Monday, November 2, 2009

What a waste of tax money

Why do you need a fast internet connection? The answer is you want to download and upload stuff online and you want to be able to do that as fast as possible. If you cannot share files, watch movies, download porn, upload music, see shows or play online games, then the fastness of the line have very little significance.

To read a newspaper, chat with your friends or Google for information about that itching feeling between your legs there is hardly any need for anything faster than 1Mbit/s.

But in the fictitious world of the righteous control-freaks that makes up our legislative branch, we somehow need 100Mbit/s. why?

They have outlawed downloading and uploading pretty much everything. Our emails, chat-conversations and online communities are under surveillance by government agencies and super computers. If you visit government sites you can get tracked or even get your computer searched. If you visit a porn site you may stumble across a naked picture of a 17y old and consequently become a pedophile. If you write the wrong words or phrases, wherever you write those for whatever reason, you’ll forever get branded by the thought police. If you write a blog or manage an information-site that is highly critical of those in charge you get visits from Intelligence Agencies and an increasing number of politicians want to license or even ban such nuisances.

And since Intelligence Agencies and governments share information with each other about their online surveillance, there is a chance, although I admit a small one, that you can get branded as a terrorist. And since you know that certain countries can throw you in jail and torture you for less, the self-censorship for this and all the rest mentioned above becomes more and more close to total.

And for us that pay attention and know how the thought police work, we know they are just getting started. There will be new laws, new exceptions, new agencies, expanded authority; more employees set to monitor us and so on. It’s just a matter of time before the first bloggers get banned, alternative news sites get shut down and search-engines are hindered from linking to the “wrong” information.

So by Beelzebub’s horns why do we need 100Mbit/s or faster? The answer is we don’t.

But Swedish politicians (and elected frauds in other countries) want to build, expand, increase and ‘give us’ such speedy cables. Another huge waste of our tax money. It doesn’t even sound good. Anyone with the slightest inkling of how internet works are going “Pffffff…” and wondering what the überclass’ angle is.

“Here you have a very fast internet connection. With it you can’t do anything without us watching you and if you break any of the 3 845 999 192 laws we have set up we’ll come down on you like the hammer of God. And since you are the one paying for the cable we give you, and you pay for the thought police that monitor you, the agencies that will break down your door and for the court that will judge you, we do hope you have a nice day”

What a bunch of clueless, overzealous fascist cunts!

Wars and rebellions have started for less, but you lazy stupid people out there will do nothing to stop this madness now will you? How long will you bend over and take it?

I’ve stopped caring myself. Let them come. There is no money saved, I don’t own anything of value, I have no family and frankly I’d love the opportunity to tell a judge where to stick his head. So if any of you out there have any plans of blowing up parliament on Thursday or any of the sorts, please let me know.

I’m going pedophile

It’s going to be illegal to LOOK at kiddy porn in Sweden. Although I suspected as much, I cannot help wondering how stupid the legislative branch and the rest of the idiots really are.

Here are some very relevant questions about this idiocy:

Who is going to decide what pornographic material of a minor is? If two adolescent persons take pictures of each other, have they broken this law if they watch the pictures? If I have pictures of me very young, naked in the bathtub, which I have, and someone watches it, does that render ten years of imprisonment?

And how can you really know it is “illegal” porn you’re watching? I mean, it’s not really uncommon to see “Lolitas” at a porno-site having a shaved middle area and pigtails getting gangfucked by a bunch of men in an alley. She could be 15 or 25, how the hell are you supposed to know? If it is a pretty professional site or if the movie is made by a respectable firm, yeah, sure you can assume it’s a legal movie, but do you really know?

And there are lots of preteen models for rent out there, and I don’t mean for porn or naked stuff. Pick up any catalogue with children clothes or check out a vacation ad, is that kiddy porn? If not, who decides?

And why only on picture? If I happen to walk past a tasty 7y old on the streets and think unclean things, I’m a criminal? If I see my child naked, have I committed a crime? Where has these people thought up a line!?

And maybe the most relevant question of all; How in the blazing inferno of hell can anyone decide what is child pornography without watching a lot of it!?

I essence, police officers are going to jail because they are watching kiddy stuff in order to catch the really bad guys.

This is so ridiculous that I’ve decided that I don’t care. If it’s a crime to happen to stumble upon a child porn site or picture while roaming the net or if it’s a crime just watching a picture of someone underage, then lock me up now. In other words, in the eyes of the righteous maniacs that makes laws I will from now on be, or at least a possible be, a pedophile.


Or are they really idiots? One can suspect this is just another move in order to control our lives and what we see and do.