, is pure gold and often has excellent pieces of journalism; I started to wonder about a couple of news articles and turned on my laptop and updated in pretty much real time I could already see were some journalist had missed something or how a certain news story already had developed far beyond that in the paper addition. Still I know what’s going on and keep myself very updated. You can find everything you want direct, share it with others and make it into something new and send it all around the globe in the same time it takes for journalists to even read the news. So, ask yourself; why do governments want to control, survey and ban internet? And why aren’t journalists screaming loudly about this?

Journalists are the third member of the enemy class you should be watching very carefully. It is all about scare mongering and headlines, not about news. This apart from for one thing; the current economic crisis that they, for some reason, are looking for the Good news about, not the bad. Very strange behaviour for mainstream media and one can start thinking about a conspiracy for less.

Gold again

There is lots of advice how to benefit from this depression. Financial institutes tells us that certain stocks are great bargains, but remember these are the very people that totally missed the start of the recession and now, during this depression, they have it wrong again. Sure you might still make money of stock- and bond markets in the short run, but in the little bit longer perspective with a failing dollar, appending hyperinflation and other fun things I would urge you all to stay away from those assets completely. Best buys are still Chinese commodities and the South East Asian market, but please be vary of certain political realities in those regions. China, for instance, isn’t that far from actual rebellions. Not the tiny skirmishes we have seen now and again, no, I’m talking really bloody and messy stuff. And Indonesia isn’t really the most stable place to be either, so please be watchful, but if you really want stocks, go there and please stay the hell away from the American, British and most European markets

The best investment both in short terms and, specifically, in the long term is Gold and silver. About 12 years ago, about the time when I started to really wake up and understand how things work, I wrote my first long article arguing for people to buy Gold and this was just before the dot-com bubble burst and when gold wasn’t really the thing. Since then I have mainly focused on arguing for the return of real money and for us to put an end to fiat-currencies that continues to wreck the world. This until about 1-1,5 year ago when this recession was very apparent for everyone with a brain and I started to throw more direct advice out in the ether. When I started this particular blog 7 months ago I immediately wrote how gold is a very good buy.

So lets lock at graphs for this longer and shorter period:

Gold prices 10 years:

Gold prices 1 year:

What you should really know and acknowledge here is that certain banks and financial institutes are selling “Gold” in the form of IOU’s in massive numbers which is keeping the price very low at the moment. No one knows if those IOU’s really have gold backing them but since these are trustworthy companies it has so far worked. No matter what happens; Britain selling out all their gold, China and India going on a buying frenzy and hording Gold like crazy and a deep recession hits us, and despite all that the gold never seem to go over $1000. Something is seriously wrong with that picture and most likely Gold is highly undervalued at the moment. The undervalued Gold together with a continuation of this depression will make Gold skyrocket in price. Some have predicted $5000 within a couple of years. I wouldn’t go that high, but certainly over $2000, which still makes Gold a fantastic buy. Also it is shiny, beautiful and you can make stuff out of it.

Gold is Great!!

Swines work in mysterious ways

The cute – and kind of harmless – Hog Flu, has been used by virtually everyone by now. Pharmaceutical companies and journalists use it for selling their products, politicians use it to scare people and divert attention from real dangers like the economy or diseases that actually are dangerous like TBC, AIDS, malaria or even regular flu (the "normal" flu has killed 40 000 this year compared to 850 for the Swine variation). Certain companies selling masks, antiseptics and similar products have benefited. With the exception for, maybe, travel agencies and certain touristy places, there seem to be no end to how this piggy flu can be used.

For instance it can be used as a deterrent like the Mexican football player that spitted and blow some nasal secretions at one opponent while telling him he had swine flu. The player in question got suspended for a while. Even if this is not really like throwing blood in someone’s face and saying you have AIDS, I do guess this opponent had a bit of trouble sleeping that night.

In Sweden another fun little flu-enterprise have popped up. Apparently some people pretending to informing about the flu are going around knocking on doors and then, once inside, rob the place. It is entrepreneurial spirits like this that might lift my home nation from the depression in the future, if piggy flu haven’t turned everyone into zombies and killed all kittens before.

And, of course, there are lots of spam and junk-mail containing viruses (the computer kind) being spread from early on and lots of chimpanzee’s in the general public like to open those email that has no known sender and mysteriously pops up in the mail-box. Such an email might contain the chemical formula for ridding the world of the evil swiney flu!!

But these incidents and phenomenon cannot even be compared with governments making the best of this situation. Our leaders to the rescue! We need hot-lines, stockpiling of certain items, emergency teams most be assembled, and, of course, the funniest of all; millions or even tens of millions of people “need to” be injected with a vaccine containing dangerous components that apparently not even been fully tested yet. Yes! Our governments have - yet again - put on spandex and a cape to save us all from the mother of all diseases. Oh, I do not want to be in those pink shoes when our bellowed rulers get their hands on ‘em.

You should all do what I do, step aside, take a moment, inhale some calm and then watch the headless chickens of the human race running around doing this or that. It is hilarious stuff, especially when you are accompanied by a bottle of vodka and some popcorn. People are idiots, and that is fun fun fun…

Step after step after…

European foreign ministers today gave US the”right” to know everything about our banking business. The US has been examining transactions handled by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Transactions (SWIFT) since the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington. However, SWIFT, which is headquartered in Belgium, is planning to move its servers and database -- which is currently located in the US -- to Europe. With data privacy laws far stricter in Europe, the US would then need permission from the EU before it could gain access to this sensitive information. SWIFT handles 15 million transfers a day between over 8,000 banks and other financial institutions.
Apparently those voting on this issue had about 30min to, per sms, get approval from respective government and this at the height of summer with people away on holidays, and without any debates or even know-how what this really means. Fun eh?

In Holland they are imposing more internet restrictions and banning Piratebay. Anyone thinks they are going to stop with that, please raise your hands…

New laws are being passed in several Eastern European nations forbidding this or outlawing that. In the meanwhile we noticed the first “pirate attack” at sea in Swedish waters… ever…

And out in the real world, far from economists and the fascists that rule our lives, the depression keeps going fueled by trillions of dollars, Euros, pounds and whatnot. Ticking down towards those very hilarious inflation numbers we are going to see in the near future.

All I’m waiting for is that increase in mad shootings I have predicted, more protectionism and another war. Probably in that order, if Israel doesn’t do anything funny very soon…

What you should watch!

Ron Paul tells us what inflation is

The future of America (and the world?)

Gerald Celente draw the line

Some fantastic quotes from Peter Schiff:

George Carlin say the same thing as me, I loved this guy.

The true face of our enemies – II

I need to admit; there is one specific family within the Amoebidae’s I loath more than any other. This is a group of “highly educated” – mostly men - that have the majority of ears of politicians and journalists, but hardly ever get a single thing right. The ones I’m talking about is; economists. I’m not only referring to economists at banks or talking about those central bank people that are ruining financial systems at the moment, no, I’m also referring to all those with a “degree” sitting at government departments as “experts”, and those that end up in the news puking their poison through the ether and, of course, I mean those that teach at universities and such around the world instructing people that 1+1= 7 and that Keynes was a superhero.

The reason why I truly despise economists* (in general) is that they are the ones that should know better. And worst of all, many of them do! I promise you that all over the world there are economists (and others) that actually knows how stupid it is with printing trillions of dollars and/or throw stimulus-packages around, but they say nothing.

Here is what they do not tell you:

• Consumption, higher stock-prices and bigger government spending is not the same as wealth. Wealth is created through producing, not buying or spending. So when some economists are, again, claiming to see “green shoots” in the economy because people are buying more stuff, it is not true. In fact, the opposite is true, because there is much more money in the system both from the printing press and from massive borrowing, and interest rates are kept artificially low and this means that people are actually spending money they in reality do not have on things they in reality cannot afford. If people go and waste money on further consumption without producing the equivalent (or preferably much more) value, it is only a way of getting poorer. But, no matter what, it shows up in GDP which makes the economists ecstatic. In the world of the enemy class higher GDP means more wealth. Can you say clueless? Anyone with even a hint of knowledge in economy can, without even trying, increase GDP with tens of percent. This is not hard; in fact it is very easy.

• Many economists claim that deflation is the worst thing there is, which is, of course, also totally false. Deflation - meaning lower prices - is a very good thing and a cornerstone in any healthy economy. If we produce more, faster, and better the prices should go down, even when adjusted for pay-increases for workers and profits to stock-holders. Deflation – meaning the value of money goes up – is also a good thing since we need less money to pay for goods and services. With this said; do you know what our enemies real concern is? Deflation might actually prevent monetary policy from stabilizing the economy because of a mechanism called the liquidity trap i.e. central banks and politicians loose control of the economy. The “problem” economists (and their fellow criminals) see and one of the main reasons for the massive bail-outs and stimulus packages being thrown everywhere is that deflation is said to cause “credit-crunches” (another word for liquidity trap). What they mean with this is that less money in the system leads to less people buying stuff hence we end up in a recession. This is, of course, not true. You need to remember that money is just numbers or useless pieces of paper we use as exchange-goods. Whether the name is “anus-money” or “dollar” has no meaning whatsoever and so hasn’t - if all else stay the same - what it says on the note. If the note say 10, 20 or 100 isn’t relevant, what is relevant, however, is the “value” of that particular note i.e. what you can buy with it. If you can buy a car with 10 dollars or with 1 million dollars has, in that particular moment, no meaning. But, a deflationary spiral caused by government intervention and political decisions; that is another thing. Such a deflation might cause harm, sure, but does not hold a candle to what the alternative is…

• … because we have the fun thing called inflation.
In order to combat the horrifying deflation and get people buying stuff again, central banks and politicians have decided to use Gutenberg’s marvel; the printing press! If anyone wants to know what happens when you use this method of choice you can Google “Weimar republic” or: “Zimbabwe money” and look further from there. Basically what they are doing is throwing money into the system which, partly, according to the belief from above is meant to get spending going again, but it is also partly to pay of debt. Yes, you read it right; they are using newly printed money to pay of loans. More specifically, in our situation, they are printing money to loan money on. Sounds strange don’t it? But mainly the government prints money and says; “Hey you, come buy our country’s debt”. Some poor sods fall for this scam and buy the debt and off the money goes into the system. Putting aside, for a moment, the inflation growing from this bamboozle, this also means that all the money pouring in might trigger some illusions that get spending going. Since most of this money first goes to banks, financial institutes and the government it means that, among other things - ta-dah! – prices on stocks go up! Oh, where have we seen this lately..?

But, of course, this is not all. Inflation (more money in the system) means higher taxes! Yepp, this is a subtle way of increasing taxes without anyone hardly noticing it. Or to put it into another phrasing: the intricate dealings of the enemy class in this regard are the stuff of legends. There are several good writings on this subject and I hope I can inspire you to take a look at some of them, but this subject is to complex to cover in a couple of sentences but as you now know, you are getting higher taxes, getting fooled by our enemy and nothing (read that word again) NOTHING has changed. The problems remains, now even worsened...

A couple of more things you need to know about that you are not being told; we are in worse shape today to tackle and get out of a real depression than we where in the 20’s and that there is already talks about the next AND the next stimulus packages. With all this in mind, do you really think the future looks bright and shiny?

If some worthless cornflake economist comes your way, please make a mental note and remember who it was that ruined your miserable severely fucked up lives and then take appropriate action when the time comes…

* And because I hold a couple of degrees in economics myself… “my people” is screwing us big time!

The Obamination questionnaire

Do you know which president that has the lowest approval rating in American history after 6 months in office?

Do you know which president that have lied about is background on several occasions but never been called upon it by the mainstream media?

Do you know which president that changes his opinion on Iraq, Afghanistan and taxes from one day to the next and continues to do so?

Do you know which president that has spent the most dollars in the shortest amount of time and already holds the spending record even before the coming tens of trillion more dollars are wasted?

Do you know which president that is about to ruin the last working pieces of the American healthcare and lit a fire on the last pieces of the US constitution?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, maybe you know this one:

Do you know which president recently uttered racist remarks to a police officer and in doing so started a row, but now are trying to smooth things over with beer?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The true face of our enemies - I

People still seem to be surprised, for some strange reason, every time a political scandal emerges. For many years I thought of this as a mystery, since to me, and many others, it was so obvious and self-explanatory. But about ten years ago, talking to my parents, it suddenly struck me; people actually believe that politics, politicians and the government always acts in a rational way. The general public is convinced that there are good purposes behind it all, no matter what the law or what public institution we are talking about. A notion that all members of the power elite is saying, doing and acting in a way that is rational. Please, all of you get it into your heads; there is nothing rational whatsoever about government, nothing rational about the very concept of government, not what they have done, are doing or will do. And in this aspect it does not really matter if it is a totalitarian autocracy or a democratic elected government, rationality does not figure into the equation. I know this first hand; a member of the political class couldn’t smell a rational thought if it was wrapped in rotting meat, thrust up a diarrheic monkey’s rear and then directly shoved up into the politicians nose. There are many examples of this from every country. In some cases it gets more apparent if females are banned from wearing pants, or if a totalitarian regime imposes total restriction of Internet. But what if your government started slow? Banning some clothes like certain uniforms or symbols and, regarding internet, put some higher taxes here and some restriction there and with some certain sites and words on-line being banned – would you comply? Yes you do, this is a reality in every country right now. And then it comes; the next law, the next exception, and the next substitute that also need to be restricted. And so it goes on and sooner or later you too, in your country, will live under the same authoritarian laws as those of totalitarian countries.

What people need to realize is that those in charge only have the following agenda; getting the highest possible number of votes and gaining more power and control. Everything they will ever do, say or propose will be with this as foundation.

So, there is no rationality within politics, but, of course, things are a lot worse than this. The perpetual evilness is oozing out of every embodiment of politics infecting everything from day-care centres to video games. From the moment we are born, we are controlled, monitored, preached at, controlled, checked, estimated, valued, censured, inspected and labelled. During our entire lives, no matter in which country you live, we get the pleasure of being condemned, corrected and punished for “crimes” like eating or drinking whatever you want. All the time the government is cloaking its real pretext of power and control behind curtains of “the common good” and that oh so funny “Solidarity principle” - all men are created equal; some are just more equal then others. And when we finally get to die the government still needs every action or transaction noted, registered, counted, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, authorized and don’t think for a second you can be buried wherever and however you want, that’s the governments job to decide.

Maybe you think I’m overdoing it or that am one of those people with a tin-foil hat hiding from a giant squirrel. Maybe you agree to a certain extent but think this isn’t so bad. But if you are thinking one of these or other similar things about this post, considerer two things. Firstly; why is it that whenever something ends up in the claws of the government, it is a good idea, but hardly ever when it comes to your neighbour? Think about it. Would you let your neighbour search through your computer, tell you what TV-programs you should watch or what company you are supposed to buy electricity from? Do you trust that guy next door to such a degree that you have no problem letting him hold on to, collect and save all personal information, your entire families medical history and every time you have talked to him, sent him an email or whatnot, he keeps the logs and note it down together with the rest of the files that contains the entire life of you. Would you feel comfortable with that? If not, why the hell do you trust mindless drones at government’s entities all over, people you have never met, to do this very exact thing? Secondly; even if you are comfortable and even if a vast majority is comfortable being subjugated to endless probing and controlling, why should the rest need to live under the same scrutiny and duress? Can you really assure everyone that the majority (or yours) opinion is so much higher valued and better for all of us than that of the minority (or the rest)?

Some will argue that a certain control is necessary to prevent crimes. What crimes? Almost every law is aimed directly at what you can and cannot do with yourself and your own body. And I’m not talking about exchanging the rules with anarchy; I’m just talking common sense. Like the concept of “smuggling”. This is just a stupid little word taken over by the elitists in a scheme to hinder people from buying things in another country cheaper and bringing it back home. Why? Because the government does not want to lose the income. That is the only reason. Do not think for a second that they care about your wellbeing; it is about governments take in the deal. They need that percentage otherwise you are a criminal. And this is one thread throughout. Another thread is the “ethics of the many” that permits those above to outlaws drugs, guns, certain chemicals, pesticides or living arrangements that the “norm” disapproves of. Of course the government has no real interest in such notions other than winning votes. You can bet every penny and your very life that the day when a big number or even a majority of people wants to de-criminalize cocaine, many (most) political parties and politicians will change their “persuasion” and advocate the same. I don’t write “all” because as long as there are votes to be won on being anti-drugs, a couple of partiers and several politicians will take that standpoint. Laws is, in affect, a sticky web only the rich and powerful can manoeuvre, it is a hinder in the way of anyone with an idea or own notion and it is a fishing net in the hands of the government, haling in none-criminals and locking ‘em up in prisons the “criminals” themselves have paid for.

Sadly people everywhere continue to listen and continues to be harassed, hunted down, abused, clubbed, disarmed, bound, choked and imprisoned, and it is all thanks to a stupid feeling that government is rational and will do good things. Politics is not a friend, it is an enemy, always have been, and always will be, and this despite what colour or political party we are talking about. When you, the populace, finally realize this, we will finally have a peaceful world where people live in harmony with each other as well as their surroundings. I don’t think it will ever happen, because these enemies are not alone…

Can I have a burger please?

It is not that uncommon that trains run over wild animals or even domesticated beasts that end up on train tracks, but sometimes things get a little bit out of the ordinary. Apparently 14 cows were run over by a train outside the Swedish town Ljungskile. About ten survivors could be saved from this event. However, the story does not reveal if this was a case of Mad-Cow disease, and it is not clearly stated whether or not this was an accident or if the cows intentionally walked into the light...

However, the most interesting thing about this story I found in the sub-headline (conveniently shared between several papers…) saying: “Plötsligt stod en hel kohjord på spåret. Tågföraren hade inte en chans.” Which roughly translated means: ”Suddenly a whole herd of cattle’s was on the tracks. The driver didn’t stand a chance”.

Now, maybe I misunderstood something, but did the driver also die?

And is it just me, or do anyone else get really hungry reading about this?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The same crap as yesterday, as today and as tomorrow

There is an oldie tune from Sweden that goes something like this in translation: “Side by side, they help each other out, the state and cooperation’s is sitting in the same boat. But it is not they who rows…”. This song is meant to be very anti-capitalist, but for me, believing in capitalism and knowing what capitalism actually is; this is a perfect line to describe the enemy class and how the elitists band together in a SocialistFacist nightmare.

The true colours of our enemies is important to remember because while the high and mighty is sitting in their velvet-lined hot tubs, stroking their long-haired pets and going “Muhahahaha…”; the rest of the world is going downhill fast. While billions in bonuses are paid out to cornflake economists as thanks for ruining the economy; unemployment is sky-rocketing. And how many times have we not lately heard that “they are too big to fall” or that some company is soooo important to a region or a country that the tax payers need to bail-out the failing wreck. Companies that 10 years in a row have made billions each year suddenly need to be saved by the tax payers. When will we put a stop to this Keynesian madness?

And can anyone even count the number of times politicians (in every country around the glob) have been caught helping friends out, using public credit cards to pay for lap-dances or saying one thing in private and other in public. I have been active, highly involved or very well versed in politics and the power sphere most of my life and I don’t think I have ever meet a politician with honest, straight-forward ideological reasons for doing/saying/acting in a certain way. It is all about power, getting votes and trash the opposition, nothing else. The very few with ideas and good intention either get spooked out or thrown out, honest and decent people makes very horrid politicians. Why do we keep letting such sell-outs and power hungry elitists rule our lives?

This current depression we are in will not and cannot end until the people have had enough. And don’t believe for a second that such a revelation among the populace will pass without enormous blood-shed. Those in power will never volunteer to hand over their otherworldly benefits and God-like powers. But their main power, their main weapon isn’t the army, the police or brain-dead journalists, no; it is you, the people. Even if you understand our terrible predicament and had enough, will you listen to the rational and intellectual side or will you cast yourself into the socialist abyss and help other lefties ruin the world? This is the enemy class’ triumph card - play us against each other. Black against white, males against females, country against country, religion against religion. This is the biggest obstacle for people to overcome; to really, truly realize that your neighbour or that fellow with another language or religion isn’t your enemy.

When will you wake up? When will you smell the depression and sniff out ones that are at fault? Probably never, which is sad, but in a way also very very funny. I mean, a clear majority of people wanting more of the same crap that keep getting us into mess after mess, how cannot that be funny?

The funny fatty despot

The Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez have decided to withdraw his ambassador in a futile attempt to cover up his weapon smuggle affaires. Venezuela has bought Swedish rocket launchers and then given them to the communist guerrilla FARC in Colombia. The story does not tell whether or not the warmongering Chavez got some cocaine out of the deal but most likely he just sent his mass murdering buddies some extra weaponry. Some believe this can escalate into a regular war in the region, which is not impossible but not very likely at the moment.

Chavez (that seems to get fattier for every picture taken) is a screamer and likes to throw words around which most likely means he is a pussy that never would do anything directly. Instead he will continue to sneak around supporting this or that until the Venezuelan in-house economic situation deteriorates further. Earlier this leftie psychopath had lots of money to throw around from oil revenues and massive confiscation of the countries riches, but those are running thin at the moment and with socialisation productivity goes down so sooner or later the Venezuelan economy will dip even further down than it already has and in that situation Chavez will do what most dictator does, start a war. A war is fun, it unites the people (at least temporary), it gives people something to do except starving and thinking of their unemployment, so yes, Hugo “the obese dictator” Chavez will most likely start a war, but not yet. I give it a year or two.

Socialism is fun, isn’t it?

Monkey Business

A dying, decaying and over the top movie industry is announcing they are going to bring the Piratebay to court again. Well, this might be interested from certain angles. The last time around an entire generation learned that the Swedish juridical system have lots of bias judges, that those at Swedish courthouses have no knowledge in the technology and how those in power fraternize together and use fascist laws to impose fascist regulations. Of course millions from the so called entertainment industry changed hands last time, journalists haven’t really taken notice though. This time around it might not even go to court since the claims and demands are different. I hope it does though, maybe this time journalists can do their job when they know that we from the free media is watching. However, all this is in complete vain and they know it. I do not know how many free sites that shows movies, sports and TV-shows that exists in cyberspace but the amount is plentiful enough. There is nothing you cannot see, download or listen to, it is all out there. They can keep suing people until judgement day (a day not so far off…) and in the end all they will accomplish is to alienate an entire generation, get some good people thrown in jail and getting settlements that no one can or will pay.

One can always take comfort in knowing that those dinosaurs are a dying breed. Most likely the future of movies and quite possible all forms of culture will be developed and created within and during concepts that will work something like this: IRON SKY

The only tincy wincy wee problem, however, is that pesky depression we are just seeing emerging from the depths of the printing press hell where the enemy class rule supreme. This together with all those fascists’ laws might have a serious impact on many things, also the Internet. But all in all we have fun times ahead, riots, youngsters in jail, food lines, wars and governments everywhere controlling and surveillance everything. Yapp, fun fun fun…

Monday, July 27, 2009

Are gay’s more stupid then the rest?

During this time of year there are lots of pride parades going through one city after the other. For some reason gay, bi- and transsexual individuals feel the urge to flaunt their lack of inhibitions and walk down the street wearing muumuu’s singing some happy tunes. Sure, being a semi-alcoholic myself and being no stranger to perversions or the occasional drug intake while shaking some pom-poms around, I sort of get the concept. However, the entire spectacle has become nothing more than a parade of loathsome political correctness.

Every year the floating wave of pastels and naked flesh becomes longer and bigger, why? Size matters? Well, yes it does, but mainly because more people join in - but are those people gay/bi/trans people? To some extent yes, there are gay police, bisexual nurses, horse jumping transvestites and countless other groups. But mainly I would argue that this new in-take is political groups taking advantage of the situation. All the PC political parties have representatives lulling around and when we add in several environmental groups, feminists, unions and many others and we have political circus, and not a festivity as is should be. The mainstream media is, of course, putting up those rainbow flags on their sites and promoting the pride thingy. And with the exception for some Nazi-freaks (that hardly can form a coherent sentence) looming around waiting to get one gay lonesome to do some bashing, no one dares to speak up against this collection of inoffensive, non-discriminatory and highly drug-crazed people. Any clergyman opposing gay marriage is a reactionary fool, any non-gay people feeling this parade is over the top and unnecessary is homophobic, any political party not participating is anti-gay, and if you, Allah forbid, happen to say no to an parade invitation from your football or Hockey club you will be crucified by the media and no gay couple will ever again spend their pink money watching your games. In the meanwhile communists and openly fascist movements like AFA goes happily along within the parade like the Gulag never happend.

All of this has gone too far. Not only are the gay/bi/trans community being hijacked by political interest groups competing for their votes and support, it has also started to affect organisational- and religious rights. If some church doesn’t wanna marry people of the same gender, they are; of course, in their full right not do so. And why does every large organization need to have a little sub-grouping of gay people? Wtf? Isn’t the point of letting people be however they are to NOT having any special groupings? Should every big car-company have sub-groups with only blue eyed people? Or why haven’t political parties formed groups of members with size 8 in shoes? All gay/bi/trans morons out there should stop trying to put themselves into a certain folder and stop trying to make themselves into something special- you are humans and idiots, just like the rest of us.

And what about those extra laws the politically correct throws at the gay/bi/trans citizens? Like putting them together with Jews, blacks and other groups under the umbrella of hate-crimes. Cannot hate-crimes be committed towards white middle aged men? Do we really need a certain law to protect certain groups? What’s wrong with the ones we have? And do those extra laws mean that the rest of society has less protection?

But what really pisses me off is that within our mundane existences we cannot joke or trash these groups unless you happen to be a part of ‘em. It isn’t enough that we cannot flip them off for being to intrusive, and it is not enough that they get special laws and can, by their very existence, change organisations and religious institutes, no, hardly anyone can make up perverted tales to make people laugh about these stupidities. You might end up in the hate-crime folder or at least you will be construed as a bigot.

So are gay’s more stupid then “normal” people? No, just as idiotic as the rest of us, but with the additional stupidities that comes with a society that gone to PC. And to you priest/pastor/rabbi ‘s out there that don’t want to marry gay people, you have at least my support.

Who should you listen to?

The headline to this post is very necessary for you to consider. When it comes to economy and financial problems there are a lot of gurus out there, there are a lot of politicians, journalists and other know-it-all people. Most of them have their own agenda or a certain schooling, and there are those who actually benefit from this recession (really a depression) and benefits from your fear or that you think things are over; there is a light in the tunnel… All of these people cannot be right, it’s self-explanatory, so the question is; who should you listen to? If you listen a bit and look around it seems to be 3 basic groups:

Which of these groups should you listen to?

1) Elitists, bankers, most economists, pretty much all politicians, journalists and several big companies i.e. what I normally call “The enemy class”. This is not a Marxist axiom, it is merely a statement that these people bunched together, rule and control pretty much everything that goes on in the world. None of these (with a very few exceptions within economy and politics) predicted or had any idea how or why this crisis started. Now, however, these are the ones in charge. They know how to fix things - yeah! And how are they “fixing it”? Through government interventions of course. More regulations, more laws, higher taxes, more borrowing, and through the magic of the printing press these people wants to bring back order again.

2) The in-between people. These are fiscal conservatives and some economists that suspect something is wrong, but don’t know what. It is also a couple of journalists wanting to do their job, but lacking the brain to do so. I would also put most “normal” people in this category torn between the other two groups seriously mistrusting the first one, but feeling the third one is to negative and gloomy.

3) Austrian school of economics, libertarians, (My humble self) Nouriel Roubini, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Gerald Celente, Bill Smith, Larry Bates, Chales Collins, Marc Faber – just to name a few you should look up. These people, although not all spot on all the time, predicted this crisis long before it happen. In several cases they predicted it many years beforehand and have been completely accurate since telling us exactly what is going to happen. For instance; if you started to buy Gold when I first tried to tell you all to do so you have now more than doubled the value – still a very good buy, just so you know... So what are these people saying now? That things are going to get worse, much worse. Although not all of them as pessimistic as I am, they do still see riots, food lines, hyperinflation and a continuation of this depression for many years, possible decades. What is our salutation? Pretty much the complete opposite of what governments, the IMF, EU and G20 countries has been doing. Let the crash happen and let it happen now, not later when it will be much worse. Let the market fix itself and stop regulating everything.

Many of the pundits flood the propaganda networks with repeated denials of the problems. You probably know who they are. I’m not quite sure what they’ve been smoking. But it appears to be some sort of hallucinogen because they seem to expect Superman to bend the economy back into shape. Ladies and Gentlemen, in case mommy never told you, there is no Santa Claus and there is no Superman. And if you think Bernanke’s and all the other cornflake economists and their printing presses have an endless supply of ink and paper, just wait until the real crisis appears. So you had better get ready because it’s coming. It is virtually inescapable. They’ve been playing this boom-bust game for several years now. And all we have seen are illusions of growth followed by the realities of mismanagement and excess consumption. Running the printing presses in overdrive won’t get any country out of this mess. It hasn’t helped in the past and it’s not going to now. In fact, using the money supply to hold off a recession and prevent bank failures ensures there will an even more devastating crisis down the road.

As I have said and warned about before, get guns, get dried-up food packages, buy candles, get an survival kit and canned goods. Please believe me, you are going to need these items, hopefully sooner (if we want a light depression), but it can be later which would truly be catastrophic.

Oh, look. Another flying pig.

Apparently some shocking news comes from Sweden today. It appears that the European Union (EU) is wasting billions on propaganda. Since so many people are critical of the whole project and votes are only cast by a dwindling minority, I can see how the enemy class figure they need to use tax money to persuade the tax payers about this institution’s fabulousness. But is this really news? And, of course, it does not stop there. Pretty much everything about the ineffective and hopelessly socialistic creation that is EU should be scraped and thrown in the bin. Than you could pick up the bin and throw it all into a nice little fire, and after that scatter the ashes.

Also, it needs to be mentioned, how many billions, in-house, do not the political parties, the unions, lobbyists and countless government agencies and department spend each year for the same purpose? The European Union is a horrible waste of money and time, but so is your local political institution. It is not only those flashy overpaid rats roaming around Brussels or Strasbourg that you should complain about; there are lots of rats closer to home.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The best recommendation you will ever get

If you ever going to visit or read one single blog in the entire blogosphere this is the one: Junk Food Science

It is in easy-to-read and understand English despite mostly containing medical and technical jargon. This is the place where you find out truths about Healthcare in the US, how horrid the Swine flu really is and similar topics. Most newspapers and journalists in general are filled with crap on such subjects so if you want some truth in your life then this is THE best recommendation you will ever get

I especially recommend the series about obese people and their hamburgers, and the latest topic: He who controls the medical profession, controls life

Please just ignore me and move along. Click on above links and get educated.

1+1 = 5,7

Today some Swedish journalists are asking themselves how FARC, the communist guerrilla in Colombia, got hold of the Swedish AT4 (bunker buster) portable rocket launchers. They were sold to the socialist regime in Venezuela, and was in possession of the leftie dictator Hugo Chavez. Chavez that would love to see more socialists coming to power is probably biting his fingernails and pondering on this problem himself. How could those ever get into the hands of FARC? Mmm… this is a riddle rapped inside an enigma and shrouded in mystery…


Maybe these can teleport themselves...? ohh...

Oh, and do you know how FARC finance their little rebellion? By selling illigal drugs. Another problem we could solve by legalizing drugs.

legalize it - II

The senseless anti-drug policies of America and Mexico rages onward leading to more deaths and more suffering, all curtsey of the government. The fact is that it is the laws that create the problems, not the mafia. If the Mexican government (and any other on this planet) really wanted people to be safe, really wanted less dying from overdoses as well as from gang wars, they would legalize all drugs. If we did, we would see; in an instance, that the vast majority of all income to criminal organization would disappear, people that really want drugs could suddenly buy them at supermarkets, cheaper, cleaner and much healthier. All the crimes being committed each day in the hunt for money and drugs would vanish almost completely. Terrorist groups everywhere would loose most of their income and the world would be a safer, better and freer place. Ask yourself why governments don’t do it and then read the following:

No matter what I do with my body, it is mine. Not yours, not ours, not the governments, mine and only mine. So if I decide to cut off limbs, dip my hand in butter, dance the cha-cha or do drugs - that is my business. Anytime anyone uses the law and, consequently, force to hinder me from doing whatever I want with myself and my body I stop being human and instead becomes a slave. You can argue against it or drag it into infinity, but in the end you need to admit that if I cannot do whatever I want with my own flesh and blood; then I am a slave. So if I’m not free to decide whatever I want to do with myself and the government is using violence and force to keep me doing what they want, what does this make the government?

"If the government can't keep drugs away from inmates who are locked in steel cages, surrounded by barbed wire, watched by armed guards, drug-tested, strip-searched, X-rayed, and videotaped – how can it possibly stop the flow of drugs to an entire nation?" – Ron Crickenberger

Legalize it - I

People can have sex how much they want to, people can sell or buy as much as they want to, but for some strange reason you cannot combine those two. Or to phrase a famous and now deceased comedian: “How come selling and fucking is legal, but somehow selling fucking is illegal?”

There are a couple of so called arguments for outlawing prostitution that normally told. Firstly we have the feminists. There are different sorts of feminists; ugly assed lesbian man-haters that couldn’t get a man even if they were straight and dropped those 35kg of blubber they carry around; communist-chicks with that mass-murdering Che on a T-shirt or just the run of the mill average PC-politician. Generally their “argument” goes something like this: “Women are oppressed. If men buy their bodies, they are even more oppressed. We feel sorry for those women”. Well, first of all you got to give them cred for stating one fact; that women are oppressed. The problem, however, is that everyone is oppressed, not just females. And even if one also need to agree (for the most part) that women, historically speaking, have been the most oppressed gender - that holds very little weight today. Sure there are countries or religions where females might still be subjected to certain atrocities, but one should focus on those examples, not create a gender-war where there is none. Feminists also often use trafficking as a word identical to that of prostitution. This is, of course, mostly false. As any good sales pitch or marketing strategy they need to find something that appeal to our feelings and what better way to do this then to put a 13y old girl on the TV that can cry about how she has been abducted - and then they can claim a match between this girl being kidnapped and raped to all prostitutes. Everyone with a brain can see through this charade, which, of course, means that most journalists and politicians do not.

The other group often complaining about prostitution (and porn) are the conservative and very religious. These people, whom happily spank each other in the basement and/or has no problem banging altar boys, regard prostitution as an abomination. At the very least they don’t wanna see it or hear about it. This is the main reason for this group wanting to abolish hooking; they don’t want it around and they think that outlawing it will get it off the streets. If this creates more problems for these ladies (and men) is of no concern for mink-coated übermench or bible-thumping loonies. These people have no real argument other than playing the strings of others (and let’s face it, there are lots of these out there) that have about the same feeling. “Just go away, go to another country. Not on my street!”

All of this is dwarfed by two real arguments. Firstly, no matter what I do with my body, it is mine. Not yours, not ours, not the governments, mine and only mine. So if I decide to cut off limbs, dip my hand in butter, dance the cha-cha or sell my penis - that is my business. Anytime anyone uses the law and, consequently, force me from doing whatever I want with myself and my body I stop being human and instead becomes a slave with someone else as master. You can argue against it or drag it into infinity, but in the end you need to admit that if I cannot do whatever I want with my own flesh and blood; then I am a slave. Secondly, all these laws and hinders do is create more problems. Forced underground more “accidents” might happen, more laws means higher risk which means everyone involved is taking bigger chances. Hookers might not seek out medical assistance or legal advice since that might trigger the interest of the police. And so on and so on.

The solution to this “problem” is to legalize it and keep the government as far away as possible. As usual government is the creator of more problems and never the solution.

This little thingy transpired at a time when it just had become illegal for both buying and selling sex in Sweden:

About 13 years ago I was walking into a police station. I noticed a couple of uniformed officers at some desks and a couple of others in civilian outfits and a bunch of normal people waiting for their passport or whatever. I went straight for a sexy lady sitting there waiting and this is the very laud conversation that followed.

Me: Hi sexy, you look expensive
Sexy female*: No, not really. What u looking for?
Me: I want to have some fun. How much do you charge?
Sexy female*: 400SEK for a blowjob, 650SEK for per hour and 150SEK extra for anal
Me: Oh, I want the entire package baby.

Here a picked up a set of bills and started counting, handed over about half, as agreed upon, and took her by the hand and started to lead her out of the building. Needles to say, we got stopped and asked a couple of questions. Being my girlfriend* at the time, the lady in question and I said the same thing; we always pay each other. The police was not really amused, but let us go. At home we did all those things I did pay her for, but believing in equality as I do, she paid me back and did the same dirty things to me… Isn’t love grand?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Politics created this depression – how can anyone think politics will get us out of it?

We are standing naked, holding our gold implanted umbrella that we bought on credit listening to the sound of coins and bills pouring down from on up high where Bernanke and other cornflake economists are keeping the printing press spitting out unprecedented amounts of useless fiat money. For every day that passes more and more holes are being created in our umbrella and while some bankers are shouting at us to pay our mortgages and loans we use our credit card to buy a 3 star dinner.

Unemployment is hitting 10%+ in the US, UK and Sweden and several other countries are getting there fast. That fiat money raining down is shoveled up by investment banks and financial institutes that go on a final stock-market rampage tricking people that there is a recuperation going on. Trillions of dollars of bail-outs and stimulus have not helped more than created a phony foundation for certain companies that apparently is “to big to fail” and consequently has got a temporary injection of newly printed money. Almost 100 banks have been bankrupted in the US in little over a year, trade keep going down, pirates are growing in numbers and attacking the few ships that still travels from the Middle East and Asia to Europe. Tens of millions of people in Africa is only one bad harvest or a year more of this depression from falling into complete starvation. Demonstrations and riots are being planned all over the western world and some are bound to end in bloody conflicts. A couple of banks and financial institutes are flooding the Gold- and silver markets with useless forms of IOU’s in a scheme to keep those prices down, this while the Indian and Chinese government is hording gold like crazies.

Add to above the situation in the Middle East with Iran and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the risk of more upraising in China, oil prices going up with impact on trade and transportation of commodities and think about all the dictators coming out of the woodwork in South- and Latin America. We have fascist and socialist extremists growing in numbers everywhere and in countries like Hungary and the Ukraine things are looking really dark.

And what are being told from the ruling elitists? Remember that this is the same übermenchen that didn’t see any problems, whatsoever, with the economy 1,5year ago and when the shit started to hit the fan, they said that it was only temporary and that we soon would see the end of it. These are the same people that today are claiming to see “green shoots”, a “light in the tunnel” or some other stupid euphemism to persuade us that the crisis is over or at least halting. But do you know what those that did see this crisis coming and what those of us that have predicted almost every scenario so far close to 100% is saying? We are saying that this is just the beginning.

There is only one of 3 ways this can end. The first one, doing what is right, will never happen, so we can skip that. The 2nd one is that we are hit by a depression very soon, very hard and it will last for 5-10 years with all the turmoil that comes with. The 3rd and worst scenario - also the most plausible – is that the crisis is “halted” and postponed in the phony and fictive way we can partly see today. They will keep printing money, interest rates down, flooding us with stimulus’s and they will keep bailing out companies that should be scrapped and ignored. All the while building up gigantic bubbles and making money virtually useless with hyperinflation and stock-markets crashing as a consequence. Imagine the 1930’s times ten and then add nuclear weapons to the equation. Does this sound like a happy shiny future?

So when someone is pointing out - although way to positive and only partially - these problems, you should read and listen. Because if I, together with many others, is right; being prepared might actually save your life. I know most of you out there do not believe in this apocalyptical scenario, but does that matter? It is always good to have extra cans, lights and guns at home. Go get those things, if not for me saying it, at least there might be a black-out some day. Always good to have extra stuff at home. It does not hurt right?

Also, as I have mentioned before, this crisis, created and fueled by politicians and the class above you can only be stopped when you, the people, say NO. Only the day when we stop the socializations, stop all these political projects and put an end to this fascist cancer will we be able to breathe again. This demands that you start reading, start thinking and really draw conclusions because there will be countless of people with red and black flags trying to get you to listen to them. Don’t listen, they want to make things worse and stand for the exact same policies that got us into this mess.

We need Ragnar!!

This is great stuff. If I was one of those suckers going to the ballot dropping down a useless vote I might actually find this very persuasive. And this ad is correct; this is a fight we cannot loose. There is so much at stake right now, our entire future, our children’s future; I would even argue that the entire human race is in danger. And I do not only mean this Internet thingy and the fascist laws that keep popping up, no, I’m also talking the growing statism and the looming economic depression. I wonder when we get Economy-“pirates”? Because those are really necessary about now... The world needs Ragnar Danneskjöld and several of his piracy clones and we need 'em fast.

The danger is lurking right now – can you smell it?

A couple of people have asked me why I care so much about Honduras and why I even bother trying to educate people about the truth of things. The answer to that question is fairly simple and two-fold. One; I want to stick it to the man. And two; I know what comes next.

I want to stick it to the man.
Brain-dead journalists that, as usual, don’t do their jobs - are ignoring several obvious facts. Partly it is the adherent laziness that comes with being a journalists, it’s much easier just translating some stuff and eat a couple of doughnuts then to do actual investigating work. Partly it is because most journalists lean towards socialism, many of them are Hugo Chavez admirers and have nothing against Cuba’s dictatorship. And then we have the Obamination that still cannot do anything wrong. He can ruin the world economy, impose corporate take-over’s Mussolini-style, create hyperinflation, start Jugend-clubs and jump the bones on some poor policeman only doing his job, but it is all good. So when this Messianic figure rises up from his dungeon every morning and picks up the paper he can see that there is not a single word is telling people what’s really going on and he can stretch out his claws and relax. Most of the other public figures out there ruling and ruining our lives just follow the trend, as they always do. If journalists, leftie do-gooders, some laud screaming authors and our black savior say and do something, the rest follows.

I know what comes next.

While the greatest depression ever know to man is unfolding, growing and gaining momentum; all the representatives of the ruling elite assures us that they have it under control. The crisis is even “easing off” or “halting”, so no one needs to worry about that. And neither do anyone worry about these nit little laws that are being passed in order to monitor, restrict and control us all. The freest information-net and most dynamic thing ever created is being slaughtered right now and only some people calling themselves “pirates” is standing in the way. In this situation and with so much at stake you need to become conscious about certain realities. For instance; having a nation going against the wind with a populace and institutions actually doing the right thing and standing up for democracy and freedom – gives certain people horrific images of what is awaiting them in the future. Also, such a thing as a constitution that the governing elite continuously ignore, where can we find another example of that..? What people need to realize is that an attack on a political body, on one regime is an attack on all of them. Only when there is a high degree of consensus among the elitists and within the media they might condemn another ruler or government. Ask yourself; why have it not been any reporting about the enormous demonstration in support of the democratic government? Why aren’t they writing what the law, the constitution and the people of Honduras really are saying? How come all the dictators in the area is supporting Zelaya?

Take notes
Journalists in the west should be ashamed and check the real facts. Politicians everywhere should start their own rallies in support of the democratic Honduras government and they should all argue for indictment of the horrid dictator wannabe Zelaya. This is one milestone. Check around. All the people among those that rule you and exist “above” you that is standing up and supporting Zelaya, those people are your enemies. Not the market, not some gender issue or some conspiracy or a certain religion, no, those people now standing up and defending anti-democratic ideal, those are the ones to watch out for. Please bear this in mind and make a mental note, someday soon that information will come in handy, but remember to get that hardy good rope that holds many times over…

Condoms found!

Yes! As I mentioned before (here) it is not the easiest task in the world finding a proper condom on the British Isles. But roaming through my brief-case I found a totally unopened package with 10 Okeido Condoms. Although still not perfect, these babies can at least be adjusted to fit the average+ penis. So now I can have casual sex with outlandish females in latex again… well, at least safer sex…

Friday, July 24, 2009

Stop child mutilation

Swedish regions (Landsting) are being told to perform the atrocious act of child mutilation. Something that should be completely outlawed

“Here you have a healthy young boy. Please cut of some pieces of his flesh. Why? Because it is said so in some book and/or by some priests that like young boys to be cut and sliced”

Just because some religious fanatics and some Mengele-types like to cut & paste some human flesh it is supposed to be implemented in Swedish practice. Many doctors stand up for human rights and refuse to perform this despicable act of depravity, which is good and all, but what about those butchers that do use this method of torture? Shouldn’t Haag be notified and Swedish jails be filled with these scumbags? How the fuck can anyone do such horrific acts to their own child? It is sickening on holocaust levels. Some pricks use the religion- and other culture crap “argument” as an excuse to cover up their own bloodthirst. If people coming to Sweden like to mutilate their Children, we should take away their children and put those out for adoption and throw the psychos back to whatever hell they came from.

Anyone supporting this scheme of useless circumcision that has no base whatsoever in either science or common sense should come to my house. I will cut off your ears and your left leg. Why? Because that is my religion, it’s to make bending down to God and hearing the divine spirit easier.

The future of ObamaCare?

Oregon, that provides state healthcare, doesn't, however, cover life-prolonging treatment unless there is better than a 5 percent chance it will help the patients live for five more years — but it covers doctor-assisted suicide, defining it as a means of providing comfort, no different from hospice care or pain medication. The tax payers that is paying for this scam do not even get a injection or some pills. So what happens when a bunch of terminally ill patients turned to their state for health care? They were denied treatment and offered doctor-assisted suicide instead. Isn’t this fun? I cannot help wondering if those FEMA-camps, those Obama youth squads or all those tens of millions of coffins being stacked up across America are for something of this nature. Maybe the Obamination has figured out how to solve the economic crisis? Through euthanasia.

Well the poor fellow need to get some momentum going losing support faster then any president in history, so maybe killing some voters can help that?