Friday, September 14, 2012

Banksters vote Obama

 I wrote this piece a few days ago - but since the international banking cartel that owns the Federal Reserve want to see an endless supply of dollars flooding the world economy, we can now safely conclude that the Obamination will win this year’s election.

Through Bernie the spender Oduma just got a multi-trillion dollar campaign contribution with an immediate effect that will last for a few months - the hangover not showing up until a year or two into the future.

Also Bernie managed to raise the middle finger towards Romney who foolishly mentioned that he would replace the FED Chairman with another character.

All the Kenyan need to do now is to promise a few hundred billions to the poor of America, and he´s golden. In other words; unless the bankster puppet is exposed as a smoking pedophile with a fetish for puppy torture, he cannot lose. All betting firms should close any gambling on the presidential election.

Of course, if one choose to look what Bernanke is actually saying; one may found out that he´s actually promoting a bank bailout of almost 2 trillion dollars – buying MBS securities and other mortgage frauds with zero value on the open market from the banks, in essence sucking up all the worthless garbage from the powerful and superrich and passing the bill over to U.S. citizens, creating extreme price hikes and hyperinflation in the process.

Am I the only one getting flashes of lampposts..?

Anyway, Monkeys of the financial world are jumping up and down hurling feces around while screaming “buy” as extremely controlled and manipulated markets are temporarily gaining a few points - leaving Goldman Sachs´ Mario Draghi as the only one with a small wrinkle in the forehead since he´s being out-printed and out-bubbled by his equivalent across the pond. But rest assured, we can be very certain that the banksters puppet/s in Europe will try to surpass and out-print their economic hero, Robert Mugabe, as soon as they are able.

However Kate Middleton’s nipples are the story of the day it seems. Well, together with U.S. sponsored Islamic rioters destroying U.S. property with weaponry given to them by the U.S. to fight earlier U.S. sponsored dictators.

Yes, it’s a fun world.

I won´t miss it one bit – I will however enjoy the decline and destruction of the human race with vodka and popcorn; the breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions.