Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mexican government murdering citizen's

The war against personal choice continues in Mexico. Government’s armed thugs are keeping up the murderess rampage against “drug cartels”. Drug cartels the government has created in the first place. Journalists are talking about 3000 dead in this war but of course the numbers are much higher than this. Just the number of deaths from overdoses and bad drugs means we can add another couple of thousands to this pile of governmental murdered citizens. The answer is to legalize people’s personal choice and let people be free to decide over their own bodies. The enemy class however has no interest in this. Instead they like the fear and like to tax in order to stop problem they themselves have created. Nothing fills the black hearts of elected bandits with more joy than to let loose goon squads on the populace under the premise of “good deeds”. Plus with those actions comes the power to control what people eat, drink, inject or snort.