Wednesday, April 1, 2009

She Wants my... PACKAGE

An oldie. Great stuff. Could actually be our collective song for being controlled by politicians all over the world throughout history and into the future. Yeah!

Hilarious Newsday 3

Sales of new vehicles in the United States fell dramatically in March.GM down 45 percent, Toyota down 39 percent, Ford down 41 percent, Honda down 25 percent and BMW down 20 percent. March was the 17th consecutive month in which industry sales declined. Signs in December and January that the market might have been nearing the bottom were followed by larger drops in February and March. :)

This one has a special place in my heart. If you figure out why, I buy you a beer.
Financial companies led US stocks towards their second consecutive session of gains on Wednesday as good economic data countered early fears about the state of the economy. Equities dropped steeply on Wednesday morning as figures showed that 742,000 jobs had been lost from the private sector during March, about 100,000 more than had been expected.

The number of people filing for bankruptcy in South Florida reached its highest level in years.

Indian exports have fallen for four straight months; industrial production for three. China has fared even worse, and Japan has fared worst of all, with exports falling by as much as 49% for two straight months.

Zimbabwe – the leading star for Obama and his band of misfits - appeals for help for its prisoners after a documentary reveals horrific jail conditions. Help for its prisoners? This is were we are all going people.

Some 250,000 people in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been displaced following an operation to flush out Hutu rebels,

Hilarious Newsday 2

Well, I cannot pass the comical events taking place in my birth nation. First of all the finance minister, Anders Borg (no relation to any Star Trek character) reported today that he thinks this crisis will lead to mass unemployment and even deeper crisis than today the next coming years. Smart boy, maybe he is reading my blog? He and the Swedish government have also decided not to follow in the footsteps of the Obaminator and Gordon Brown:ie, which is also good thinking. But there it kind of stops. They do it half right and don’t really seem to be taking action as they should, but still, not too shabby. So despite the fascist laws about internet Ipred, ACTA etc, and the fact that they are not really taking 100% action as they should do, the Swedish government is still one of the very few beacons in a really mad world.

But where there is a blind starving person with several disabilities there is always someone who can steal his wheelchair. So off them all go demanding stuff. “The finance minister needs to open his wallet” one headline reads. Another one claims the time for spending is now. The union is protesting, the social democrats is presenting their own little spending spree and saying the government is at fault for everything and apparently some glass pieces have been found among chickens breasts all over Sweden. And in a never ending parade of stupidity journalists and deep “thinkers” and economical “experts” is commenting on this, saying that the government is doing this wrong, because the Obaminator is never wrong. Bloggers is going crazy demanding “stuff”. Unions are even going to stop working to demand for better somethingnothingstuff.

Ah, the madness. It’s like reading a comic book for five year olds. But it is hilarious! I’m just hoping that the government cave in eventually and start throwing away the last of the money and landing Sweden worst of then most other countries because of the trade dependency. Please Borg, do as the plunderers want, spend it, and spend it all! Mona would…

Hilarious Newsday 1

I have been following the mob strutting around in London. Kind of entertaining, but it lacks certain finesse and they are not really doing anything else then destroying things - which is destruction of capital and does its small part to help this crisis further along, but it’s not really the entertainment I’m looking for. I don’t really feel their heart is in that place just yet. But I am hopeful since this is just the beginning. It’s going to great the next couple of years. What’s missing is that leader figure. Where are those guys? You know those smallish ones with funny beards or funny mustaches that like parades and killing people. Well it’s probably not really time for those yet, but if they would like to come into power, now is the time to speak out against all the atrocities and offer some nice sounding socialist solutions that people all over find so uplifting, so they later, when the real crisis hits us, can take over and start killing people. Or maybe they are already in place waiting in the wings? Already elected?

Anyways, a police officer got injured and the sales representatives for the apocalypse stormed some banks and trashed some things. Meanwhile Obama Bin Laden thought it time that European politicians followed his example in printing monopoly money and borrowing hundreds of billions from the Chinese. Some of the primates probably nodded in agreement stopping plucking lice for couple of sec, but there is still some opposition, which is to bad since that would really get things going if they debarked on this journey towards hell all of them holding hands. “We shall overcome” – you know. But they didn’t really disappoint either. Calling for stronger, bigger and more regulations for the financial markets (one extra nail in the coffin) But as always the funniest thing is that they never, even once, say what they ought to be saying, instead it’s the complete opposite. Kind of in the same direction as the useful idiots out on the street fighting with the police wants things to go, but those idiots wants it to go much faster. Strange that no well speaking guy is picking up on this? And the day isn’t over yet, we probably have some more statements and more platitudes being thrown at us. Not even the lefties buy this crap, but they do try those thieving primates we have elected.

Ladies and gentlemen. I would now declare the third act starting. We have had the socialist madness, we have had the governments creating value that do not exist, we have had governments subsidizing banks to get people to buy things they cannot afford, many businesses is falling, trade is dropping, deficits growing, money is being printed Zimbabwe style, financial markets have been well regulated (yes, despite what the idiots saying) bailouts everywhere and bad businesses being “saved”, there is lots of borrowing going on and the monkeys in power is throwing bones to the general public that are eagerly screaming for more in an never ending appetite for governments to “do stuff”. This third act is really the main piece of this theater, this is where it is decided how long this crisis (soon to be depression) will be, if and were those tiny men with grandiose dreams will show up and this is where the populace really goes ape and start doing those entertaining things I’m soooo looking forward to. And everyone is blaming “something”, it can be the market, politicians, or the rich or the Bilderberg group or Madonna or something else, but everyone is point fingers and everyone wants to “do stuff” to fix this. Haha… if you had any idea how absolutely breathtakingly hilarious this is. Too bad that not more of you have brains, you would love this to.

Debunking some blog stupidities

This economic crisis is so very easy to understand and everyone of us with brains already know why it happen, what is going on now and pretty much also were it goes from here, I almost feel like a prophet. But I thought it would be fun to check out what some of my fellow bloggers is writing on the subject. I already did know beforehand that it will be fun but it is hard to believe these people even figured out how to use a computer. I choice to stop by one of the biggest newspapers in Sweden, Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) and read on of the larger articles about the financial crisis and then follow the trace out in cyber space in search for the bloggers writing about that particular article. Briefly about the article: It is talking about companies as our only source of getting people into work and is in a subtle way defending the Swedish Government that so far don’t listen to the left wing screams about bailouts. Most of it is translated from Swedish so with a minor clause for some errors this is what I found among the bloggers writing about this article:

My first stop is with someone calling themselves “Radar”. This one is writing a lot of crap, seemingly being some kind of back-to-nature freak, so I will just pick my favourite part and translate it:

“Something* (*meaning: “country”) growing with 5% each year is almost twice the size after 14 years. Many economies have grown more than that several years running.(…) It is not that hard to understand that this is an impossibility in many ways.”

Here we have a perfect example of someone being taught about economy in a public school, by a government curriculum and by left wing teachers. First of all, growth counted as GDP, is a very volatile way of measuring things. Even if there is supposed to be some general guidelines, countries do measure this in different ways. This because of the taxes being different and things like weather (heavy snowfall for instance) might have an impact of the result. And some countries even use their own way of counting. Second GDP is supposed to take inflation into account, but this is not always the case. GDP = (Total money value of goods and services changing hands) MINUS (Inflation). But most importantly this measurement doesn’t necessary count were the money comes from. In other words if people and the government start borrowing lots of money or get finacial aid from WTO, this will show up in GDP as a plus but the downside – the debt – does not show, at least not at the start.

Then I end up with some jj.N character who claims to be twisted towards the left in politics. Nah? This 40 year old says we need to start addressing the problem with the income difference between the “rich” and the “poor”. I don’t really know how he feels this “debate” is going to solve the financial problems, but I guess he is advocating the use of Marxist solutions with death camps for those with “to much money”. But anyway he then writes something interesting:

“Privatisation is more expensive* (*then public solutions) for the taxpayers in several cases”

Really? This one does not specify or give any examples, so I’m guessing he is just writing something from a communist pamphlet. I don’t know of any case from the entire history of mankind, but communists “truth” is what it is.

Then we have: Lennart Högberg, an intellectual Neanderthal “screaming” with lots of exclamation signs in his text and he is basically saying that the Swedish government isn’t doing anything. Like most other people on this planet with IQ levels below their shoe size he wants politicians to do stuff. And the real stupidity shows when he wants them to bail out city councils and different parts of the country were politicians have squandered and wasted more money then in other parts. I don’t know how much money we are talking about here, but tens of billion is reasonable amount as it seems. This one will probably tax some people in the country and than give the same people back their money thru the state and considered this as “helping”. Or maybe he wants to borrow or print the money? Anyways he is counting up one county after the other with their minuses without reflecting even once why which is kind of fun in a watching-a-ape-scratch-himself kind of a way.

But then, to top it all off we have one who is called “Ett hjärta rött” (=A read heart). This person – I supposed it is one – is advocating big, huge, gargantuan spending and is quoting some idiot economist (Paul Krugman ) that so far have missed exactly everything he has said before, but somehow now is the oracle this inbred “heart” person looks to for advice. Oh, he is crying and moaning about the Swedish government (that is one of the very few in the world doing the right thing) and he too wants them to “do stuff”. Spend, borrow, spend, print, spend, borrow some more, spend and so on. Basically one way ticket to hell.

This wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be though. Sure almost all of them is talking about socialist solutions to socialist problems, but that’s kind of old. When are you going to support those coming dictators and start using violence? I know there are demonstrations and so forth, but I’m talking about the next level were people like these ones really show their true savagery. First time I wrote something about this coming economical disaster, about 10 years ago, I predicted that the monkeys would go berserk and since I’m feeling a bit prophetic today, don’t disappoint me.