Monday, March 9, 2009

The mentally ill and the Christian democrats

Chechnya's President, Ramzan Kadyrov, you know the fine petite gentlemen who thinks murdered women gets what they deserve, as made a public announcement. This statement says that he “wishes” that all parents of boys that are born 8 to 9 March should name their children Muhammad to honor the prophet. But he also said that parents of all boys born on this date will receive $1,400. Now, isn’t this interesting. Was it from this a-hole the Swedish Christian Democrats got their fine idea of “giving” 10 000kr for each newborn? Note to self; religion is freaky.

Bimbo, no. Slightly idiotic yes.

The famous Swedish blogging queen under the pseudonym “Blondinbella” is complaining over some pathetic readers that called her a “bimbo”. There is some other less flattering words floating around out there to, but this girl hangs in there, which might have some idiotism over it, but not really. I actually had a hard time coming to the conclusion that this woman is an idiot. She has started businesses, she got famous through writing on the Internet and she does what’s she loves. And when feminists and so called culture journalists trash something or someone, you instantly know it has to be something good. But we are looking for stupidity here, so let’s find some.

I could mention her interest in clothing and accessories, which I don’t share to put it politely, but that’s her interest that no one should complain over. Also one should mention that her blog takes a long time to load for all the advertising, but that isn’t really something idiotic either, rather the opposite. Then I found an old article were she moralize over other youths behavior at parties, not very idiotic maybe, but still I thought it was a thread to pick up on so I checked around a bit hoping to find she is some religious nutjob, but couldn’t find any more in that regard. So I got a bit frustrated and thought maybe I can’t call this woman for an idiot.

But then I remembered and noticed something I should have thought about direct, something I actually did know. She is a member of the young conservatives in Sweden that is the youth organization of the ‘Moderat party’ which is governing Sweden at the moment. As a former member of the same organization, someone might think I should be lenient in this regard, but no. This party, that in most aspects belonged to the center of politics even back when I was member, have gone from bad to worse. Nowadays it’s hard to not even bunching them together with the left and with all the fascists laws they are passing at the moment, there is a lack of common sense among their members. So her politics is sketchy at best.

Sadly I couldn’t dig up any more dirt on her so I’m satisfied with calling her a part-idiot for her politics. Hopefully I find some blog entry were she admits to believing in manmade global warming or if someone can tip me about her saying Obama is great or some other stupidity like that. I know there are some idiotic things out there; she is good at hiding it this girl.

Another animal we should annihilate

According to news rapport a family got attacked by a Kangaroo yesterday. I thought this was kind of funny, even if no one got seriously hurt. But then I started thinking and on a whim I started to roam the Internet and lord and behold, there are lots of attacks by these loathsome creatures! And here is another little curiosity; they seem to only attack during weekends. I found 7 different attacks during the last year and every one of them on Fridays and Saturdays. One newsstation (ABC TV) went so far to call the Kangaroos who attacked one jogger for: “a mob”. A mob of kangaroos!?

And you know that there are a high probability that some attacks are not reported, some because of fear for reprisals and some because the victim didn’t survive and got dragged of somewhere to be fed on later. And when I checked some statistic I found that an estimated 35 000 people goes missing in Australia each year. I think I have stubble upon something that the Australian government doesn’t want people to know. If thousands of people each year goes missing and Kangaroos are responsible, that would be really bad for tourism. And the Kangaroos are certainly very happy with this arrangement, nibbling away on unsuspected hikers, babies or whatever they lay their dirty mittens on.

It seems like Australia has a wildlife that’s out of control. Koalas are running amok - and getting agents to represent them towards us humans - and to the more obvious ones, like crocodiles, spiders and snakes, we can now ad Kangaroos. What is going on in this former penal colony?

We steal from you – but please make more babies

Christian Democrats in Sweden wants to give 10 000kr for every newborn baby. Apparently Swedish people aren’t making enough babies so these Christian’s want to encourage the act of sex. Isn’t this a nice little plot in oh so many ways? These morons claim to have millions (even billions) to spend on this little project. I wonder were that money comes from? Maybe they can claim its divine intervention and some statue bled this money? Or maybe angels came fluttering down to earth to give these nice people the means to increase fucking in their country?

When you read suggestions like this you know that there are idiots out there that believe in this lunacy and thinks this is a good idea. This is terrifying in its own right. But worse of all is that these kinds of wastefulness goes on all the time, with exactly the same arguments, but on different topics. And people buy them with egg and mayonnaise, never questioning that themselves are paying for it - if it’s not some “art student” that is. The Christian Democrats have stolen this money from the people and now they want to throw this sex-money back at the same citizens. When are people going to wake up from their slumber? After this suggestion? No, probably not. I wonder if idiocy can be passed down from the parents. If that’s the case, this sex-money suggestion is even worse.

Stupid Jews have some points

Some researchers at the Simon Wiesenthal-center in Israel have accused Sweden of anti-Semitism and compares today’s Sweden with South Africa during apartheid and Berlin during the 1930’s. To a certain extent they are right. The dense mass of lefties in Sweden, no matter if they call themselves National socialist’s or just plan socialist’s, have an apparent anti-Israel policy which becomes very clear in comparison with other things that goes on in the world. If Israel attacks Gaza in an attempt to stop rocket attacks, they are evil incarnated, but if Iran keep their own people in terror, they say nothing. North Korea is killing their own population by the millions? Pfff… lets ignore that, Israel shot a couple of terrorists, they should be punished. Cuba, Venezuela, China and many others of today. The Soviet Union, East Berlin, Ethiopia, Cambodia of yesterday. Those countries were fine, even celebrated, and in some cases even still are celebrated today. But some Jews, surrounded by enemies, that use weapons in self-defense is in liege with the devil. And some poor fools that want to hit a fuzzy boll over a net should get thrown out of the country because they are Jewish. Those left wing idiocies come out of the woodwork as soon as Israel even gets mentioned, so the researchers do have a point.

But these researchers also seem to be in a desperate need for modification software to cure their brainlessness. Some of the statistic and things they say in this article that is publicizes is just so stupid I’m not even going to comment on them. And then again with this holocaust crap. Not everyone who claims Jews to be idiots is anti-Semites and if someone goes out and demonstrate against Israel isn’t the same as proclaiming Nazism. Those kinds of stupid arguments should be rolled up in some Latkes and stuffed up were the sun doesn’t shine on idiots like these “researchers”.

I think the Jewish religion is idiotic and that Israel sometimes does things they should get some spanking for. There, I’m an anti-Semite and Nazi to. Idiots.