Sunday, June 21, 2009

Have you seen this?

People all over the world are reacting almost instantaneous changing their twitter status to confuse Iranian officials. Citizens demonstrating and coming together regardless of religion in support of those brave heroes in Iran defying the regime. Without any real leadership or binding force thousands upon thousands are changing their “hometown” to Teheran on Facebook (if you haven’t; do it now!). Movies, pictures and information flowing across the globe at a speed no journalist can match. This is what those politicians supporting ACTA and IPRED want to stop! They know Internet is a force of freedom of the likes no one has ever seen before and this is why they want laws and regulations to hinder the free information flow. Have you got that yet?

The professional dramatic society’s latest production on the road towards controlling the populace is aimed specifically at this; to hinder twitter, online communities and bloggers from writing and saying those unpopular phrases and truths that the enemy elite does not want normal people to know or hear. Have you noticed that yet? Take a trip out on the Internet and really watch, learn and take notes because the freest bastion for people ever created is showing how it can be used and why those you vote for wants’ to monitor it.

I suspect that the Iranian insurgence will be put down with more force and since the people do not have weapons – courtesy of the government – they will need to gather more people to show that enough is enough which will be hard to do. Ever wondered why politicians and those in charge do not want citizens owning guns?

Regardless of the outcome; once again we have been shown why officials everywhere do not want people to communicate freely. And to those of you out there still thinking that the Pirate Party and Piratebay is all about stealing movies; have you really seen what is going on? Have you seen this?