Saturday, April 25, 2009


Today the mother of the earlier kidnapped boy Thor is back in Sweden among friends and relatives. This is pretty much the only good news I can find in today’s papers. I say congratulations to the mother but I cannot stop wondering where that idiot kidnapper resides and why someone hasn’t done some harm to his limbs yet? If he really did kidnapp this boy, he should be held responsible. And to all victims out there, hang in there, you might make it, if the coming depression doesn’t get you first…

The cancer of the enemy class

While the recession keeps gaining momentum, businesses crumble and unemployment increases, those in power are looking for someone to blame. Not blaming themselves of course, but there is a lot of scapegoats being blamed at the moment.

Often enough it is the “market” that’s being blamed. The market couldn’t handle finances, the market couldn’t fix the problem and the market caused the rain falling today. Standing as shining examples of the “market” are some chief executives and some fraudulent pranksters whom of course is rich and is firing people as the devils they apparently are. Some religious groups are also getting to be liable. Either it is a Jewish conspiracy or it is those dredged Muslims with their oil fueling the fire. And it might be some torrent sites doing all the harm? There are also other movements - that have the same intellect as a grain of sand - that argues that immigrants and refugees are the parasites that should be blamed. If we just cut back on social welfare to all these moochers we will be saved. In Hungary they are blaming some elusive “enemy force” and in Russia there is a growing fascist movement blaming pretty much everyone, but mainly they end up together with the “grain of sand”-people mentioned above.

All of this is smoke-screens hiding the real parasitical life forms of the enemy class. It wasn’t the market, some Jews or a couple of thousands immigrants that created this world wide crisis. Some directors and executives might share the blame, but you cannot blame all of them for trying to save their companies now and cutting back on personal. The real enemy is those within, those that sit with the power, those in charge. Of course the government is the main culprit, but there are a lot of supporting forces backing them up. Most journalists only write what happens according to those that tell them the news, hardly ever doing in-depth investigations. And economists might be the real wrongdoers since most of them hardly understand basic math and those that are heard in the news (thanks to brainless journalists) is mainly governmental thugs employed by and in league with the power elite. We also have professors in biology and ‘experts’ in the field of electricity that get their 15min of fame telling us what to do with the economy. To this we add bankers, some top business people and a lot of government dependent employees, all looking for hand-outs and “help” before, during and after every crisis.

This isn’t capitalism and it’s hardly socialism (even if I sometimes claim that), it is more of an fascist cancer were all the dark spots avoid the scans and collectivize themselves in their own little corner making all the decisions. As mentioned before, this isn’t really a conspiracy – I wouldn’t rule it out in all cases though – and it is not really an intricate plan, it is more how the system is built. Those in power fraternize with others in power. And the political color have very little to do with it, they are all in cahoots. Journalists, executives, economists and politicians come together in a harmonically fuck-you to all beneath them. It is the regulations, the constant interventions and the power of financial decisions contributed to the enemy class that have created this crisis soon to be a depression. Do not let any of these malignant abnormalities tell you it was the market or some victims of war fleeing to your country that you should blame.

And just like the medical form of cancer, they are typically activated in cells, giving those cells new properties, such as hyperactive growth and division. All designed to protect against the “enemies”; unemployment, poverty or the market. All the while creating more problems and more of the very thing they are said to protect us from. The ability to become established in diverse tissue environments such as unions or environmental groups should be legendary, but most people don’t know this and citizen’s certainly do not recognize that they are losing normal functions in those cells and that their own bodies, their own life, is getting more and more swallowed by this tumor.

This diagnosis is a fact but the enemy class will keep all of you busy fighting the spread of the cancer they created by telling you to eat more and buy more things, all the time trying to get you to put the blame on someone else. Also they want you to keep an eye on political trials, a war, some flu or some kids downloading porn, all in order to keep you from looking at what is really going on.

The real solution to this is the ‘chemo therapy’ that gets rid of this system and those in power. The solution is letting people decide things for themselves and to eliminate all the intrusions that central banks, governmental institutions and the elitists does on a regular basis. We are going to have this crisis and it is going to hold for a long time. How long and how severe is decided when you, the people, realize who is really to blame and IF/when you really do something about it.

One voice of reason – although to nice

There are some people that try to fight back against the enemy class; Peter Schiff is one of those. In this short little piece he explains both the problem behind the current crisis and the solution to the coming depression. You should listen. But Peter and this march against corruption are still being too nice about things, still being “correct”. The government (any of them) will not listen to reason and with socialism in the world growing in an unprecedented speed, what we really need is a rebellion.

Another politically correct day

A lot of people are getting upset over some skinny model again. Why do you people even bother? Is it because you are all overweight and cannot stand someone not gobbling on fat-dripping hamburgers? Are you trying to get thinner but are too busy nibbling on some pizza reading newspapers and getting upset over someone actually managing this task? Have some of you idiots ever considered that some of these models actually wants’ to be skeletal? Let the woman be and take a look in the mirror and do something about your own flabby waist.

In another story some 14 year olds (apparently most of them were 16+, but that’s no fun writing as news) have been parading around in t-shirts and underwear at some party serving drinks. So? Are you telling me that all girls around that age are all innocent and cuddly with their stuffed toys? And so what if they got to strut around, they got clothes as payment.

And apparently some Swedish people run brothels in the Philippines and got caught. Sex is legal, but for some reason selling sex isn’t. Why? Prostitution should be legal and what two (or more) consenting people do between them is nobody’s business.

In other words, let people be skinny, fat, ugly, young, old, prostitutes or whatever, that’s their business, not yours and certainly not the governments. Have some common decency and be a humanist for once. Let people be free and if you ever want to bother someone, be a nuisance to yourself.

Another scary plague

Some people have died and several have been infected with some swine flu that apparently may have killed as many as 70 people. The Mexican government has rushed to close schools, museums and football matches in an attempt to contain the disease so far infected a staggering huge gargantuan number of about 1000 people. This “outbreak” has also wandered into the US bringing the number of cases to eight. All have recovered fully. The World Health Organization in Geneva said the strain in Mexico was identical to the one that has been detected in California and Texas. The same organization is calling for an emergency meeting.

In another related story from a Swedish newspaper we are being told that malaria infects millions of people and kills by the tens of thousands each year. Nah? Really?

How many of these “outbreaks” do have each year? If it isn’t the bird-flue or mad-cow disease it is AIDS or some other virus string killing off people. Of course journalist has no interest in these stories except making people buy their inapt and over the top papers. To scare people have always been a good way of selling things. Everything from gas-masks to new taxes is sold with the notion of fear. An ice sheet is falling down? Argh! We need environmental taxes. A couple of people died from food poisoning? Terrible, we need another government program to monitor that situation. People die from deceases? Oh my, that never happened before; we need regulations and better border patrols.

And please remember to always buy homegrown Swedish/Danish/English* (*+every country in the world) food to stop the plague from spreading.

Maybe you think you’ll never die if you just listen to "good advice"? But my spider-sense tells me you are all morons.