Monday, March 1, 2010

murder-suicide pact because of global warming

Well, the hundreds of thousands that dies each year because of too high taxes, regulations and laws that has come to be thanks to the manmade global warming scam isn’t enough. Now the idiots are killing off themselves as well.

Daily News:
Police broke into the home after neighbors complained of a stench coming from the house. The boy was found with a gunshot wound in his back, while his parents died from gunshot wounds to the chest.

The parents, 56-year-old Francisco Lotero and 23-year-old Miriam Coletti, are believed to have been spurred by their fears about global climate change, London's Telegraph reported.

Are you kidding me!?

Well, the two idiots we can be without, but to shot their own kids? These are the kinds of morons we’re dealing with. And all of this because of a hoax.

There’s no evidence of manmade global warming. None. Never was, and there never will be. But I do hope more idiots out there do the same as these two. Go and kill yourself before you take others down with you.

My immoral day

The watch isn’t even 3 pm yet and I’ve already gotten myself drunk and done lots of wicked things. Among those I have bought tobacco to a minor, jail-walked, pointed a middle finger at a police station, had wicked thoughts about high-school girls that walked past me and I’ve swallowed lots of moonshine.

Why? Well, it is Monday and I felt like it.

In the righteous world of the elite this sort of behavior shouldn’t be allowed which is precisely why I love it. Anyone (and most do) can get drunk on the weekend and pick up some stranger to roll around with. Me, I never got that lifestyle. Too expected, too common, too boring.

If you only get one life, which I believe you do, why behave and act like everyone else?

Maybe it’s juvenile acts by a middle aged man, pathetic even. But you see, I don’t care. In a way this is what libertarianism really is; to act, behave, think, and do whatever you feel like without worrying about some common ethic guidelines.

No, I’m not talking about anarchism. But in my opinion and in a libertarian society people should be able to act out their impulses, be out of the norm, dance on the street in mid day or suddenly burst into song, and this without getting fined or having a police officer bring out the teargas. Libertarianism isn’t a lawless ideology; it is just the ideology of freedom of choice.

I try to live as much as I can, in the way I feel appropriate. If this offends anyone, that’s their problem, not mine. As long as I don’t threaten, hurt anyone or break any property laws I believe I can do whatever with my own body and my own time.

The powers that be hate people that think like this, it’s their worst nightmare to have free thinking people that want to control their own minds and body. That’s also why it is important to ignore general ‘moral’ behavior, but, as said, I don’t really care. If you drones out there what to run in that wheel, please do, just don’t expect me to do the same.

How can you not love Olivia?

This woman probably has the best singing voice of all time. She was and still is one of the most beautiful women on this planet and her charisma can light up the darkest spots of hell.

If there’s a heaven I cannot think of anyone more suitable to head the welcome song.

And yes, I'd do her…

The scam of GDP

Since it is reported today that Sweden shows low (or bad) GDP numbers I feel it necessary to once again point out the total hoax that comes with this measurement.
As long as you people out there buy into what the elitists and their spin-doctors say about GDP we will continue to be screwed.

Before I get into the explanation you need to know that:



They are lying to you, and if you take everything they say about GDP for face value there’s no hope for humanity. Really. It isn’t. This scam has gone on for long enough.

GDP is normally calculated as follows:

GDP = private consumption + gross investment + government spending + (exports − imports), or,
GDP = C + I + G + (X − M)

What the equation tells us, among other things, is that if Government spends more, GDP goes up. You probably get this, but what you need to know is that it doesn’t matter what they spend money on. It can be daycare, roads or flowers, it does not matter. According to GDP-calculation it is beneficiary to have people dig holes in ground, fill them up again, and do this over and over.

In fact, this is what government often does, not directly, that would be too obvious, but through other schemes like “investigations” or useless government programs to hide unemployment. An investigation takes manpower, costs money and often leads to conclusions a monkey could tell us beforehand. Anything being done to cover up people’s lack of jobs also cost money. Actually it may cost more, in essence contribute more to GDP, then if people in fact had productive jobs.

With this in mind you probably also realize that bad weather, hurricanes, volcanoes, and forest fires are immensely welcomed by the elitists, at least temporarily. CATASTROPHIES INCREASE GDP!!

The same goes for private consumption. The more we shop ‘till we drop, the higher GDP. In the eyes of Keynesians and our enemies it means that the more stuff you buy, the better.

If you borrow, use your credit-card or work to get that money to spend is irrelevant, what matters is GDP. Low interest rates, the printing of money, making it easier to borrow and other schemes is meant to increase GDP, it is NOT to help the people or make us richer.

Sometimes you can hear one or two voices claiming that savings are too low or that there is a difference in what we actually consume, but those are very few and not nearly as interesting for the media to quote.

Gather you guns hoist the colors and let’s fight

I don’t fully agree with the blogosphere collecting money for this chap.

I mean fuck it! Collect money to bail-out a man that should be regarded as a hero? We should start shooting at those that thrown him in jail.

I would rather see people arm themselves and break him out or, to take the less violent approach, start their own smoking premises or in other ways ignore the law. If the powers that be need to lock up every other Joe out there, can they then uphold such an unjust law?

...but it is still important to spread the word.

And if you feel the urge to support this poor guy, Old Holborn is among many having a donation-button to click on.

In any case, listen to this music and feel the impact of one of many anger-building unjust fucked-up laws that the elitists want you to follow.

When will it be enough?