Sunday, July 19, 2009

Of course they will

First our enemies’ band together to force through laws, restrictions and such to hinder free information flow. At the same time they create even more laws with the purpose to monitor and control the populace. Then they start to talk about registration policies and banning of certain phenomenon, like blogs, and now there is talk about how news and reports online might be subjugated to payment. Don’t get me wrong, if newspapers and the rest of the media want to charge people to read/see their stuff, I see no problem. But do you really think they will let the free media exist if that happens? Do you really think the laws and such will not expand to incorporate even, let’s say, your blog..?

Am I the only one seeing this unfolding?

Please remember we are in a depression and this will last for a very long while. There are dictators popping up like mushrooms in South- and Latin America. The former Eastern block is starting to look less and less like “former”. Almost the entire continent of Africa is totally screwed. In Europe we are rekindling the glory days of the 20’s and 30’s, only those funny little men in power is missing. North America is not coming to the rescue this time since the Obamination is ruing life on that continent. Several Asian countries also have their problems so basically there is nowhere left to run.

Where are those Alien invaders when you need ‘em?

Another dictator wannabe

In a world mowing toward the socialist waste basket South America moves even quicker. After seeing horrifying extremists and dictators like Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, Bolivia’s Evo Morales and Ecuador’s Rafael Correa coming to power we got some glad and happy news when the Hondurans put an end to Zalayas plans, but now another one is trying to become dictator. In Nicaragua President Ortega is now calling for a change in Honduran law so he can be “re-elected” over and over again. Despite having done nothing to change Nicaragua’s extreme poverty this autocrat now wants to rule indefinitely.

Many one-time allies are accusing the idiot Ortega of pillaging public funds, oppressing critics and stealing elections as, they say, he comes to resemble the dictators of the past. There are lots of reports about mistreatment of media and even prosecution of dissidents and this is before Ortega reaches full dictatorial power. I hope someone kills these 5 gentlemen and as soon as possible but sadly that will not happen. Even if Ortega were to fail in his quest towards totalitarianism the road is set and there is no reason to believe this trend will halter. And even more sadly, South- and Latin America is probably only the first ones, I’m just wondering when other places in the world follows. Just look at East Europe for further examples of this trend. And the Obamination is making very good progress in the US. This world is rapidly becoming an even bigger cesspool than it is today so can we please have that apocalypse already.

What's next?

This is now beyond satire. I hardly manage to write what comes next before the next is already on the table. My status as an oracle is in jeopardy. Today we can read about how the Christ-democrats in Sweden are purposing a register for women who have done an abortion. This special catalog, in the hands of bureaucrats and politicians, will contain certifications, time frames and other “useful information” in an attempt to reduce the abortion ratio in Sweden. Our enemies’ ingenuity when it comes to conjuring up new surveillance perversions is going into overdrive.

I cannot find the specific suggestion, so I cannot say how this is meant to work. But I’m guessing the very thought of getting noted and written down by government official after a vacuuming session might make some females somewhat reluctant seeking up a doctor. Furthermore I’m thinking this register will be used in some way. Maybe the government will be sending out information-leaflets about sex to these women and tell them how to put on a condom? Maybe the Christ-democrats have an instruction manual how to drill a tight and enclosed glory hole in order to fulfill desires without spilling the seed inside a woman? I don’t know if the Christ-democrats coming up with such a suggestion can speak in tongues, but maybe that‘s one solution to the abortion issue; use the tongue and not your dick. In either case a spokesperson is claiming they want to know more about the reasons why “we” cannot prevent a high abortion ratio. And knowing this might make it easier to use tax money to focus the effort in a better way.

Me, I cannot help wondering what they are going to say to a 13 year old girl that got raped and pregnant. “Here you have a pamphlet how to put on a condom. Remember how next time”.

Or what are they going to say to a female that wanted a child but have become psychological fragile after doing an abortion because the fetus wasn’t viable? “Hey you, that is not good in the eyes of the Lord. You are going to burn in hell”.

This is just one in a long line of fascist proposals coming out of the “center-right” government lately and these are the guys that people rely on for less government. This time it will probably never be implemented because even the most fascist parliament in Sweden’s history seems to think this is too much. But this is not the end. After all the registering- perversities and all the new laws and regulations that is said to protect us from ourselves being fabricated lately, this will be the consequence. I have mentioned it before and I will mention it again; the government cannot and will not pull back once it gets started. Intrusions into our lives will continue to expand because with all these new restrictions for the Internet and personal freedom that’s the only thing they can do. A government will never admit being at fault and/or delete a law, at the very best they will change it or add some new rules or exceptions. Even if you think this abortion-surveillance suggestion isn’t that bad or has nothing to do with IPRED or ACTA, what do you think will come next?

Don’t kid yourself people, they are just getting started and firing up their engines and I, for one, cannot wait for what comes next.