Monday, November 2, 2009

I’m going pedophile

It’s going to be illegal to LOOK at kiddy porn in Sweden. Although I suspected as much, I cannot help wondering how stupid the legislative branch and the rest of the idiots really are.

Here are some very relevant questions about this idiocy:

Who is going to decide what pornographic material of a minor is? If two adolescent persons take pictures of each other, have they broken this law if they watch the pictures? If I have pictures of me very young, naked in the bathtub, which I have, and someone watches it, does that render ten years of imprisonment?

And how can you really know it is “illegal” porn you’re watching? I mean, it’s not really uncommon to see “Lolitas” at a porno-site having a shaved middle area and pigtails getting gangfucked by a bunch of men in an alley. She could be 15 or 25, how the hell are you supposed to know? If it is a pretty professional site or if the movie is made by a respectable firm, yeah, sure you can assume it’s a legal movie, but do you really know?

And there are lots of preteen models for rent out there, and I don’t mean for porn or naked stuff. Pick up any catalogue with children clothes or check out a vacation ad, is that kiddy porn? If not, who decides?

And why only on picture? If I happen to walk past a tasty 7y old on the streets and think unclean things, I’m a criminal? If I see my child naked, have I committed a crime? Where has these people thought up a line!?

And maybe the most relevant question of all; How in the blazing inferno of hell can anyone decide what is child pornography without watching a lot of it!?

I essence, police officers are going to jail because they are watching kiddy stuff in order to catch the really bad guys.

This is so ridiculous that I’ve decided that I don’t care. If it’s a crime to happen to stumble upon a child porn site or picture while roaming the net or if it’s a crime just watching a picture of someone underage, then lock me up now. In other words, in the eyes of the righteous maniacs that makes laws I will from now on be, or at least a possible be, a pedophile.


Or are they really idiots? One can suspect this is just another move in order to control our lives and what we see and do.


  1. heh, seems I too will be branded pedo soon. my girlfriend and I met when we were 17, ah that youth. anyhow I still got pictures of her (yes naked) so even tho we're still together I'll better see if I can find my pass somewhere :\

  2. "Or are they really idiots? One can suspect this is just another move in order to control our lives and what we see and do."

    Spot on! A society where common living carries punishment by the judicial system is indeed a brilliant way of mixing in totalitarianism while keeping democracy as a label to wave around when required...

  3. I just watched the simpson movie, Bart was naked, oh my God... That's two years right there...

    Spider pig, spider pig...

  4. Yea me too. Last week I also went football Hooligan so I guess I'm facing between 20yrs to life. Hmm maybe I even have to sit in the chair...
    Heil Obama.