Monday, July 25, 2011

There is a difference between ´terrorists´

One thing that keep eluding people is that there actually is such a thing as “a good terrorist”. Blowing up a building doesn’t automatically make you evil. Of course writing such a thing will automatically label me as yet another terrorist, and that is exactly what this post is about.

Our collective consciousness have been imprinted with terrible events such as 9/11, bombs in Madrid and now a loony Norwegian going around executing youngsters. Our masters take full advantage of such heinous acts telling us that terrorism always is evil – any sort of attack on one politician is an attack on our entire society. An attack on democracy.

“Either you´re with us. Or you´re with the terrorists”

This way of looking at things is not only very wrong, it is also very dangerous. To bunch all “terrorists” together in the same folder no matter if they are left-wing, right-wing, Basque separatists, Islamic thugs, Jewish extremists or crazy Norwegians, and no matter if they are hackers or blow up cars, is so wrong its laughable, but journalists and our sphere of politicos do it.

You see those in charge have an inherent interest in keeping all threatening people away, no matter who they are or what their agenda, so in the world of the elitists anyone that attacks or plan to attack them are evil and this is exactly what they keep trying to impregnate us with.

This is understandable, from their point of view, it is however a total misrepresentation of reality.

The murdered in Norway hadn´t stopped bleeding before media and those deemed better started cabling out either irrelevant facts or purely fear mongering.

The killer is apparently far right, a Christian fundamentalist (and have friends!), he´s an anti-Islamic fascist with nationalistic tendencies, a narcissistic racist with inferiority complex, and a anti-democratic thug with hatred towards the left in general and SocialDemocracts in particular. Oh, and on one picture he´s wearing a freemason outfit!

Seeking answers to an horrific event like this is reasonable, the collective mindset of bunching all “evildoers” together is also slightly understandable.

What is despicable however is the way our masters do it and how much they use events like this for their own political gain. That way of reacting is almost as evil and despicable as these bloody events.

The unison outcry to stop the “far-right” is the most obvious one. Apparently trying to make all organisations and persons with a grudge against government and against socialism and against politicians guilty by affiliation. If you hate government or hate socialism you´re a friend of Anders Behring Breivik.

We´ve seen this many times now. In the U.S. all you need is a bumper sticker with the name “Ron Paul” on it and you will be considered a threat to national security.

Fascists, national socialists, conservatives, libertarians, anarcho capitalists and so forth are of course the same people.

Hate anything about our modern society and you´re an enemy. An evil man. Another Anders Behring Breivik.

In other words this blog will probably be even more monitored than before (FBI and Swedish police are frequent visitors), or even shut down because am “hateful” or too “far right”.

Usually papers are pretty good at doing this towards the far-left. Left extremists constitutes the, by far, most terror-inclined group. However, as in our Norwegian case, the far-left isn´t a unison group. Many of them are violent, but many are not.

Having checked out Anders Behring Breivik´s manifesto (not read it through entirely) he seem to be pretty delusional, living in his own twisted reality talking about some kind of conservative sect he´s supposedly member of and pointing out that thousands across Europe will die by the hands of his brothers and sisters.

Regardless if such a organisation exist or not, during our time we certainly live with a lot of things to be scared of and the hatred festering and growing across Europe towards the power elite, EU, and PIIGS is very easy to predict and can very easily give birth to more of the same lunacy. Next time it could be another crazed “far-right” person, or it will be someone from the left, or from a Muslim terrorist organisation. Who knows.

As I´ve said before and will say again: This is not the first time and it´s definitely not the last.

Here we can also see the second big mistake; Our leaders are trying their very best to convince you to blame anyone else but them. This they do by any means possible. If it’s not the far-right or the far-left, its Muslims, Alky Aida, Jews, Gypsies, the rich , the poor or any other ill-defined group easy to put a label on and easy to bring forth as a bogeyman.

If this wasn´t enough they also bring out other things to scare us with as much as possible. Nowadays there are paedophiles behind every corner, a rapist in every bush, hackers are running amok online and terrorists are a threat everywhere. Be afraid! Otherwise you may die some day!

And so the consequence of these horrific events in Norway will, most likely, have the effect that our societies closes up even more. There will be much more fascist surveillance to save us from fascism. There will be many more socialist solutions in order to save us from extreme lefties. The more people complain, the more shootings, the worse it gets. In an endless circle.

The harder any form of resistance becomes, the harder the hammer will come down.

All the while the people are monitored and under government thumb they are also unarmed and self-defence is either illegal or highly frown upon, and then we have government(s) promising to protect us from problems mostly created by politicians.

Those deemed better will never take responsibility, they will never see their part in it, they will never act as they should act.

Only imagine if am correct in assuming that the Greatest Depression is just around the corner. What do you think will happen to people then? How many more shootings? How many more bombs?

Just as Alky Aida (and U.S. madness) succeeded in closing up our societies so will Anders Behring Breivik manage to do the same. Our democracy really is in trouble, but it is not a delusional Norwegian that has done that to us. He could be regarded as a symptom, but seem to be too crazy for that. Probably only a madman’s idiocies, but that will also be drowned in a collective frenzy in search for more “far-right” people.

There really are bogeymen out there, but they are not the ones those deemed better would like you to point a finger at...